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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annis, Ella 'Susan'  Abt 1867Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52348
2 Annis, Emma  Abt 1867Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52355
3 Annis, Herman Thomas  5 May 1906Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I5032
4 Annis, Howard T.  1 May 1896Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52504
5 Annis, Madeline Mae  13 May 1925Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I5542
6 Annis, Mason Dennis 'Mace'  27 Jul 1922Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52263
7 Annis, Viola Francis  21 Jan 1932Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I1084
8 Bagwell, Charles N.  Abt 1850Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52354
9 Barnes, William Thomas  Abt 1834Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I17184
10 Bowdoin, (infant of Dr Jno)  26 Sep 1857Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I75951
11 Chandler, Lula Belle  14 May 1903Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52363
12 Cline, Cecil Dennis  1 Aug 1900Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52364
13 Colonna, Elijah  Aug 1826Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I30746
14 Colonna, Sarah  Abt 1814Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I38892
15 Dix, Anna M. 'Nancy'  22 Jun 1838Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I7464
16 Dix, Isaac J.  25 Oct 1835Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I4969
17 Dix, John W. Sr.  Abt 1831Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I14630
18 Evans, John Frederick 'Johnnie'  Abt 1922Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I1164
19 Ewell, Gilbert P. 'Gillie'  10 Oct 1804Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I6460
20 Ewell, Polly  Abt 1795Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25428
21 Ewell, Polly  Abt 1806Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I26108
22 Ewell, Sarah Mariah 'Sallie'  5 Sep 1848Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I20708
23 Fanton, Lenora Frances  28 Jul 1881Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I122259
24 Fisher, Mary 'Polly'  Abt 1802Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I24665
25 Gray, Dennis W. Sr.  Abt 1790Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25427
26 Gray, Dennis W. Jr.  14 Oct 1821Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I17799
27 Gray, Emeline Elizabeth 'Betsy'  14 Dec 1824Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25476
28 Gray, James  Abt 1792Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25451
29 Gray, John Emory  7 Jun 1818Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25475
30 Gray, McCartie Lee  11 Sep 1870Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I17797
31 Gray, Sarah 'Sally'  Abt 1796Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25454
32 Gray, Thomas Franklin  Abt 1794Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25453
33 Grinnalds, Ann 'Nancy'  Abt 1807Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I9307
34 Hall, Robert James  4 Jun 1858Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I6876
35 Justice, Franklin Pierce 'Frank'  20 Jul 1855Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I2559
36 Justice, George Augustus  7 May 1878Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I34187
37 Justice, Virginia B.  20 Jul 1855Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I2558
38 Killmon, Catherine  Abt 1806Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I16926
39 Lankford, Vernettie Selby  4 Mar 1851Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I3801
40 Mariner, Nancy  Abt 1803Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52522
41 Mason, Burgorough  24 Jan 1859Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I47127
42 Mason, Henry M.  Jun 1855Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I47143
43 Mears, Hetty C. 'Kitty'  19 Sep 1829Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I5336
44 Northam, Susan 'Susie'  10 Jan 1884Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I8774
45 Scott, Stella  Abt 1930Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I7164
46 Simpson, Alvin James  13 Jul 1943Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I18096
47 Taylor, Amanda W. 'Mendy'  Abt 1832Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I17798
48 Taylor, Augustus C.  Abt 1838Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I35342
49 Taylor, Brodis 'Burtie'  Sep 1895Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52641
50 Taylor, David Crippen  Abt 1802Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I13977

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adams, Addie L.  9 Oct 1944Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52272
2 Annis, Marguerite  26 Oct 1930Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52381
3 Annis, Samuel T.  27 Aug 1904Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52329
4 Barnes, Annie Odell  30 May 1987Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I18095
5 Barnes, Martha Jane  23 Sep 1929Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52840
6 Bowdoin, (infant of Dr Jno)  26 Sep 1857Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I75951
7 Clayton, Dennis Sr.  15 Oct 1859Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I26292
8 Clayton, Susan  10 Nov 1855Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I38485
9 Colonna, Sarah  20 Oct 1854Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I38892
10 Ewell, Polly  14 Oct 1840Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I25428
11 Grinnalds, Ann 'Nancy'  1 Mar 1854Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I9307
12 Mason, Burgorough  5 Feb 1859Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I47127
13 Mason, Henry M.  15 Sep 1855Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I47143
14 Russell, Ann Jane  4 May 1853Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I15394
15 Russell, Annie C.  19 Oct 1894Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I91000
16 Russell, Sylvanus W.  29 Aug 1904Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I40049
17 Taylor, Crippen (of Shadrack)  15 Dec 1826Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I13976
18 Taylor, John  Nov 1854Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I16927
19 Taylor, Minnie Pearl  7 Dec 2021Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I122488
20 Thornes, Cornelia J. 'Jennie or Virginia'  16 Jun 1945Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I47677
21 Thornes, Jewell  4 Dec 1923Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52262
22 Wessells, John Sr.  9 Jul 1854Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I13860
23 Wessells, Patsy  19 Jul 1883Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I14084
24 Wimbrough, Margaret Virginia  2 Nov 2012Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I110432
25 Young, Isaac  Bef 1919Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I20707


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Annis, Ottie Carol  Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52498
2 Taylor, Samuel Reed  Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52537


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Pitt, Jabez  26 Jan 1743Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I57835

Census head of household

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census head of household    Person ID 
1 Annis, Harold D.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52502
2 Annis, John Dennis 'Den'  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I40798
3 Annis, Larry Lee  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52478
4 Fisher, William  1800Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I32653
5 Lewis, Burwell R.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I32287
6 Onions, Mallory  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52772
7 Taylor, Harry J.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52428
8 Taylor, William  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52434
9 Wessells, Oliver F.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I14542
10 Wright, Elijah  1800Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I37531

Census with father

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with father    Person ID 
1 Annis, Earle  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52767
2 Annis, Garland Dewey  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52327
3 Annis, Howard T.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52504
4 Annis, Lemuel 'Lem'  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52629
5 Annis, Maudie May  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52505
6 Annis, Myrtle Susan  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I19500

Census with husband

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with husband    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Elizabeth M.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52628
2 (--?--), Maggie  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52435
3 (--?--), Martha Berry J.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I32288
4 (--?--), Zelpha  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52773
5 Taylor, Bertie Susan  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52429
6 Young, Mary Jane C.  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I14543

Census with parents

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with parents    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Helen  1920Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I52771

Land bought

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land bought    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Samuel  15 Apr 1839Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I38381
2 Mason, Jeremiah  1780Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I48754

Land deed named in

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land deed named in    Person ID 
1 Russell, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1839Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I38382
2 Russell, Kissiah  15 Apr 1839Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I85047

Land sold

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land sold    Person ID 
1 Mason, Jeremiah  3 Jan 1800Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I48754
2 Wessells, Catharine 'Caty'  15 Apr 1839Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I40046

Land wit deed

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land wit deed    Person ID 
1 Gibbons, Thomas A.  15 Apr 1839Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I39638
2 Gibbons, William H.  15 Apr 1839Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I39637
3 White, Thomas S.  15 Apr 1839Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I39629


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived    Person ID 
1 Annis, Levi  Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I30303

Obituary - Brothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Brothers    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Oscar Merril  7 Mar 1927Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I99868

Obituary - Husbands

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Husbands    Person ID 
1 Mears, Jeanette  7 Mar 1927Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I94046

Obituary - Wifes

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Wifes    Person ID 
1 Ward, Freddie Edward  7 Dec 2021Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I122489

Reported birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Reported birth    Person ID 
1 Annis, John Dennis 'Den'  1 May 1896Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I40798

Reported death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Reported death    Person ID 
1 Sparrow, David  20 Oct 1854Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I30373
2 Taylor, Charles  4 May 1853Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I15393

Was Living

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Was Living    Person ID 
1 Justice, Capt. Samuel Lewis  1855Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I879
2 Mears, George Fletcher  1930Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I7255
3 Mears, Thomas A.  Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I5337
4 Parks, Alexander B. 'Alex'  1938Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I14397
5 Taylor, Eulalia  1916Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I16103
6 Wessells, Sally J.  16 Dec 1943Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I14021
7 Young, Nona Ray  1933Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia I19486


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ackley / Bowdoin  1 Oct 1878Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F33484
2 Annis / Taylor  5 Oct 1875Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F12845
3 Annis / Thornes  1 Sep 1875Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14913
4 Annis / Thornes  30 Nov 1880Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14914
5 Bagwell / Lewis  4 Mar 1877Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F9539
6 Beasley / Parks  4 Jan 1877Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F16342
7 Byrd / Bloxom  6 May 1874Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F7406
8 Byrd / Byrd  15 Dec 1870Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F7403
9 Byrd / Mason  26 Jan 1887Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F7556
10 Ewell / Lewis  7 Aug 1871Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F8110
11 Fanton / Young  2 Jun 1875Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F41255
12 Hall / Onions  21 Dec 1884Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F2511
13 Hall / Smith  16 May 1878Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F1637
14 Howard / Taylor  18 May 1890Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F2475
15 Justice / Lewis  9 Mar 1872Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F9575
16 Justice / Parks  12 Dec 1875Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F20408
17 Justice / Parks  4 Jan 1880Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F20917
18 Killmon / Justice  6 Jan 1870Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F5338
19 Killmon / Williams  2 Apr 1882Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4846
20 Lescallette / Thornton  27 Jun 1883Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F15482
21 Lewis / Ewell  23 May 1888Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F9431
22 Lewis / Parks  11 Nov 1876Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F1924
23 Linton / Wessells  18 Oct 1885Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F646
24 Mason / Parks  26 Jan 1887Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F5114
25 Mason / Somers  6 Nov 1878Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14650
26 Matthews / Lankford  29 Dec 1874Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F16372
27 Matthews / Taylor  13 Jan 1877Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14821
28 Northam / (--?--)  28 Jan 1894Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F10329
29 Parker / Taylor  21 Jun 1876Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14146
30 Parks / Johnson  21 Jan 1878Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F8399
31 Parks / Wessells  28 Jan 1880Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4432
32 Phillips / Justice  25 Jan 1877Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4719
33 Riley / Thornes  12 Apr 1882Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14910
34 Short / Mason  12 Mar 1876Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14672
35 Taylor / Ewell  14 Jan 1894Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F16395
36 Taylor / Lewis  6 Feb 1881Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F9588
37 Taylor / Taylor  4 Sep 1873Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F46670
38 Taylor / Taylor  4 Oct 1875Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F13823
39 Taylor / Taylor  7 Feb 1876Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14437
40 Thornes / Custis  3 Jan 1877Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F12664
41 Thornes / Ewell  22 Feb 1888Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4913
42 Thornes / Thornes  11 Jan 1885Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F14909
43 Wessells / Bell  10 Jan 1861Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4284
44 Wessells / Stant  11 Nov 1886Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4441
45 Wessells / Taylor  17 Apr 1873Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4299
46 Wessells / Thornes  1 Jan 1871Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4418
47 Wessells / Young  8 Jan 1873Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4420
48 Wessells / Young  27 Dec 1891Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4462
49 Young / Barnes  4 Jan 1888Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F16391
50 Young / Wessells  26 Sep 1875Guilford, Accomack Co, Virginia F4427

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