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William (167) Kendall

William (167) Kendall

Male Abt 1727 - Bef 1758  (< 31 years)

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Kendall Family

Earliest Ancestor(s)Robert Kendall
OriginsAbout 1535, Brinton, Norwich, County Norfolk, England
Descendants3792 Descendants / 17 Generations.
Variant SpellingsKendall, Orthwood


Pedigree of William (167) Kendall

(4x Great Grandfather)

Robert Kendall (b. Abt 1535, Brinton, Norwich, County Norfolk, England)
Richard Kendall, Sr. (b. 1560, Brinton, Norwich, County Norfolk, England)
John Kendall (b. Abt 1585, Brinton, County Norfolk, England)
& Anne Pleasance (b. Abt 1590)
Col. William Kendall, I (Burgess) (b. Abt 1625, Brinton, County Norfolk, England)
& Susannah Baker (b. Abt 1630, Greater London, England)
Capt. William Kendall, II (the elder) (b. 1664, Newport House, Northampton Co, Virginia)
& Ann (14) Mason (b. Abt 1664, Lower Norfolk Co, Virginia)
John (51) Kendall (b. Abt 1685, Northampton Co, Virginia)
& Mary (of Elias) Taylor (b. Abt 1702, Accomack Co, Virginia)
William (167) Kendall (b. Abt 1727, Accomack Co, Virginia)

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