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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ailworth, George N. (of Lenox)  27 Oct 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I112933
2 Andrews, John W.  7 Feb 1844Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13548
3 Andrews, Sarah E.  7 Dec 1861Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5701
4 Andrews, Sewell  Abt 1846Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13550
5 Andrews, Susan  Abt 1848Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13551
6 Andrews, Susan A.  2 Apr 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5698
7 Andrews, William J. Jr.  29 May 1858Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13549
8 Bailey, Lewis Riley 'Levin' (Bayly) I  Abt 1829Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I8883
9 Ball, Clifton Luther Sr.  1905Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I138
10 Bayly, Henrietta 'Henny'  Abt 1804Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13689
11 Bell, Sarah Ann Elizabeth  31 Jul 1831Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I966
12 Boston, Ann 'Nancy'  6 Apr 1772Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13671
13 Boston, Elizabeth 'Betsy'  8 May 1781Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I15227
14 Boston, Joshua (of Solomon)  6 Oct 1778Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I15226
15 Boston, Mary 'Polly'  3 Feb 1786Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13663
16 Boston, Sally  15 Jan 1768Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13675
17 Boston, Solomon Jr.  19 Feb 1775Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13853
18 Bowdoin, (twin sister of Jno W)  30 Aug 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I75950
19 Bowdoin, Dr. John W.  30 Aug 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I75949
20 Broadwater, Leonard  2 Dec 1836Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6704
21 Broadwater, Mary James  14 Apr 1847Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6706
22 Broadwater, Rowena  Abt 1840Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I26849
23 Broadwater, Walter Fountain  14 Oct 1846Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6700
24 Broadwater, Winfield Scott  1 Mar 1836Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6705
25 Bull, Hester Ann  18 Feb 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6701
26 Bull, Robert L.  Abt 1846Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4838
27 Chase, Teackle C.T.  15 Nov 1859Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3181
28 Corbin, Georgianna  29 Oct 1870Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I75769
29 Cutler, Alexander S.  Abt 1840Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5854
30 Cutler, Ann Eliza  Jan 1838Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5852
31 Cutler, George W.  Oct 1846Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5856
32 Cutler, John Selby  19 Aug 1836Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5188
33 Cutler, Washington  Abt 1844Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5855
34 Fisher, Martin D.  22 Jun 1849Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I23403
35 Fisher, Thomas H.  Abt 1828Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I23402
36 Fletcher, Douglas D.  8 Feb 1847Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12884
37 Fletcher, Thomas Edgar  8 Feb 1847Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12878
38 Griffith, Malinda Ella  18 Oct 1909Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I7402
39 Hall, (s|o_Thos_Jr)  12 Jun 1857Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16284
40 Hall, Braden Lecato  1891Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5930
41 Hall, George W.  10 Jun 1860Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I2450
42 Hall, Leslie Thomas  18 Feb 1902Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6037
43 Hall, Levin G.  Apr 1854Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I34905
44 Hall, Mary Ella  16 Apr 1868Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5762
45 Hall, Mary F.D.T.  10 Sep 1858Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16285
46 Hall, Ojennings Wise  14 Oct 1866Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6673
47 Hall, Sally D.  20 Sep 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5183
48 Hall, Thomas  20 Sep 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16283
49 Hall, William Henry  8 May 1853Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5185
50 Hart, Jane  Abt 1832Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3055

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Susia  11 Sep 1922Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I20717
2 Bell, Mary Tressa  1 Dec 1922Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I802
3 Bloxom, John F.  Feb 1920Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I2849
4 Boston, Ann 'Nancy'  Bef 31 May 1847Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13671
5 Boston, Mary 'Polly'  7 Feb 1838Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13663
6 Boston, Solomon (184) Senior  Bef 26 Jan 1807Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4827
7 Broadwater, Rowena  30 Jun 1842Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I26849
8 Broadwater, Walter Fountain  18 Mar 1891Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6700
9 Bull, Delaney Jane 'Zany'  26 Aug 1961Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3068
10 Bull, Hester Ann  29 Apr 1900Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6701
11 Bundick, Christine May 'Crissie'  4 Dec 1948Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I835
12 Byrd, Benjamin T.W.  28 May 1885Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5392
13 Byrd, Henrietta 'Henny'  13 Apr 1883Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5389
14 Byrd, Willianna F. 'Willie'  23 Jul 1934Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4563
15 Collins, Bettie Ray  6 Aug 1929Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I19062
16 Custis, Joseph  Bef 27 Jan 1746/47Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I40529
17 Davis, Henry Thomas Sr.  29 Jul 1933Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13589
18 Drummond, Belinda 'Bin' Broadwater  26 Aug 1934Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13542
19 Ellis, Lloyd Thomas  3 Sep 1858Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I2449
20 Fletcher, Henry Sr.  Bef 29 Apr 1799Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12067
21 Fletcher, Susanna Elizabeth  20 Mar 1881Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6345
22 Gaskill, Frank M.  17 Jan 1940Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16739
23 Godwin, George Scarburgh  10 Jan 1911Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3446
24 Godwin, William Charles  21 Jan 1934Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6349
25 Hall, Francis L. 'Frank'  6 Nov 1942Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4322
26 Hall, George W.  16 Jun 1860Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I2450
27 Hall, Henry III  6 Apr 1890Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4013
28 Hall, Levin G.  15 Oct 1857Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I34905
29 Hall, Lovey Catherine 'Lova'  19 Sep 1944Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4299
30 Hall, Mary F.D.T.  20 Nov 1859Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16285
31 Hall, Naomi Grace  14 Mar 1930Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I15473
32 Hall, Ojennings Wise  15 May 1867Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6673
33 Hall, Robert Thomas Jr.  26 Oct 1885Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4296
34 Hall, Sarah Elizabeth  3 Mar 1930Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16326
35 Hall, Thomas  10 Dec 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16283
36 Hall, Thomas Jackson Stonewall  12 Nov 1936Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4297
37 Justice, Thomas  19 Mar 1895Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4284
38 Killmon, Rachael Evelyn 'Lena'  16 Nov 1937Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I1616
39 Knight, Denard James Sr.  30 May 1949Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4300
40 Knight, Eugenia 'Jeannie' F.  28 Apr 1901Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I26708
41 Mariner, Nancy  20 Oct 1853Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I52522
42 Marshall, (unnamed d|o Robert)  26 Nov 1857Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I9943
43 Marshall, Emanuel Manly  19 Aug 1951Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3038
44 Marshall, Ida May  10 Mar 1947Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3123
45 Marshall, Oscar R. Jr.  19 Jan 1957Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3062
46 Marshall, Otho Woodston 'Woodie'  3 Dec 1940Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4935
47 Marshall, Robert J.  15 Apr 1857Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3132
48 Marshall, Washington Lloyd  Mar 1946Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4931
49 Marshall, Willie  8 Jul 1893Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I7909
50 McCready, John T.  25 May 1948Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3065

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Court - named in order

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court - named in order    Person ID 
1 Silverthorn, Kendall  7 Dec 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I33608
2 Silverthorn, Robert J. (of Kendall)  7 Dec 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I8385

Court - plaintiff

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court - plaintiff    Person ID 
1 Silverthorn, John (of Kendall)  7 Dec 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I34614
2 Silverthorn, John William (of Kendall)  7 Dec 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I33609

Guardian - named as

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Guardian - named as    Person ID 
1 Slocomb, William Corbin Sr.  7 Dec 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I35813

Land Adjoining

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land Adjoining    Person ID 
1 Duncan, James Jr. (of James)  11 Jun 1823Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I47244

Land bought

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land bought    Person ID 
1 Andrews, William 'Willi'  7 Dec 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5749
2 Duncan, Jesse Sr.  2 Feb 1789Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6698
3 Duncan, William  11 Jun 1823Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I47233
4 Godwin, Nicholas P.  24 Dec 1810Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6346

Land sold

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land sold    Person ID 
1 Broadwater, David  7 Dec 1850Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12863
2 Duncan, Eli  2 Feb 1789Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I47226
3 Duncan, James Jr. (of James)  24 Dec 1810Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I47244
4 Mears, Meshack  1922Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I38989
5 Taylor, James Benston  11 Jun 1823Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I7478

Land wit deed

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land wit deed    Person ID 
1 Duncan, James Jr. (of James)  2 Feb 1789Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I47244
2 Duncan, James Sr.  2 Feb 1789Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I33600
3 Duncan, James K. (of Jesse)  11 Jun 1823Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I47223
4 Duncan, Meshack  2 Feb 1789Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I47243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived    Person ID 
1 Duncan, Jesse Sr.  24 Dec 1810Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6698

Obituary - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Stant, Louella Byrd  1947Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, Clara  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6057

Was Living

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Was Living    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Luvenia 'Sis'  1935Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I17898
2 Ball, Clifton Luther Sr.  1924Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I138
3 Bloxom, Annie Lee  1946Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4932
4 Bull, Delaney Jane 'Zany'  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3068
5 Collins, Lynwood Asa  1940Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I1491
6 Collins, Robert L. Jr.  1933Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I15502
7 Collins, William Vernon T. Sr.  1929Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I15500
8 Cutler, Smith  1870Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4320
9 Davis, John  1922Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I20716
10 Drummond, Etta Florence  1933Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I13032
11 Drummond, Sarah Elizabeth 'Sallie'  1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I2421
12 Gaskill, Frank M.  1928Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I16739
13 Godwin, Sonja Lee  Aft 1987Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I7116
14 Griffith, Malinda Ella  1929Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I7402
15 Hall, Amanda Fletcher  1942Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4592
16 Hall, Blanche Luvania  1915Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5999
17 Hall, Francis L. 'Frank'  1932Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4322
18 Hall, Leslie Thomas  1938Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6037
19 Hall, Thomas Spencer Sr.  1853Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I5087
20 Hall, Thomas Spencer Jr.  1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I2420
21 Hart, Althea Mae  1963Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4878
22 Hay, Mary Ellen 'Mazy'  1853Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4461
23 Kelly, Parker S.  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I19746
24 Knight, Dawson Francis  1949Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I8739
25 Knight, John W.  1949Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I8918
26 Knight, Mary  1917Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I8740
27 Knight, Stratton Thomas 'Staten'  1947Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6106
28 Knight, William S.  1854Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I7290
29 Lewis, Andrew Lee  1940Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I8866
30 Lewis, Marion  1925Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I20408
31 Mariner, Margaret Elizabeth  1948Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I7488
32 Marshall, Alexander Washington  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3082
33 Marshall, Artha Anna  1948Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3060
34 Marshall, Drucilla Jane  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3061
35 Marshall, Elinora  1951Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3041
36 Marshall, Emanuel Manly  1937Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3038
37 Marshall, James Edward  1947Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3083
38 Marshall, John Thomas  1959Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3063
39 Marshall, Levin Elbridge 'Leav'  1926Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3223
40 Marshall, Mamie  1945Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4872
41 Marshall, Oscar R. Jr.  1937Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3062
42 Marshall, Reginald Daniel 'Reggie'  16 Jan 1942Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3122
43 Marshall, Richard Thomas  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3070
44 Marshall, Sarah Jane  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3084
45 Marshall, William  1854Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I803
46 McCready, John T.  1946Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I3065
47 Mister, Tilton Thomas  1961Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I1418
48 Northam, Elitha Ann  Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I23095
49 Northam, Gillett W. 'Gilley'  1908Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I4950
50 Onley, Mary Elizabeth  1945Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I2137

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Fletcher, Henry Sr.  27 Sep 1794Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12067

Will - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Fletcher, Elizabeth  27 Sep 1798Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12238
2 Fletcher, Henry Jr.  27 Sep 1798Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I6493
3 Fletcher, Susannah  27 Sep 1798Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12240
4 Fletcher, Thomas  27 Sep 1798Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia I12237


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ball / Chesser  29 Apr 1885Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F13254
2 Bonnewell / Hall  20 Dec 1881Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2101
3 Broadwater / Bull  21 Aug 1872Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2451
4 Byrd / Hall  27 Dec 1893Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2513
5 Chase / Byrd  10 Jan 1877Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F7548
6 Corbin / Bull  16 Oct 1881Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2369
7 Corbin / Hall  12 Mar 1884Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1498
8 Gladding / Bayly  11 Mar 1877Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F11321
9 Gladding / Hurley  5 Feb 1878Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F40844
10 Godwin / Davis  6 Jan 1870Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F4395
11 Hall / Byrd  12 Jan 1887Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2507
12 Hall / Copes  26 Jul 1870Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1630
13 Hall / Smith  20 Dec 1876Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1895
14 Hart / Evans  23 May 1897Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F10068
15 Hart / Marshall  17 Jul 1898Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F793
16 Hussey / Mears  25 Feb 1875Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1091
17 Jackson / Taylor  3 Apr 1918Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F6518
18 Justice / Drummond  15 Dec 1875Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F6274
19 Justice / Hall  31 Jan 1872Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1608
20 Killmon / Trader  9 Feb 1855Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F3220
21 Knight / Cullen  1 Feb 1872Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F5053
22 Knight / Hall  5 Dec 1897Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1616
23 Knight / Taylor  12 Oct 1898Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F3165
24 Linton / Hall  30 Dec 1928Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F624
25 Marshall / Bell  3 Nov 1878Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1100
26 Marshall / Bell  25 Dec 1878Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F856
27 Marshall / White  5 Jan 1865Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F1077
28 Smith / Bonnewell  21 May 1873Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F9950
29 Stant / Chesser  16 Sep 1879Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F783
30 Stant / Wessells  30 Dec 1900Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F6401
31 Taylor / Marshall  12 Feb 1874Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F3598
32 Taylor / Nock  13 Feb 1870Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F9366
33 Taylor / Taylor  31 Oct 1860Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F23713
34 Trader / Evans  29 Dec 1901Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2984
35 Trader / Evans  11 Jan 1903Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2983
36 Trader / Marshall  14 Mar 1878Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F812
37 Tyler / Hart  5 Jan 1873Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F9364
38 White / Justice  15 Nov 1875Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F10591
39 Wilkerson / Linton  21 Dec 1871Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F2167
40 Wilkerson / Onley  17 Jul 1898Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F4916
41 Zell / Hall  27 May 1892Messongo, Accomack Co, Virginia F6295

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