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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

George (195) Marshall

George (195) Marshall

Male 1746 - 1803  (57 years)

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Marshall Family

Earliest Ancestor(s)George Marshall & Adria 'Audrey' Potter
OriginsAbout 1640, St. Mary's Co, Maryland
Descendants6340 Descendants / 13 Generations.
NotesGeorge Marshall had married Adria Potter by 10 Sep 1663 when he petitioned the court, "being married to the Daughter of Henry Potter," that he had an interest in servants who made a crop with William Green (Adria's step-father) and James Woosey in 1662 and, having disposed of part of the tobacco to satisfy William Green's debts, William Green stands indebted to him.


Pedigree of George (195) Marshall

(Great Grandfather)

George Marshall (b. 1640)
& Adria 'Audrey' Potter (b. 1649, St. Mary's Co, Maryland)
Adrian Marshall (b. Abt 1665, St. Mary's Co, Maryland)
& Elizabeth (18) Long (b. 19 Feb 1672, Marumsco, Somerset Co, Maryland)
George (77) Marshall (b. 1703, Marumsco, Somerset Co, Maryland)
& Mary Adams (b. Abt 1706, Marumsco Section, Somerset Co, Maryland)
George (195) Marshall (b. 1746, Somerset Co, Maryland)

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