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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ackworth, Anne  2 Mar 1670Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I87486
2 Ackworth, Henry  16 Mar 1668Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I85355
3 Ackworth, Richard II  15 May 1664Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I87484
4 Ackworth, Thomas  8 Aug 1666Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I87485
5 Barnaby, James III  Feb 1664/65Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I85812
6 Bozman, Bridgett  19 Dec 1677Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78451
7 Bozman, Bridgett  12 Sep 1687Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78452
8 Bozman, George I  Abt 1682Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78249
9 Bozman, John II  20 Jun 1679Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I77993
10 Bozman, Mary  25 Mar 1670Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78449
11 Bozman, Naomi  6 Feb 1672Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78450
12 Bozman, William  10 Mar 1674Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I62793
13 Carter, George II  23 Feb 1679/80Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I85358
14 Chambers, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1677Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I90457
15 Coleburn, Mary  25 Sep 1689Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I74243
16 Coleburn, Solomon  19 Apr 1684Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I74172
17 Davis, Elizabeth (21)  14 Feb 1669Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59877
18 Davis, Martha (22)  14 Sep 1670Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59878
19 Davis, Mary (12)  16 Mar 1675Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59867
20 Davis, Richard (15)  6 Jun 1680Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59869
21 Davis, Sarah (23)  16 Dec 1672Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59879
22 Davis, Thomas (14)  16 Jan 1677/78Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59868
23 Davis, William (16)  20 Feb 1682/83Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59870
24 Downes, Bossman  7 Feb 1677/78Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I97656
25 Fountain, Dennis  3 Feb 1663/64Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78627
26 Fountain, Marcy Sr.  15 Nov 1666Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78628
27 Furniss, Comfort  20 Dec 1663Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59695
28 Furniss, Comfort  22 Dec 1701Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80594
29 Furniss, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1672Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80580
30 Furniss, Elizabeth  29 Aug 1699Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80592
31 Furniss, James  11 Feb 1678Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80573
32 Furniss, James  Abt 1707Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80595
33 Furniss, Judith  Abt 1709Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80596
34 Furniss, Katherine  Abt 1685Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80584
35 Furniss, Priscilla  9 Apr 1683Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80583
36 Furniss, Rozannah  Jan 1680Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80582
37 Furniss, Sarah  20 Dec 1665Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80578
38 Furniss, William II  20 Jul 1668Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80591
39 Furniss, William III  Abt 1706Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80568
40 Gillis, Hannah  30 Nov 1665Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I87488
41 Gillis, Thomas  12 Jun 1668Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I93129
42 Hazzard, David (of Edw)  8 Jul 1670Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78059
43 Hazzard, Elizabeth  Mar 1668/69Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I95002
44 Hazzard, Susanna  25 Jun 1672Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I95003
45 Horsey, Nathaniel II  2 Oct 1689Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I77983
46 Horsey, Randall Revell  27 Oct 1687Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I77985
47 Horsey, Stephen (of Nathaniel)  18 May 1693Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78209
48 Ingram, Robert II  12 Jul 1665Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I118264
49 Laws, Ann (of John)  Abt 1691Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78469
50 Laws, George  Abt 1680Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78467

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barnaby, James II  Bef 17 Feb 1666/67Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I83952
2 Bozman, Bridgett  Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I78451
3 Costin, Esther  Bef 21 Mar 1770Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59693
4 Elzey, John Sr.  5 Jan 1663/64Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I26595
5 Elzey, Peter Sr.  1716Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I122969
6 Furniss, William I  Bef 2 Aug 1685Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80572
7 Gillis, Hannah  10 Sep 1667Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I87488
8 Gillis, Thomas (Gilly?)  Abt 1685Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I87468
9 Jones, William  Bef Jun 1690Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I74231
10 Lane, Alice 'Ellis'  Bef 23 Apr 1724Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I5169
11 Murray, Betsy Winder  12 Mar 1853Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I103370
12 Nicholson, James  13 Jan 1675/76Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I85369
13 Tilghman, Aaron (of Gideon Sr) Sr.  25 Nov 1763Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I85490
14 Tull, John (15)  Bef 28 Jan 1729/30Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I59630
15 Wilson, James  10 Jul 1810Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I60772


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, George (Michell)  1666Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I74213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Furniss, William I  1662Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I80572
2 Mitchell, George (Michell)  Bef May 1662Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I74213
3 Mitchell, George (Michell)  Bef Aug 1666Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I74213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Relocated    Person ID 
1 Woolford, Roger I  1664Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I73136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Woolford, Roger I  2 Sep 1702Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland I73136


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ackworth / Hardy  6 Dec 1683Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland F30810
2 Ackworth / Manlove  1664Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland F27941
3 Elzey / Bell  11 Nov 1672Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland F41560
4 Manlove / Delimus  30 Jul 1667Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland F28658
5 Marrett / Manlove  25 Jun 1667Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland F28661
6 Nicholson / Price  1663Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland F27942
7 Revell / Scarburgh  1659Manokin, Somerset Co, Maryland F1202

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