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Judith of Brittany

Judith of Brittany

Female Abt 982 - Abt 1017  (35 years)

Family Lines: Paternal Lines    |    Maternal Lines

Z --, Conan I Family

Earliest Ancestor(s)Conan I, Duke of Brittany & Ermengarde de Anjou
OriginsAbout 960
Descendants16703 Descendants / 39 Generations.
Variant SpellingsFitz Akaris, Fitz Bardolf, Fitz Henry, Fitz Hervey, Fitz Hugh, Fitz Randolph, of Revensworth, unknownperson


Pedigree of Judith of Brittany


Conan I, Duke of Brittany (b. Abt 960)
& Ermengarde de Anjou (b. Abt 965)
Judith of Brittany (b. Abt 982)

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