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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Lancaster Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Ann  Abt 1700Lancaster Co, Virginia I86511
2 (--?--), Jemima  Abt 1695Lancaster Co, Virginia I86502
3 Barker, Edna Lynn  17 Mar 1884Lancaster Co, Virginia I100375
4 Barrack, Emma M.  Abt 1877Lancaster Co, Virginia I97561
5 Barrack, R.C.  Abt 1850Lancaster Co, Virginia I97559
6 Brent, Martin  6 Oct 1776Lancaster Co, Virginia I86594
7 Buchanan, Henry  4 Feb 1867Lancaster Co, Virginia I54826
8 Carey, Edward  Abt 1655Lancaster Co, Virginia I78801
9 Carey, John  1665Lancaster Co, Virginia I78802
10 Carey, Richard  Abt 1653Lancaster Co, Virginia I78800
11 Carey, Thomas II  1660Lancaster Co, Virginia I78803
12 Chelton, Alice (Chilton)  Abt 1768Lancaster Co, Virginia I86591
13 Chelton, Amanda Woodgridge Yerby (Chilton)  Abt 1819Lancaster Co, Virginia I86564
14 Chelton, Andrew (Chilton)  Abt 1672Lancaster Co, Virginia I86487
15 Chelton, Andrew (Chilton)  Abt 1762Lancaster Co, Virginia I86603
16 Chelton, Ann (Chilton)  Abt 1752Lancaster Co, Virginia I86545
17 Chelton, Ann (Chilton)  Abt 1770Lancaster Co, Virginia I86593
18 Chelton, Benoni (Chilton)  Abt 1678Lancaster Co, Virginia I86486
19 Chelton, Benoni (Chilton)  Abt 1720Lancaster Co, Virginia I86516
20 Chelton, Charles (Chilton)  Abt 1680Lancaster Co, Virginia I86491
21 Chelton, Charles (Chilton)  Abt 1690Lancaster Co, Virginia I86481
22 Chelton, Charles (Chilton)  Abt 1753Lancaster Co, Virginia I86599
23 Chelton, Cordellia M. (Chilton)  Abt 1802Lancaster Co, Virginia I86584
24 Chelton, Cyrus (Chilton)  Abt 1775Lancaster Co, Virginia I86595
25 Chelton, Cyrus (Chilton)  Abt 1802Lancaster Co, Virginia I86561
26 Chelton, Dorothy (Chilton)  Abt 1704Lancaster Co, Virginia I86509
27 Chelton, Edwin (Chilton)  Abt 1731Lancaster Co, Virginia I86536
28 Chelton, Elizabeth (Chilton)  Abt 1684Lancaster Co, Virginia I86478
29 Chelton, Elizabeth (Chilton)  Aft 1768Lancaster Co, Virginia I86548
30 Chelton, Fauntleroy Nutt (Chilton)  Abt 1798Lancaster Co, Virginia I86582
31 Chelton, George (Chilton)  Abt 1670Lancaster Co, Virginia I86490
32 Chelton, George (Chilton)  Abt 1672Lancaster Co, Virginia I86482
33 Chelton, George (Chilton)  Abt 1715Lancaster Co, Virginia I86514
34 Chelton, George (Chilton)  Abt 1720Lancaster Co, Virginia I86544
35 Chelton, Griffin  Abt 1770Lancaster Co, Virginia I86557
36 Chelton, Hannah (Chilton)  Abt 1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I86539
37 Chelton, Hiram (Chilton)  Abt 1798Lancaster Co, Virginia I86609
38 Chelton, Jane (Chilton)  Abt 1712Lancaster Co, Virginia I86513
39 Chelton, Jemima (Chilton)  Abt 1735Lancaster Co, Virginia I86551
40 Chelton, Jesse (Chilton)  Abt 1733Lancaster Co, Virginia I86523
41 Chelton, Jesse (Chilton)  Aft 1758Lancaster Co, Virginia I86601
42 Chelton, Jesse Jr. (Chilton)  Abt 1766Lancaster Co, Virginia I86580
43 Chelton, John II (Chilton)  Abt 1666Lancaster Co, Virginia I86475
44 Chelton, John (Chilton)  Abt 1674Lancaster Co, Virginia I86488
45 Chelton, John (Chilton)  Abt 1726Lancaster Co, Virginia I86519
46 Chelton, Judith (Chilton)  Abt 1700Lancaster Co, Virginia I86507
47 Chelton, Judith  Abt 1724Lancaster Co, Virginia I86518
48 Chelton, Judith (Chilton)  Abt 1754Lancaster Co, Virginia I86546
49 Chelton, Juliett (Chilton)  Abt 1830Lancaster Co, Virginia I86615
50 Chelton, Lazarus (Chilton)  Abt 1730Lancaster Co, Virginia I86521

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Ann  Bef 20 Nov 1777Lancaster Co, Virginia I86511
2 (--?--), Jemima  Bef 20 Oct 1774Lancaster Co, Virginia I86502
3 Balderson, Alice Mathius  23 May 1931Lancaster Co, Virginia I117790
4 Chelton, Andrew (Chilton)  Bef 17 Jan 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86603
5 Chelton, Benoni (Chilton)  Bef 14 Mar 1732/33Lancaster Co, Virginia I86486
6 Chelton, Charles (Chilton)  Bef 12 Oct 1739Lancaster Co, Virginia I86491
7 Chelton, Edwin (Chilton)  Bef 21 Mar 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I86536
8 Chelton, Fauntleroy Nutt (Chilton)  1829Lancaster Co, Virginia I86582
9 Chelton, Jesse (Chilton)  Bef 19 Jan 1795Lancaster Co, Virginia I86523
10 Chelton, Jesse Jr. (Chilton)  Bef 21 May 1811Lancaster Co, Virginia I86580
11 Chelton, John (Chilton)  Bef 1766Lancaster Co, Virginia I86519
12 Chelton, Judith  Bef 19 Jan 1767Lancaster Co, Virginia I86518
13 Chelton, Lazarus (Chilton)  Bef 1766Lancaster Co, Virginia I86521
14 Chelton, Moses (Chilton)  Bef 19 Mar 1778Lancaster Co, Virginia I86522
15 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  Bef 13 Aug 1718Lancaster Co, Virginia I86473
16 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  Bef 18 Dec 1761Lancaster Co, Virginia I86501
17 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  Bef 20 Nov 1777Lancaster Co, Virginia I86517
18 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  Bef 16 Oct 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86550
19 Chelton, Thomas I (Chilton)  Bef 14 Jun 1699Lancaster Co, Virginia I86484
20 Chelton, Thomas II (Chilton)  Bef 8 Dec 1738Lancaster Co, Virginia I86495
21 Chelton, William (Chilton)  Bef 2 May 1741Lancaster Co, Virginia I86485
22 Chelton, William (Chilton)  Bef 11 Aug 1749Lancaster Co, Virginia I86504
23 Chelton, William (Chilton)  Bef 18 Feb 1805Lancaster Co, Virginia I86549
24 Davis, Elizabeth  15 May 1839Lancaster Co, Virginia I86604
25 Fleet, Henry (2)  Bef 9 May 1733Lancaster Co, Virginia I86574
26 Floyd, Alma D.  1968Lancaster Co, Virginia I97562
27 Fox, Capt. David Sr.  Bef 6 Jan 1669/70Lancaster Co, Virginia I71285
28 Headley, Jane  27 Sep 1859Lancaster Co, Virginia I107909
29 Johnson, Benjamin R.  25 Jan 1945Lancaster Co, Virginia I117789
30 Marshall, Franklin Linwood  18 May 1964Lancaster Co, Virginia I2356
31 Mullis, Stephen  Bef 20 Feb 1761Lancaster Co, Virginia I86510
32 Nutt, Judith  Abt 1819Lancaster Co, Virginia I86581
33 Webb, Edmonia  26 Dec 1904Lancaster Co, Virginia I100379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Administrator    Person ID 
1 King, Winifred  8 Dec 1738Lancaster Co, Virginia I86541

Bound Out

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Bound Out    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Andrew (Chilton)  18 Mar 1775Lancaster Co, Virginia I86603
2 Chelton, Richard (Chilton)  19 Jan 1846Lancaster Co, Virginia I86613
3 Chelton, William (Chilton)  22 Nov 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I86600

Bound out children

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Bound out children    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Hiram (Chilton)  19 Jan 1846Lancaster Co, Virginia I86609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Col. Thorowgood (of Crippen)  1850Lancaster Co, Virginia I92744

Court - defendant

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court - defendant    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Edwin (Chilton)  12 Sep 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I86536

Court - plaintiff

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court - plaintiff    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Hannah (Chilton)  12 Sep 1740Lancaster Co, Virginia I86539
2 Chelton, John I (Chilton)  13 Mar 1666/67Lancaster Co, Virginia I86472

Est Settmt Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Est Settmt Fathers    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Newman (Chilton)  24 Dec 1778Lancaster Co, Virginia I86578

Guardian - chose

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Guardian - chose    Person ID 
1 Chelton, George (Chilton)  14 Mar 1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I86514
2 Chelton, Newman (Chilton)  29 Dec 1782Lancaster Co, Virginia I86578

Guardian - named

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Guardian - named    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Jesse (Chilton)  21 Nov 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I86601
2 Chelton, Juliett (Chilton)  17 Aug 1846Lancaster Co, Virginia I86615
3 Chelton, Margaret (Chilton)  18 May 1846Lancaster Co, Virginia I86614

Guardian - named as

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Guardian - named as    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Andrew (Chilton)  14 Mar 1732Lancaster Co, Virginia I86487
2 Chelton, Thomas (Chilton)  21 Nov 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I86598


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Headright    Person ID 
1 Cannon, Stephen (alias Thos Davis)  3 Oct 1664Lancaster Co, Virginia I79258
2 Carey, Thomas I  14 Nov 1653Lancaster Co, Virginia I78798
3 Nelson, Provost 'Provice' I  18 Oct 1653Lancaster Co, Virginia I88178

Land bought

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land bought    Person ID 
1 Chelton, John I (Chilton)  11 Nov 1672Lancaster Co, Virginia I86472

Land cause

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land cause    Person ID 
1 Copes, Thomas P.  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I33954
2 Elliott, Catherine T. 'Caty'  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I44655
3 Elliott, Littleton T.  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I44804
4 Elliott, Rachel Bell  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I40957
5 Elliott, William (of Teackle)  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I44807
6 Snead, Catharine S. 'Kittie'  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I40962
7 Snead, Charles S.  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I40956
8 Snead, Charles Waddy  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I40964
9 Snead, Littleton L.  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I40965
10 Snead, Margaret A.  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I44925
11 Snead, William S.  18 Sep 1848Lancaster Co, Virginia I40963

Land deed named in

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land deed named in    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Amanda Woodgridge Yerby (Chilton)  20 Nov 1822Lancaster Co, Virginia I86564
2 Chelton, Mary Woodbridge Yerby (Chilton)  20 Nov 1822Lancaster Co, Virginia I86563
3 Mitchell, William (N'hamp-Lancaster)  18 May 1666Lancaster Co, Virginia I101710

Land patented

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land patented    Person ID 
1 Graves, Thomas (3)  20 Mar 1661/62Lancaster Co, Virginia I84575
2 Mitchell, William (N'hamp-Lancaster)  18 Mar 1662/63Lancaster Co, Virginia I101710
3 Mitchell, William (N'hamp-Lancaster)  18 Jul 1663Lancaster Co, Virginia I101710

Land sold

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land sold    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Stephen  20 Nov 1822Lancaster Co, Virginia I86559
2 Ewell, Charles (bricklayer)  1710Lancaster Co, Virginia I24105

Power of Atty receiv

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Power of Atty receiv    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, William (N'hamp-Lancaster)  9 Feb 1657/58Lancaster Co, Virginia I101710

Tax list

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax list    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Andrew (Chilton)  1788Lancaster Co, Virginia I86603
2 Chelton, John I (Chilton)  1672Lancaster Co, Virginia I86472
3 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  Between 1663 and 1717Lancaster Co, Virginia I86473
4 Chelton, Thomas I (Chilton)  1691Lancaster Co, Virginia I86484

Tax list (personal)

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax list (personal)    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Newman (Chilton)  1791Lancaster Co, Virginia I86578

Tithable list

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tithable list    Person ID 
1 Ayres, John Sr.  6 Feb 1655Lancaster Co, Virginia I24553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Jemima  25 Jun 1772Lancaster Co, Virginia I86502
2 Chelton, Andrew (Chilton)  14 Nov 1819Lancaster Co, Virginia I86603
3 Chelton, Edwin (Chilton)  1 Jan 1771Lancaster Co, Virginia I86536
4 Chelton, Jesse (Chilton)  28 May 1793Lancaster Co, Virginia I86523
5 Chelton, Jesse Jr. (Chilton)  11 Feb 1811Lancaster Co, Virginia I86580
6 Chelton, Judith  15 Dec 1766Lancaster Co, Virginia I86518
7 Chelton, Moses (Chilton)  11 Feb 1778Lancaster Co, Virginia I86522
8 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  8 Oct 1717Lancaster Co, Virginia I86473
9 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  19 Sep 1761Lancaster Co, Virginia I86501
10 Chelton, Stephen (Chilton)  20 Sep 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86550
11 Chelton, William (Chilton)  Dec 1748Lancaster Co, Virginia I86504
12 Chelton, William (Chilton)  5 Apr 1804Lancaster Co, Virginia I86549
13 Fleet, Henry (2)  31 Jan 1728/29Lancaster Co, Virginia I86574
14 Mullis, Stephen  25 Oct 1760Lancaster Co, Virginia I86510
15 Taylor, Col. Thorowgood (of Crippen)  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I92744

Will - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Griffin  20 Sep 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86557
2 Taylor, Ann Eliza  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I100217
3 Taylor, Clarissa Ellen  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I129182
4 Taylor, Margaret F.  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I129180
5 Taylor, Olivia  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I129181
6 Taylor, Susan West  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I92743

Will - Grand Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Grand Fathers    Person ID 
1 Chelton, Amanda Woodgridge Yerby (Chilton)  20 Sep 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86564
2 Chelton, Cyrus (Chilton)  20 Sep 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86561
3 Chelton, Mary Woodbridge Yerby (Chilton)  20 Sep 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86563
4 Chelton, Polly S. (Chilton)  20 Sep 1820Lancaster Co, Virginia I86562
5 Covington, Mary Susan  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I129189
6 Covington, Olivia Ellen 'Aunt Wib'  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I100216
7 Warwick, Benjamin Taylor  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I129186
8 Warwick, James R.  12 Oct 1872Lancaster Co, Virginia I129187

Will - Mothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Mothers    Person ID 
1 Fleet, Henry (2)  28 Jan 1668/69Lancaster Co, Virginia I86574


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barker / Webb  25 Mar 1883Lancaster Co, Virginia F33432
2 Brent / Chelton  29 Dec 1796Lancaster Co, Virginia F28389
3 Chelton / Beane  18 Jun 1804Lancaster Co, Virginia F28390
4 Chelton / Chelton  Abt 1750Lancaster Co, Virginia F28367
5 Chelton / Chowning  19 Jan 1829Lancaster Co, Virginia F28386
6 Chelton / Davis  23 Dec 1788Lancaster Co, Virginia F28392
7 Chelton / Doggett  1 Apr 1817Lancaster Co, Virginia F28373
8 Chelton / Edmonds  22 Aug 1783Lancaster Co, Virginia F28382
9 Chelton / King  Jan 1723/24Lancaster Co, Virginia F28364
10 Chelton / Mitchell  24 Nov 1824Lancaster Co, Virginia F28385
11 Chelton / Neasum  19 Nov 1765Lancaster Co, Virginia F28356
12 Dye / Chelton  Mar 1789Lancaster Co, Virginia F28368
13 Fleet / Wildey  Bef 18 Jul 1683Lancaster Co, Virginia F28379
14 Flint / (--?--)  Abt 1650Lancaster Co, Virginia F28351
15 Ford / Taylor  12 Sep 1847Lancaster Co, Virginia F47613
16 Fox / Mottram  Bef 16 Oct 1665Lancaster Co, Virginia F23205
17 Hobson / Fleet  28 Jun 1723Lancaster Co, Virginia F28377
18 Johnson / Balderson  Abt 1885Lancaster Co, Virginia F39659
19 Marshall / Barrack  28 Feb 1894Lancaster Co, Virginia F32414
20 Morgan / Walker  31 Aug 1882Lancaster Co, Virginia F34440
21 Towles / Chelton  21 May 1795Lancaster Co, Virginia F28388
22 Walker / Chelton  Dec 1824Lancaster Co, Virginia F28396
23 Walker / Jefferson  Abt 1865Lancaster Co, Virginia F34441
24 Yerby / Chelton  21 Feb 1814Lancaster Co, Virginia F28384
25 Yerby / Chelton  23 Feb 1829Lancaster Co, Virginia F28387

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