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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baumgardner, John Paul  7 Jan 1959Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120096
2 Belote, Alton Parker Jr.  1 Dec 1935Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I117188
3 Boggs, Rebecca 'Becky' Morgan  11 Mar 1941Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I91976
4 Byrd, Sylvia Jean  26 Jun 1946Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120844
5 Chesser, George Duncan  23 Aug 1955Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120733
6 Coleburn, Mary  8 Nov 1661Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I82147
7 Coleburn, Capt. William II  8 Sep 1658Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I59666
8 Collins, Alexander 'Alex'  18 Dec 1886Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I122130
9 Cutler, Fannie  15 Apr 1924Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I108768
10 Davis, John Rodgers  5 Sep 1930Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I101724
11 Dennis, William Franklin Jr.  2 Jan 1956Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I16501
12 Dix, William 'Billy' Francis Jr.  19 May 1940Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120754
13 Dix, William Anthony  21 Aug 1963Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120762
14 Fisher, Arthur King  12 Jul 1935Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I5914
15 Floyd, Hoge Allen Sr.  30 Sep 1896Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I100755
16 Francis, Lenora Jane  6 Jan 1931Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I122044
17 Gibbons, Johnny Braden Jr.  21 Jan 1948Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I117781
18 James, Lucile Floyd  31 Jul 1917Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I72273
19 Johnson, Early Heider Hyter Sr.  22 Feb 1887Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I112480
20 Joynes, Arthur West  31 Dec 1923Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I95542
21 Knight, Mary Rose  29 Aug 1940Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I16525
22 Lewis, Darrell Scott 'Scotty'  12 Jan 1955Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I904
23 Linton, Norris Hilton 'Sonny' Jr.  2 Dec 1958Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I122781
24 Linton, Ruth Ann  7 Oct 1949Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I34642
25 Marshall, Lennon Orden  10 Oct 1967Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I67075
26 Martin, Richard Lee  18 Dec 1950Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I1486
27 Miller, Melvin Samuel 'Sam' Jr.  9 Mar 1958Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I99974
28 Miller, Ralph Randolph 'Little Randy' III  30 Apr 1973Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I110322
29 Nicholson, Mabel Bell  22 Dec 1930Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I1943
30 Parks, Marshall Broughton  15 Mar 1969Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I7151
31 Simpson, Stacey Lynne  22 Sep 1968Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I18102
32 Sterling, Katelynn Leanne  22 Mar 1996Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I34898
33 Taylor, Ann  19 Feb 1682Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I59702
34 Thomas, Larry Austin  15 Jul 1949Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I12037
35 Ward, Austin Hellerd  27 Feb 1888Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114254
36 Ward, Marvin Omar Jr.  7 Apr 1927Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I30227
37 Ward, Robert Morris  2 Feb 1916Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I123988
38 Wessells, Harry John  14 Oct 1948Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I122762
39 Wharton, Maxine Gail  12 May 1949Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I121246
40 Widgeon, Patrick D. (Widgen)  13 Jan 1925Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I22361
41 Williams, Dixie Lee  21 Oct 1952Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I1972
42 Windsor, Dimity Ruth  10 Nov 1938Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I124360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Archey, Andrew Gordon (Archie)  14 Aug 1974Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I86972
2 Ashby, Emily Frances  21 Mar 2003Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I95375
3 Badger, George Henry Jr.  19 Aug 1968Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I100797
4 Bailey, James Hatton  6 Jul 1977Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I112726
5 Bailey, John H.  26 Jan 1948Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I112728
6 Baker, Esther Alena  15 Jan 1969Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I34120
7 Baxter, Nancy Virginia  17 Jan 2007Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I109257
8 Beach, Pollie N.  21 Mar 1961Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114284
9 Beasley, Hazel Eva  13 Apr 1969Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I119844
10 Beasley, Oscar Duncan  19 May 1973Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I116645
11 Benston, Hugh Wyatt  24 Jul 1951Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114283
12 Benston, Nora Lee  14 Jan 1969Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114297
13 Bishop, Hazel L.  2 Aug 1978Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I85294
14 Bonnewell, Madlyn Lewis  5 Jun 2000Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I47850
15 Bonnewell, Robert Carroll Sr.  4 Nov 2008Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I1197
16 Bowden, Annie Elizabeth  2 May 1936Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120929
17 Bowden, Elizabeth  1964Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I86973
18 Bradford, Harry Thomas  6 Jul 1955Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I123903
19 Bull, Leroy Downes  29 Aug 1982Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I113999
20 Bull, Vernon Carson  3 Jan 1987Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I88137
21 Bundick, Jessie Louise  16 Feb 1985Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I30290
22 Burton, Clarence Donald  29 Dec 1962Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I34119
23 Burton, Mary Beth  23 May 1952Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I122167
24 Burton, Dr. William Stewart 'Bill'  7 Dec 2005Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I34133
25 Byrd, Jeffries Davis  2 May 1984Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I21096
26 Byrd, Wilson Chase Sr.  23 Apr 2010Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I20673
27 Carter, Jeanette Mary  2 Aug 2003Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114002
28 Chandler, Cornelius  30 Apr 1932Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I102606
29 Chandler, Sarah 'Sanie' Lee  22 Jun 1970Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I117201
30 Chandler, Virginia R.  18 Dec 1992Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I100346
31 Cherricks, Mabel Marie  16 Nov 1948Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114117
32 Cherricks, Thomas Burton  17 Dec 1960Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114127
33 Chrastina, Catherine 'Cathy' Helen  9 Mar 2000Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I1481
34 Cobb, Emma Sarah  29 Nov 1958Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I63218
35 Conquest, Annie Louise  6 May 1984Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I86228
36 Core, Lola May  25 Nov 1961Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I73189
37 Cropper, Lola Mae  22 Jan 2006Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I104913
38 Cullen, Winter Calvert Jr.  11 Dec 1996Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I54915
39 Curtis, Archie Washington  17 Jun 1973Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114144
40 Davis, Charles Underhill  25 Jan 1967Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I54782
41 Davis, Mary Emma  24 May 1988Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I125759
42 Davis, Sadie Bell  26 May 1983Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I121341
43 Davis, Warner Thomas  15 Aug 1962Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I16247
44 Dennis, Alonza W.  25 Mar 1970Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120768
45 Dennis, James Sr.  11 May 1984Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I121198
46 Dix, William Anthony  24 May 1965Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I120762
47 Dize, Elvira 'Vira' Gertrue  11 Dec 1963Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I117842
48 Downing, Eliza Delia  2 Mar 1974Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I121169
49 Downing, Rocksey S. 'Roxie'  12 Jun 1974Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I121230
50 Drummond, Harry 'Ames' Sr.  13 Apr 1948Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I87722

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Hartree, Elias  10 Feb 1646Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I73133

Death Cert Named Pat

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Cert Named Pat    Person ID 
1 Pruitt, Lula Frances  17 Jun 1973Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I16471

Death Cert. Named in

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Cert. Named in    Person ID 
1 Davis, Edmond Reese  11 Dec 1963Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I117852

Draft Card

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Card    Person ID 
1 Collins, Cecil Milton  21 Sep 1944Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I122046

Heir - named as

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Heir - named as    Person ID 
1 Denwood, Levin 'Leavin' I  28 Oct 1654Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I73135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lives    Person ID 
1 Badger, Mary  1999Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I34519

Obituary - Brothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Brothers    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Effie Mae  11 May 1973Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I33054
2 Linton, Anna Mae  8 Oct 1981Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I5057
3 Linton, Nancy Sue  8 Oct 1981Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I14255
4 Simpson, Floretta S.  3 Jul 1939Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I32157
5 Simpson, Melissa A.  3 Jul 1939Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I32602

Obituary - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Linton, Norris Hilton 'Sonny' Jr.  8 Oct 1981Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I122781
2 Turner, Ethel LeCato  Nov 1927Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I114246
3 Turner, John Slator Sr.  Nov 1927Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I109174

Obituary - Nephews

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Nephews    Person ID 
1 Linton, Harry B.  8 Oct 1981Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I2166


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Parks, Molly T.  1950Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I9420

Was Living

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Was Living    Person ID 
1 Drummond, Olivia Florence  1937Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I9407
2 Scarburgh, Ella Rossor 'Ava'  5 Jul 1943Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I20012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Charlton, Capt. Stephen (Burgess)  28 Oct 1654Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I26588
2 Jacob, Richard I  13 Jan 1662/63Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I68309
3 Maddox, Alexander I  10 Jan 1659/60Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I25663
4 Tilney, Col. John I  6 Apr 1700Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I28100

Will - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Charlton, Bridgett  28 Oct 1654Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I35140
2 Charlton, Elizabeth  28 Oct 1654Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I35141
3 Jacob, Isaac (of Richard I)  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75187
4 Jacob, Mary  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75190
5 Jacob, Philip I  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75180
6 Jacob, Priscilla  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75192
7 Jacob, Richard II  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75189
8 Jacob, Sarah  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75191
9 Jacob, Thomas (of Richard I)  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75186
10 Jacob, William  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I75188
11 Maddox, Alexander II  10 Jan 1659/60Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I25666
12 Maddox, Ann  10 Jan 1659/60Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I25668
13 Maddox, Elizabeth  10 Jan 1659/60Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I25626
14 Maddox, Lazarus I  10 Jan 1659/60Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I25667
15 Maddox, Thomas (of Alex I)  10 Jan 1659/60Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I25665

Will - Husbands

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Husbands    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Anne  28 Oct 1654Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I19452
2 Clarke, Mary  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I68305
3 White, Ellinor 'Ellen'  10 Jan 1659/60Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I25664

Will - Mentioned in

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Mentioned in    Person ID 
1 Nuthall, John Sr.  13 Jan 1662Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia I113843


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Badger / Dunton  7 Apr 1939Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia F10930
2 Parks / Burton  4 Aug 1951Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia F41752
3 Ross / Savage  3 Sep 1918Nassawadox, Northampton Co, Virginia F3945

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