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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Calvert Co, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Ann Townsend Yellot 'Nannie T.Y.'  8 Jun 1830Calvert Co, Maryland I69665
2 Ashcomb, John  Abt 1678Calvert Co, Maryland I112000
3 Ashcomb, Mary  Abt 1680Calvert Co, Maryland I112001
4 Ashcomb, Nathaniel II  Abt 1676Calvert Co, Maryland I111999
5 Bigger, Margaret  Abt 1685Calvert Co, Maryland I112003
6 Chapline, (dau of Wm)  Abt 1646Calvert Co, Maryland I115438
7 Chapline, Elizabeth  Abt 1657Calvert Co, Maryland I105763
8 Chapline, Mary  Abt 1653Calvert Co, Maryland I115442
9 Chapline, William II  Abt 1655Calvert Co, Maryland I115439
10 Chesley, John  Abt 1715Calvert Co, Maryland I112626
11 Christopher, Jane  20 Dec 1672Calvert Co, Maryland I81985
12 Christopher, John II  15 Jan 1669Calvert Co, Maryland I81969
13 Cunningham, Daniel  Abt 1655Calvert Co, Maryland I118708
14 Dare, Gidion  Abt 1700Calvert Co, Maryland I112611
15 Dorrington, Sarah  Abt 1657Calvert Co, Maryland I76961
16 Greenfield, Elizabeth  Abt 1732Calvert Co, Maryland I112623
17 Greenfield, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1698Calvert Co, Maryland I112615
18 Greenfield, Nancy  Abt 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I112614
19 Greenfield, Rebecca  Abt 1734Calvert Co, Maryland I112624
20 Greenfield, Thomas Truman  Abt 1730Calvert Co, Maryland I112622
21 Greenfield, Trueman  Abt 1700Calvert Co, Maryland I112621
22 Hutchins, Elizabeth (36)  Abt 1720Calvert Co, Maryland I58799
23 Hutchins, Francis (34)  Abt 1715Calvert Co, Maryland I58797
24 Hutchins, Richard (35)  Abt 1717Calvert Co, Maryland I58798
25 Jenifer, Samuel (of Capt Dan)  Abt 1706Calvert Co, Maryland I111750
26 Mackall, (--?--) (of John & Susannah)  Abt 1716Calvert Co, Maryland I112625
27 Mackall, James John  Abt 1714Calvert Co, Maryland I112620
28 Mackall, Col. John  Abt 1675Calvert Co, Maryland I112603
29 Parker, Ann (329D)  Abt 1728Calvert Co, Maryland I87290
30 Parker, Elizabeth  1700Calvert Co, Maryland I112606
31 Parker, Elizabeth (329G)  Abt 1734Calvert Co, Maryland I87294
32 Parker, Gabriel Jr.  Abt 1716Calvert Co, Maryland I112616
33 Parker, George  Abt 1742Calvert Co, Maryland I112619
34 Parker, Hutchinson (329A)  Abt 1722Calvert Co, Maryland I87286
35 Parker, Lansdown  1709Calvert Co, Maryland I112609
36 Parker, Mary 'Marie'  1704Calvert Co, Maryland I111757
37 Parker, Mary (329F)  Abt 1732Calvert Co, Maryland I87293
38 Parker, Sarah  Bef 1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I112610
39 Parker, Sarah (329E)  Abt 1730Calvert Co, Maryland I87292
40 Parker, Susanna  1701Calvert Co, Maryland I112607
41 Parker, Susannah (329B)  Abt 1724Calvert Co, Maryland I87287
42 Parker, William  1707Calvert Co, Maryland I112608
43 Parker, William (329C)  Abt 1726Calvert Co, Maryland I87289
44 Parran, Alexander  Abt 1700Calvert Co, Maryland I111801
45 Parran, John  Abt 1759Calvert Co, Maryland I111802
46 Parran, Mary Ashcom  Abt 1760Calvert Co, Maryland I111803
47 Pott, Bridget (of Jno)  Abt 1658Calvert Co, Maryland I118703
48 Pott, John (of Jno)  Abt 1660Calvert Co, Maryland I118706
49 Railey, Joseph A.  18 May 1860Calvert Co, Maryland I121887
50 Railey, Lucy Blanche  23 Apr 1890Calvert Co, Maryland I121869

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Elizabeth  Abt 1670Calvert Co, Maryland I118702
2 Ashcomb, John  Bef 31 Aug 1684Calvert Co, Maryland I111994
3 Ashcomb, Nathaniel I  Bef 19 May 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I111996
4 Barnes, Levin J.  7 Sep 1912Calvert Co, Maryland I114978
5 Barnes, William McComas  1937Calvert Co, Maryland I114984
6 Brooke, Roger  8 Apr 1700Calvert Co, Maryland I120249
7 Burk, William  Aft 10 Dec 1666Calvert Co, Maryland I118704
8 Chapline, William (of Isaac) I  Bef 5 Jan 1669/70Calvert Co, Maryland I105764
9 Graves, Katherine (6)  Bef 1 Sep 1668Calvert Co, Maryland I84586
10 Hooper, Henry I  Bef 5 Aug 1676Calvert Co, Maryland I114990
11 Hutchins, Francis  Bef 6 May 1738Calvert Co, Maryland I58796
12 Hutchinson, Ann (123)  Bef 24 Dec 1762Calvert Co, Maryland I87278
13 Johnson, Capt. Peter  Bef 26 May 1656Calvert Co, Maryland I80096
14 Marshall, Hooper Columbus  Bef 1880Calvert Co, Maryland I102865
15 Monnett, Nellie Russell  1944Calvert Co, Maryland I114985
16 Parker, Gabriel Sr.  Bef 1 Nov 1749Calvert Co, Maryland I87283
17 Parker, George Jr.  Bef 5 Apr 1711Calvert Co, Maryland I87284
18 Parker, Sarah  Bef 9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112610
19 Parran, Alexander  Bef 12 Aug 1765Calvert Co, Maryland I111801
20 Parrott, Susannah  Bef 4 Jun 1762Calvert Co, Maryland I87285
21 Pott, John Gent. (nephew of Francis & bro of Bridget)  Bef 4 Jul 1676Calvert Co, Maryland I84877
22 Waters, Littleton (14)  Bef 1 Aug 1750Calvert Co, Maryland I58762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Dorrington, William Gent.  1655Calvert Co, Maryland I76962

Clerk of Court

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Clerk of Court    Person ID 
1 Parker, George Jr.  Abt 1705Calvert Co, Maryland I87284

Commissioner appointed

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Commissioner appointed    Person ID 
1 Parker, George Jr.  1707Calvert Co, Maryland I87284

Deed of Gift - Gave

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed of Gift - Gave    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Anne (widow)  27 May 1656Calvert Co, Maryland I76963

Deed of Gift - Recd

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed of Gift - Recd    Person ID 
1 Dorrington, William Gent.  27 May 1656Calvert Co, Maryland I76962

Est Settmt

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Est Settmt    Person ID 
1 Pott, John Gent. (nephew of Francis & bro of Bridget)  24 Jul 1676Calvert Co, Maryland I84877
2 Pott, John Gent. (nephew of Francis & bro of Bridget)  23 Jun 1677Calvert Co, Maryland I84877
3 Pott, John Gent. (nephew of Francis & bro of Bridget)  17 Mar 1681Calvert Co, Maryland I84877

Est Settmt acct of

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Est Settmt acct of    Person ID 
1 Parker, George Jr.  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I87284
2 Parran, Nathan (of Alex)  30 Dec 1763Calvert Co, Maryland I111800

Est Settmt Fa-in-law

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Est Settmt Fa-in-law    Person ID 
1 Dare, Gidion  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I112611
2 Jenifer, Michael (of Capt Dan)  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I111755
3 Smith, James  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I111768
4 Stoddert, James Jr.  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I112612
5 Weems, James  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I112613

Est Settmt Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Est Settmt Fathers    Person ID 
1 Hooper, Henry II  5 Aug 1676Calvert Co, Maryland I114987
2 Parker, Gabriel Sr.  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I87283
3 Parker, Mary 'Marie'  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I111757
4 Parker, Sarah  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I112610
5 Parker, Susanna  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I112607

Est Settmt Husbs

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Est Settmt Husbs    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Hannah  23 Jun 1677Calvert Co, Maryland I118705
2 (--?--), Hannah  17 Mar 1681Calvert Co, Maryland I118705
3 Ashcom, Ann (Ashcom?)  30 Dec 1763Calvert Co, Maryland I111799
4 Parrott, Susannah  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I87285

Est Settmt Wifes Hub

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Est Settmt Wifes Hub    Person ID 
1 Edwards, Richard  17 Mar 1681Calvert Co, Maryland I118707
2 Mackall, Col. John  1 Nov 1729Calvert Co, Maryland I112603
3 Taylor, Ignatious II  30 Dec 1763Calvert Co, Maryland I111796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Sarah  1651Calvert Co, Maryland I114991
2 Hooper, Elizabeth (of Hy I)  1651Calvert Co, Maryland I114993
3 Hooper, Henry I  1651Calvert Co, Maryland I114990
4 Hooper, Henry II  1651Calvert Co, Maryland I114987
5 Hooper, Richard (of Hy I)  1651Calvert Co, Maryland I114992
6 Hooper, Sarah (of Hy I)  1651Calvert Co, Maryland I114994

Justice of the Court

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Justice of the Court    Person ID 
1 Sprigg, Thomas  Between 1658 and 1674Calvert Co, Maryland I84587


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived    Person ID 
1 Jenifer, Capt. Daniel of St. Thomas  1708Calvert Co, Maryland I72894

Maryland Assembly

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Maryland Assembly    Person ID 
1 Jenifer, Col. Daniel (Burgess)  Between 1671 and 1674/75Calvert Co, Maryland I24508

Power of Atty gave

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Power of Atty gave    Person ID 
1 Ashcomb, Elizabeth  6 Jul 1708Calvert Co, Maryland I111974
2 Jenifer, Capt. Daniel of St. Thomas  6 Jul 1708Calvert Co, Maryland I72894


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Relocated    Person ID 
1 Pott, John Gent. (nephew of Francis & bro of Bridget)  Abt 1655Calvert Co, Maryland I84877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Sheriff    Person ID 
1 Sprigg, Thomas  Between 1664 and 1665Calvert Co, Maryland I84587


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Ashcomb, Nathaniel I  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I111996
2 Burk, William  10 Dec 1666Calvert Co, Maryland I118704
3 Chapline, William (of Isaac) I  9 Dec 1669Calvert Co, Maryland I105764
4 Hutchinson, Ann (123)  3 Sep 1762Calvert Co, Maryland I87278
5 Parker, Gabriel Sr.  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87283
6 Parker, George Jr.  1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I87284
7 Parran, Alexander  28 Aug 1764Calvert Co, Maryland I111801
8 Parran, Nathan (of Alex)  12 Sep 1758Calvert Co, Maryland I111800
9 Parrott, Susannah  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I87285
10 Pott, John Gent. (nephew of Francis & bro of Bridget)  9 Apr 1675Calvert Co, Maryland I84877
11 Rousby, John  8 May 1685Calvert Co, Maryland I89744

Will - Brothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Brothers    Person ID 
1 Ashcomb, Charles I  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I111976
2 Ashcomb, Samuel  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I111997

Will - Father-in-law

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Father-in-law    Person ID 
1 Ashcom, Ann (Ashcom?)  28 Aug 1764Calvert Co, Maryland I111799

Will - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Ashcomb, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I111974
2 Ashcomb, John  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I112000
3 Ashcomb, Mary  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I112001
4 Ashcomb, Nathaniel II  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I111999
5 Ashcomb, Samuel  16 Jul 1684Calvert Co, Maryland I111997
6 Chapline, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1669Calvert Co, Maryland I105763
7 Chapline, Mary  9 Dec 1669Calvert Co, Maryland I115442
8 Chapline, William II  9 Dec 1669Calvert Co, Maryland I115439
9 Parker, Ann (329D)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87290
10 Parker, Elizabeth  1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I112606
11 Parker, Elizabeth (329G)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87294
12 Parker, Gabriel Sr.  1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I87283
13 Parker, Gabriel Jr.  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I112616
14 Parker, George (of Gab)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I112618
15 Parker, Hutchinson (329A)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87286
16 Parker, Mary 'Marie'  1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I111757
17 Parker, Mary (329F)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87293
18 Parker, Sarah  1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I112610
19 Parker, Sarah (329E)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87292
20 Parker, Susanna  1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I112607
21 Parker, Susannah (329B)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87287
22 Parker, William (329C)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87289
23 Parran, Nathan (of Alex)  28 Aug 1764Calvert Co, Maryland I111800
24 Pott, Bridget (of Jno)  9 Apr 1675Calvert Co, Maryland I118703
25 Pott, John (of Jno)  9 Apr 1675Calvert Co, Maryland I118706

Will - Grand Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Grand Fathers    Person ID 
1 Parran, John  28 Aug 1764Calvert Co, Maryland I111802
2 Parran, Mary Ashcom  28 Aug 1764Calvert Co, Maryland I111803

Will - Grand Mothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Grand Mothers    Person ID 
1 Greenfield, Elizabeth  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112623
2 Greenfield, Nancy  3 Sep 1762Calvert Co, Maryland I112614
3 Greenfield, Rebecca  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112624
4 Greenfield, Thomas Truman  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112622
5 Parker, George (of Gab)  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112618

Will - Husbands

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Husbands    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Hannah  9 Apr 1675Calvert Co, Maryland I118705
2 (--?--), Mary  25 Mar 1687Calvert Co, Maryland I111998
3 Hooper, Mary  9 Dec 1669Calvert Co, Maryland I105765
4 Hutchinson, Ann (123)  2 Aug 1746Calvert Co, Maryland I87278
5 Parrott, Susannah  1 Mar 1710Calvert Co, Maryland I87285

Will - Mother-in-law

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Mother-in-law    Person ID 
1 Chesley, John  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112626
2 Dare, Gidion  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112611
3 Hutchinson, Ann (123)  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I87278
4 Weems, James  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112613

Will - Mothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Mothers    Person ID 
1 Mackall, James John  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112620
2 Parker, Gabriel Sr.  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I87283
3 Parker, Mary 'Marie'  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I111757
4 Parker, Mary (329F)  3 Sep 1762Calvert Co, Maryland I87293
5 Parker, Sarah  9 Nov 1756Calvert Co, Maryland I112610
6 Parker, William (329C)  3 Sep 1762Calvert Co, Maryland I87289

Will - Named as heir

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Named as heir    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Elizabeth  10 Dec 1666Calvert Co, Maryland I118702
2 Pott, Bridget (of Jno)  10 Dec 1666Calvert Co, Maryland I118703

Will - Witnessed

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will - Witnessed    Person ID 
1 Jenifer, Capt. Daniel of St. Thomas  3 May 1700Calvert Co, Maryland I72894
2 Taylor, Ignatious II  28 Apr 1764Calvert Co, Maryland I111796
3 Taylor, Jenifer  28 Apr 1764Calvert Co, Maryland I111797


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ashcomb / Bigger  26 Dec 1706Calvert Co, Maryland F37539
2 Chesley / Mackall  Abt 1740Calvert Co, Maryland F37730
3 Christopher / (--?--)  Abt 1668Calvert Co, Maryland F26866
4 Cunningham / Pott  Bef 8 Oct 1677Calvert Co, Maryland F39975
5 Dorrington / Johnson  Aft 27 May 1656Calvert Co, Maryland F25198
6 Edwards / (--?--)  Bef 23 Jun 1677Calvert Co, Maryland F39974
7 Greenfield / Parker  Abt 1725Calvert Co, Maryland F37729
8 Greenfield / Parker  Abt 1745Calvert Co, Maryland F28609
9 Jenifer / Parker  9 Jan 1718Calvert Co, Maryland F37473
10 Mackall / Parrott  6 Sep 1713Calvert Co, Maryland F37722
11 Parker / Greenfield  Bef 1714Calvert Co, Maryland F37727
12 Pott / (--?--)  Abt 1670Calvert Co, Maryland F39973
13 Railey / Bailey  Abt 1883Calvert Co, Maryland F41127
14 Stoddert / Parker  Abt 1728Calvert Co, Maryland F37725
15 Weems / Parker  Abt 1729Calvert Co, Maryland F37726

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