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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annis, William  Abt. 1832Virginia, USA I127949
2 Barnes, (--?--)  Abt. May 1960Virginia, USA I127887
3 Barnes, Alfred Franklin  15 Jan 1859Virginia, USA I127427
4 Barnes, Althea S.  28 Mar 1886Virginia, USA I124718
5 Barnes, Elizabeth Catherine  15 Jul 1914Virginia, USA I126993
6 Barnes, Essie Elizabeth  27 Sep 1904Virginia, USA I62472
7 Barnes, Eunice May  23 Mar 1900Virginia, USA I124680
8 Barnes, Evelyn Tiffany  8 Feb 1901Virginia, USA I128336
9 Barnes, Fletcher Thomas  1878Virginia, USA I126411
10 Barnes, George Parker Sr.  17 May 1861Virginia, USA I127432
11 Barnes, Georgia Viola  25 Oct 1907Virginia, USA I127957
12 Barnes, Gertrude F  Jul 1898Virginia, USA I128062
13 Barnes, Henry  Abt 1865Virginia, USA I127322
14 Barnes, Julia A or C  24 Oct 1909Virginia, USA I126467
15 Barnes, Madeline  22 Dec 1902Virginia, USA I6080
16 Barnes, Margaret  Abt. 1900Virginia, USA I128092
17 Barnes, Margaret May  17 Jun 1882Virginia, USA I128033
18 Barnes, Mary Elizabeth  14 Nov 1918Virginia, USA I126523
19 Barnes, Oliver Thomas III  Abt. 1905Virginia, USA I127883
20 Barnes, Phyllis June  16 Dec 1925Virginia, USA I128133
21 Barnes, Samuel  1822Virginia, USA I127945
22 Barnes, Thomas  Abt. 1938Virginia, USA I128079
23 Chesser, Arinthia Jane  30 Jan 1894Virginia, USA I128803
24 Chesser, Elizabeth  Abt. 1900Virginia, USA I129679
25 Chesser, Garland  15 Mar 1915Virginia, USA I128801
26 Chesser, Grayson  Mar 1897Virginia, USA I130133
27 Chesser, Hazel May  6 Oct 1902Virginia, USA I89996
28 Chesser, John Fletcher  29 Aug 1898Virginia, USA I128804
29 Chesser, Pearlie  Nov 1881Virginia, USA I130000
30 Chesser, Samuel L.  3 Apr 1900Virginia, USA I128805
31 Emerson, Grace Frances  2 Jan 1888Virginia, USA I129177
32 Ewell, Nancy C.  1872Virginia, USA I130041
33 Gibbons, Dorothy Fox  29 Jun 1906Virginia, USA I128157
34 Godman, Alice M  9 Jun 1902Virginia, USA I126900
35 Godman, Susan Frances  14 Jan 1909Virginia, USA I126909
36 Johnson, Mollie  Abt. 1913Virginia, USA I128806
37 Justice, Minnie E  25 Oct 1872Virginia, USA I126309
38 Justis, William Thomas  Jul 1874Virginia, USA I128057
39 Kellam, Doris Elizabeth  3 Feb 1912Virginia, USA I128385
40 Kellam, James R  1913Virginia, USA I125275
41 Melson, Annie Elizabeth  4 Mar 1882Virginia, USA I128073
42 Northam, Bowdoin J.  9 Aug 1892Virginia, USA I128778
43 Rice, Eleanor A  Jul 1862Virginia, USA I129366
44 Russell, Bessie  Abt, 1906Virginia, USA I126188
45 Russell, Mary Emily  4 Apr 1877Virginia, USA I125557
46 Russell, Walter F  Apr 1892Virginia, USA I126146
47 Shrieves, Ruth Anna  8 May 1899Virginia, USA I125691
48 Smallwood, Henry Foote  Dec 1853Virginia, USA I129505
49 Taylor, Lola P  5 Apr 1900Virginia, USA I128471
50 Taylor, Ninetta E  Nov 1897Virginia, USA I127359

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Chesser, Susan A.  23 Sep 1864Virginia, USA I94366

Freedmens Bureau Rec

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freedmens Bureau Rec    Person ID 
1 Chesser, Emily Ellen  22 Sep 1864Virginia, USA I37676
2 Nock, Mary Elizabeth W.  22 Sep 1864Virginia, USA I94339

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