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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Beulah Mae  27 Jan 1913Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I121470
2 Boggs, Emma Laura  14 Feb 1870Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I80279
3 Boggs, John Edwin 'Eddie Buck'  5 Sep 1917Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51511
4 Boggs, Margaret E.  4 Nov 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51512
5 Boggs, Ralph Thomas  22 Jun 1924Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I80318
6 Bundick, Evelyn Elizabeth  21 Jul 1899Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I27361
7 Byrd, John Henry  26 Oct 1826Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I64561
8 Carmine, Earle M.  1904Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51138
9 Carmine, George Fosque  21 Sep 1918Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I128393
10 Carmine, Willie Kellam  10 Sep 1933Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I128387
11 Chandler, John Roland  27 Mar 1921Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I100901
12 Chandler, Sarah Ann  23 Jul 1918Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I102510
13 Chandler, Vibart Asbury I  18 Sep 1892Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I100897
14 Custis, Revell (of Wm. H.)  Abt 1830Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32960
15 East, Carrie May  26 Dec 1891Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I7192
16 Edwards, Woodrow Wilson  16 Nov 1915Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I123918
17 Evans, Robert Griffin  2 Mar 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32211
18 Finney, Leah Harriet  29 Oct 1815Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I41535
19 Fosque, John Major Jr.  Oct 1902Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I103055
20 Fosque, Nathaniel 'Nat' T.  17 May 1828Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I40921
21 Gibb, Alice Joyce  24 May 1938Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I123805
22 Hickman, George Davis  16 Feb 1862Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I47694
23 Hopkins, Grace Eloise  1 Nov 1871Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I84339
24 Johnson, George T.  23 Apr 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I107899
25 Johnson, Margaret Sue 'Rose'  20 May 1919Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I121476
26 Joynes, Helen Goodwyn  26 Oct 1889Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I73284
27 Joynes, Virginia Susan  23 Dec 1839Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24567
28 Killmon, Roy Brooks  19 Feb 1915Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I30078
29 Leatherbury, Nicholena Stuart 'Lenie, Lena'  16 Apr 1853Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I91115
30 Leatherbury, William Thomas  6 Jan 1844Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I40988
31 Lewis, Alice Lee  10 Feb 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31921
32 Lewis, Lt. John Dennis  18 Feb 1841Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I21833
33 Lewis, Norma Elizabeth  10 Aug 1921Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I123795
34 Martin, Pearl  1894Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I30020
35 Mears, Roy Stewart  13 Dec 1901Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I7587
36 Mister, William W.  20 Mar 1847Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2303
37 Moore, Hazel Sue  10 Aug 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I55354
38 Nelson, Anne Virginia  22 Dec 1925Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I91308
39 Northam, Gertrude Mary  3 Jun 1917Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I34826
40 Northam, Tullie Parker Sr.  15 Sep 1913Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I34830
41 Nottingham, Alice McKendree  8 Jun 1901Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I90291
42 Nottingham, Arthur Page  15 Aug 1903Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I90292
43 Nottingham, William Prosser  27 Apr 1911Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I90293
44 Parker, David Augustus 'Gus' Jr.  1 Jun 1915Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I26553
45 Parker, Maj. George II (Poplar Grove)  Abt 1659Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I20111
46 Parker, Henry P.  2 Feb 1799Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I41031
47 Payne, Broadus Edwin Sr.  5 Jul 1912Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I7623
48 Pennewell, William Scott Sr.  22 Jun 1906Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51489
49 Poulson, Mary Ann  Abt 1836Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31472
50 Quinby, Jessie Marvin  1 May 1878Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I68787

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, Sallie E.  1 Jun 1950Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I121484
2 Aydelotte, Susan  10 Jun 1906Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I38103
3 Badger, Margaret Julia  Sep 1975Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I100720
4 Bailey, James 'Jimmy' Wilson  21 May 2020Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2995
5 Bell, Margaret Elizabeth  5 Oct 2014Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I121701
6 Benston, Etheridge Teackle  30 Aug 1977Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I114289
7 Boggs, Littleton Townsend  31 Aug 1924Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I35514
8 Boggs, Ralph Thomas  20 Sep 1983Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I80318
9 Bradford, Rev. George Bundick  29 Dec 1888Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I42594
10 Bradford, John (of Bayly) (sadler)  Bef 28 Sep 1791Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I115895
11 Bull, Annie G.  9 Oct 1925Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I119901
12 Bull, William 'Billy'  12 Feb 1971Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32373
13 Bundick, Lewis James  26 Feb 1938Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I3518
14 Byrd, Carlton Lee  16 Apr 2006Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I20672
15 Byrd, Eliza  12 Jul 1870Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I23482
16 Byrd, John Henry  19 Mar 1908Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I64561
17 Carmine, Sidney Edward  13 May 1962Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I128390
18 Chandler, Earle F.  16 Sep 1966Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I101762
19 Chesser, Michael Thomas  27 Oct 1958Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I120730
20 Cobb, John Thomas 'Johnny'  24 May 1963Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I83651
21 Coleburn, Catharine (of Thos A)  2 Feb 1837Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I104697
22 Crockett, Emma Nora  10 Dec 1968Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I117850
23 Custis, John William  19 Jul 1941Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I92079
24 Drewer, William Thomas Sr.  23 Mar 1967Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I603
25 Duncan, John William Jr.  8 Sep 1946Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74968
26 Dunton, Ridgway Moore  26 Apr 2023Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I68610
27 Edwards, Woodie Allen  12 Jul 2006Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I123915
28 Evans, William L.  4 May 1957Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I117792
29 Fooks, Elizabeth 'Betty'  Bef 26 Dec 1803Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I66501
30 Fosque, John Major Jr.  1980Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I103055
31 Fosque, Nathaniel 'Nat' T.  10 Feb 1901Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I40921
32 Garrison, Judge George Tankard  13 Nov 1889Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I100210
33 Gibb, Ivan Ward 'Pat'  28 Nov 2007Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I123794
34 Gibb, Joseph Lester  25 Aug 2004Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I123803
35 Gibbons, Emma  17 Mar 1995Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I117798
36 Gibbons, John Braden Sr.  20 May 1970Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I94029
37 Gladstone, Christine Frost  29 Nov 1981Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95356
38 Guy, Annie F.  15 Jan 1944Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I102996
39 Hall, Richard 'Dick' Fuller Jr.  25 Sep 2011Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I88224
40 Hartman, Dial Ward  24 Mar 1945Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I73190
41 Hartman, Mary E.  5 Aug 1925Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I73195
42 Hartnett, Daniel  20 Apr 2021Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I64567
43 Hogg, Edith Earle  3 Nov 1971Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I100898
44 Hopkins, Ella K.  16 Apr 1925Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I89242
45 Hopkins, Margaret Bernetta  30 Jan 1929Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I121534
46 Hornsby, Margaret Susan 'Mag'  30 Jun 1956Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I70331
47 Johnson, Capt. Lee Marcellus  12 Dec 1961Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I121483
48 Johnson, Mary Evelyn  12 Aug 1962Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I117763
49 Joynes, Tabitha Polk 'Tibbie'  6 Apr 1971Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51456
50 Kelly, Charles Stewart  1 Jul 2023Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I100077

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Gladys  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I17731
2 Ayres, John T.  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I64499
3 Bundick, John William 'Bill'  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I27363
4 Fosque, John Major Jr.  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I103055
5 Gardner, Mary E. 'Mannie'  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I17302
6 Rogers, Spencer Finney Sr.  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I94240


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Fooks, Thomas (Quaker)  Nov 1694Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67096
2 Moore, William Edward 'Candy'  Abt 1900Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I73570


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Crockett, Rachel  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2580
2 Crockett, William Henry 'Bill'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2315

Census head of household

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census head of household    Person ID 
1 Bagwell, Col. Isaiah Newton  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45308
2 Chandler, Capt. John 'Jack' A.  6 Jan 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31487
3 Chandler, Capt. John 'Jack' A.  7 Apr 1930Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31487
4 Chandler, Capt. John 'Jack' A.  9 Apr 1940Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31487
5 Crockett, Zachariah 'Zacha'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I19978
6 Edwards, Susan  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I41315
7 Elliott, Rachel Bell  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I40957
8 Evans, George W.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45677
9 Evans, William Thomas 'Revell'  1910Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95140
10 Hart, James H. Jr.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I19364
11 Hart, John W.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I19362
12 Rayfield, John Thomas  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32702
13 Rayfield, Major (of Levi R.)  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I17370
14 Riley, George H.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32256
15 Roberts, Rose 'Rosy'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I44745
16 Taylor, John Oliver  1910Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I47795

Census with another person

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with another person    Person ID 
1 Fox, Nancy  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I41610

Census with brother

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with brother    Person ID 
1 Rayfield, Pvt. Tully R.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45039
2 Rayfield, Virginia S.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I54467

Census with husband

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with husband    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Catharine R.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32257
2 (--?--), Charlotte 'Lottie'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32068
3 (--?--), Emaline  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I94036
4 (--?--), Nelly  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I70053
5 Cutler, Susan 'Sadie' Hattie  1910Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I47796
6 Guy, Mary Jane  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32703
7 Hart, Elizabeth 'Betsy'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I17371
8 Mears, Fannie Wesley  1910Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95139
9 Parks, Elishea 'Elitia'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31724
10 Rayfield, Susan A.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32044
11 Scott, Annie W.  6 Jan 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31488
12 Scott, Annie W.  7 Apr 1930Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31488
13 Scott, Annie W.  9 Apr 1940Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I31488

Census with mother

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with mother    Person ID 
1 Snead, Catharine S. 'Kittie'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I40962
2 Snead, Charles Waddy  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I40964
3 Snead, William S.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I40963
4 Williams, George Walter  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I44749
5 Williams, Tabitha  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I44751
6 Williams, William  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I44752

Census with nephew

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with nephew    Person ID 
1 Teackle, Samuel  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45314

Census with parents

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with parents    Person ID 
1 Bagwell, Isaiah William  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I49133
2 Chandler, Annie S.  6 Jan 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I102544
3 Chandler, Bessie R.  6 Jan 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I102547
4 Chandler, John Newel  6 Jan 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I102543
5 Chandler, Mary H.  6 Jan 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I102546
6 Chandler, Verna 'Vernie' Lee  6 Jan 1920Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I102542
7 Crockett, Catherine (of Zacharia)  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I20000
8 Crockett, Theressia  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I94037
9 Crockett, William Ranford  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I94038
10 Evans, Cordelia 'Dealy'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I70054
11 Evans, Drummond Fosque  1910Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95142
12 Evans, Herbert N.  1910Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95141
13 Gray, Harry C.  1900Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95134
14 Hart, Edmund J.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32071
15 Hart, Eleshea A.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32072
16 Hart, George H.W.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32042
17 Hart, Laura A.J. 'Jean'  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32058
18 Hart, Mary S.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32069
19 Hart, William Dennis  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32070
20 Rayfield, Charles H.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I54466
21 Rayfield, John T. Jr.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I54449
22 Rayfield, William Samuel  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32701
23 Riley, Emily  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I70631
24 Riley, Leah Ann V.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I70629
25 Riley, Vandalia  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I70632
26 Taylor, Harold Lee  1910Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I47567

Census with son

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with son    Person ID 
1 Stevens, Nancy A.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I32705
2 Teackle, Margaret G.  1860Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45303

Civil War Enlisted

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil War Enlisted    Person ID 
1 Elmore, George Washington  28 Sep 1861Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I107766

Death Cert Named Pat

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Cert Named Pat    Person ID 
1 Palmer, Elizabeth 'Betsey' or 'Lizzie' B. (of Jno)  21 Sep 1952Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I55940

Deed named in

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed named in    Person ID 
1 Bradford, Sally Black Bunting (of John)  27 Oct 1784Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I103118
2 Topping, Capt. Garret (shoe maker)  27 Oct 1784Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45351

Deed of Trust Convey

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed of Trust Convey    Person ID 
1 Truitt, Charles W.S.  25 Apr 1898Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I4680
2 Truitt, Charles W.S.  27 Mar 1901Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I4680

Draft Card

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Card    Person ID 
1 Parker, James Ernest 'Pete' Sr.  2 Aug 1946Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I26556
2 Sample, Levin Maur Thomas  16 Oct 1940Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I121167

Land bought

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land bought    Person ID 
1 Bloxom, John  1772Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I69924
2 Bonnewell, James I  18 Sep 1663Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I46515
3 Bundick, Asa James 'Little Ase'  25 Nov 1886Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2883
4 Cole, John I (innholder)  1696Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I85931
5 Topping, Capt. Garret (shoe maker)  2 Feb 1784Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45351
6 Truitt, Charles W.S.  25 Apr 1898Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I4680
7 White, Elias (of Wm & Esther)  1768Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I91911
8 White, Samuel C.  4 Aug 1832Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I38914
9 Wise, Elizabeth A.  20 Jul 1809Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67126
10 Wise, John J.  20 Jul 1809Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67121
11 Wise, McKeel  20 Jan 1794Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I46499
12 Wise, McKeel  25 Dec 1806Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I46499
13 Wise, McKeel T.  20 Jul 1809Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67122
14 Wise, Susan 'Sukey'  20 Jul 1809Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67120
15 Wise, Tabitha L.  20 Jul 1809Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67125
16 Wise, Tully R.  20 Jul 1809Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67124
17 Wise, William C.  20 Jul 1809Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67123

Land gave

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land gave    Person ID 
1 Snead, Dr. John Dennis  1866Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I41887

Land mortgaged

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land mortgaged    Person ID 
1 Topping, Capt. Garret (shoe maker)  28 Apr 1783Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I45351

Land patented

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land patented    Person ID 
1 Bonnewell, John (of James II)  16 Dec 1714Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I46510
2 Truitt, George I  3 Nov 1660Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I67590

Land sold

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land sold    Person ID 
1 Beedle, Mary  1696Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74652
2 Bradford, John (of Bayly) (sadler)  1 Feb 1775Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I115895
3 Bradford, John (of Bayly) (sadler)  25 Oct 1784Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I115895
4 Bundick, Asa James 'Little Ase'  9 Sep 1887Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2883
5 Poulson, Sarah  1 Feb 1775Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I58708
6 Poulson, Sarah  28 Sep 1791Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I58708
7 Truitt, Charles W.S.  29 Nov 1904Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I4680
8 White, Samuel C.  1858Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I38914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Bradford, Rev. George Bundick  3 Jan 1889Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I42594
2 Hartnett, Daniel  Aft 20 Apr 2012Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I64567
3 Kelly, Charles Stewart  Aft 1 Jul 2023Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I100077
4 Mathias, Helen  Aft 20 Oct 2017Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I98725
5 Ward, Paul Purnell  5 Jan 1963Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I114936
6 Warner, Ida Mary  14 May 1976Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I129109

Obituary - Brothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Brothers    Person ID 
1 Parker, Mary E.  16 Apr 1926Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I94127
2 Scott, (sis_o Stanley)  10 Mar 1921Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95120
3 Scott, Ella C. 'Nellie'  10 Mar 1921Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51351
4 Scott, Lela  10 Mar 1921Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I95119

Obituary - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Crockett, Benjamin Franklin  28 Jan 1907Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I19999
2 Custis, Catherine Poulson  19 Jul 1941Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I92358
3 Custis, Margaret Elizabeth  19 Jul 1941Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I92366
4 Custis, Virginia Parker  19 Jul 1941Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I92364
5 Custis, William Samuel  19 Jul 1941Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I92365
6 Hayden, Page Carter  9 Jul 2003Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I83832
7 Taylor, Frances Virginia  17 Oct 1963Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I83830
8 Ward, Anna Mae  5 Jan 1963Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I114935
9 Ward, James Henry  5 Jan 1963Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I114939
10 Ward, Margarite Elizabeth  5 Jan 1963Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I114938

Obituary - Husbands

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Husbands    Person ID 
1 Gaskins, Mae Bertha  5 Jan 1963Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I114937
2 Lankford, Mary Suzanne  13 Sep 1946Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74969
3 Parks, Elizabeth Adelaide  19 Jul 1941Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I92080
4 Taylor, Frances Virginia  9 Jul 2003Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I83830

Obituary - Mothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Mothers    Person ID 
1 Doughty, Dr. James C.  14 Nov 1941Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I52108
2 Hayden, Garland Paige 'Jack'  9 Jan 1999Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I83257
3 Hayden, Page Carter  5 Apr 2008Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I83832
4 Miles, Edward E.  7 Oct 1918Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I49130
5 Smith, Lloyd W.  15 Jan 1944Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I123048
6 Taylor, Frances Virginia  12 Aug 1976Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I83830

Obituary - Sisters

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Sisters    Person ID 
1 Guy, Mary Elizabeth 'Bettie' Davis  15 Jan 1944Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I70334
2 Lankford, Cornelia Josephine  7 Oct 1918Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74971
3 Lankford, Susan Frances  7 Oct 1918Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I110764

Obituary - Sons

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Sons    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Thomas W. Sr.  18 Aug 1906Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I110772

Obituary - Wifes

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Wifes    Person ID 
1 Miles, Keith 'Abie' Culbert  Aft 20 Oct 2017Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I98724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Relocated    Person ID 
1 Balis, John J. 'Jim'  1936Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I117197
2 Sparrow, Olga M.  1936Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I117196

Reported death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Reported death    Person ID 
1 Snead, Dr. John Dennis  17 Mar 1853Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I41887


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Drummond, Horace R.  Abt 1996Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51479
2 Lofland, Francis Thomas 'Frank'  1996Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I51461
3 Parks, Marvin Wharton  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I30591

War 1812 Veteran

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    War 1812 Veteran    Person ID 
1 Harmon, William W.  Aug 1814Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I42314

Was Living

Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Was Living    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Mary H.  1929Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I16013
2 Badger, Isaiah Hope 'Ike'  Aft 1972Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I1381
3 Chase, Spurgeon Lee Sr.  1940Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I16046
4 Dryden, Mary M.  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I13464
5 Evans, George W.  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I3396
6 Hall, Henrietta 'Etta'  1972Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I5781
7 Hall, Leonard Douglas  1972Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I5780
8 Kelly, Mabel  Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I9396
9 Killmon, Earlisse Clay 'Early'  5 Jul 1943Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I30014
10 Killmon, Emma Littleton  1937Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I17636
11 Killmon, Lloyd Thomas  1937Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I17633
12 Lewis, Mary Anne  Aft 1905Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2874
13 Lewis, William Thomas  1940Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I15879
14 Linton, Wesley Thomas  1929Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I2130
15 Parker, Charles  Feb 1673Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24925
16 Parker, Maj. George II (Poplar Grove)  1701Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I20111
17 Wessells, Marvin J.  1933Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I19213
18 White, Mary Alberta 'Bertie'  1912Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I3414


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Chandler, Eliza  28 Jun 1873Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I39272
2 Duncan, John William Sr.  30 Mar 1911Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I47257
3 Layfield, Rev. George  24 Jan 1811Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I59126
4 Parker, Capt. George I (Poplar Grove)  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24920
5 Parker, Maj. George II (Poplar Grove)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I20111

Will - Brothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Brothers    Person ID 
1 Parker, John (I) (Mattapony)  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I6510

Will - Fathers

Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Duncan, Ann Kellam 'Nannie'  30 Mar 1911Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74973
2 Duncan, Elizabeth Sarah 'Bessie'  30 Mar 1911Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I75956
3 Duncan, John William Jr.  30 Mar 1911Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74968
4 Duncan, Marye Carlisle  30 Mar 1911Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74974
5 Layfield, Betsy  24 Jan 1811Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I89903
6 Parker, Abigail  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24926
7 Parker, Ann (45)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I25017
8 Parker, Bennet (43)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I25028
9 Parker, Charles  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24925
10 Parker, Charles (42)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I25027
11 Parker, Maj. George II (Poplar Grove)  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I20111
12 Parker, George (39) III (Poplar Grove)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24945
13 Parker, Henry (40)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I25025
14 Parker, John Sr.  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24923
15 Parker, Phillip I  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24924
16 Parker, Phillip (41)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I25026
17 Parker, Richard (44)  1724Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I25029
18 Scarburgh, Ann (10)  6 Aug 1701Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I20110

Will - Husbands

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Husbands    Person ID 
1 Cade, Florence  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24921
2 Topping, Mary 'Mamie' D.  30 Mar 1911Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I74972

Will - Mentioned in

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Mentioned in    Person ID 
1 Benston, John  24 Jan 1811Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I114303

Will - Named as heir

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Named as heir    Person ID 
1 Teackle, Rev. Thomas  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I57966

Will - Witnessed

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Witnessed    Person ID 
1 Chambers, Major (364)  13 Nov 1803Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I62176
2 Jenifer, Col. Daniel (Burgess)  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24508
3 Toft, Ann  Feb 1673/74Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia I24504


Matches 1 to 50 of 201

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 / Powell  10 Sep 1890Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F35640
2 Adams / Willis  21 Mar 1894Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F13616
3 Ayres / Crockett  2 Feb 1854Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F20829
4 Ayres / Mister  28 Dec 1881Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F20827
5 Ayres / Shrieves  6 Dec 1893Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F20828
6 Badger / Chandler  21 Apr 1946Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F34174
7 Baker / Ross  24 Apr 1884Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F37830
8 Barnes / Hickman  27 Dec 1919Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F46847
9 Barnes / Lewis  22 Dec 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F9573
10 Barnes / Read  24 Jan 1883Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F14950
11 Bayly / Lilliston  25 Jul 1894Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F11292
12 Beasley / Turner  29 Dec 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F46689
13 Beauchamp / Hopkins  20 Jan 1892Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F41006
14 Bell / Duncan  4 Jan 1899Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F24854
15 Boggs / Smith  9 Jun 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F26269
16 Bowen / Scott  29 Apr 1890Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F22097
17 Broughton / McMath  24 Feb 1881Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F24861
18 Carmine / Melson  26 Jun 1895Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F24890
19 Chandler / Fitzgerald  16 Nov 1870Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F14273
20 Chandler / Scott  18 Mar 1889Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F9643
21 Charnock / Moore  1 May 1882Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F23961
22 Christian / Savage  29 Nov 1883Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F15848
23 Coard / Young  26 Dec 1888Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F27830
24 Coleburn / Lewis  20 May 1884Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F9544
25 Core / Budd  22 Jan 1879Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F21152
26 Core / Milliner  15 Aug 1883Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F31160
27 Core / Young  15 Nov 1882Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F23892
28 Coxton / Lewis  20 Dec 1883Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F9578
29 Crockett / Conner  20 Mar 1892Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F32986
30 Crockett / Hart  7 Jan 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F6154
31 Crockett / Killmon  26 Dec 1883Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F5419
32 Crockett / Stant  17 Feb 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F725
33 Crowson / Hall  4 Mar 1874Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F6042
34 Cullen / Custis  3 Dec 1898Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F46790
35 Custis / Chandler  27 Dec 1893Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F30510
36 Custis / Evans  5 Oct 1892Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F30393
37 Custis / Northam  21 Jun 1855Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F10358
38 Custis / Parker  10 Nov 1881Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F30380
39 Dize / Parks  22 Jun 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F17001
40 Doughty / Chandler  17 Mar 1878Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F34211
41 Dryden / Bohm  11 May 1875Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F2081
42 East / Parker  8 Jan 1888Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F10516
43 East / Watson  23 Nov 1892Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F46755
44 Edwards / Guy  3 Jan 1894Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F5619
45 Edwards / Killmon  16 Oct 1889Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F5430
46 Edwards / Poulson  14 Nov 1866Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F14649
47 Edwards / Smith  7 Oct 1874Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F14955
48 Evans / Crockett  22 Jul 1877Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F12993
49 Evans / Hart  24 Dec 1902Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F10085
50 Evans / Windsor  20 Apr 1882Onancock, Accomack Co, Virginia F42063

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