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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Alexandria, Virginia



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Susan Ann  20 May 1945Alexandria, Virginia I15796
2 Cornwell, Jessie Sarah  25 Apr 1916Alexandria, Virginia I129671
3 Deeble, America  Abt 1848Alexandria, Virginia I51583
4 Deeble, Dallas  Abt 1849Alexandria, Virginia I51584
5 Deeble, Edward R.  Abt 1886Alexandria, Virginia I51590
6 Deeble, Elison  Abt 1858Alexandria, Virginia I51588
7 Deeble, Elizabeth Hester  Abt 1844Alexandria, Virginia I51581
8 Deeble, Ella V.  Abt 1890Alexandria, Virginia I51591
9 Deeble, Emily M.  Abt 1894Alexandria, Virginia I51592
10 Deeble, Fanny  Abt 1854Alexandria, Virginia I51586
11 Deeble, Indiana  Abt 1839Alexandria, Virginia I51578
12 Deeble, Lucy Alice  Abt 1846Alexandria, Virginia I51582
13 Deeble, Maria  Abt 1841Alexandria, Virginia I51580
14 Deeble, Martha  Abt 1840Alexandria, Virginia I51579
15 Deeble, Mildred  Abt 1856Alexandria, Virginia I51587
16 Deeble, Silas W.  Abt 1850Alexandria, Virginia I51585
17 Dunn, Jane Frances  4 Oct 1919Alexandria, Virginia I96097
18 Howard, Elizabeth Key  16 Oct 1857Alexandria, Virginia I119903
19 Jones, Nicholas W.  9 Dec 1833Alexandria, Virginia I111706
20 Lanphier, Harriet  13 Mar 1795Alexandria, Virginia I98042
21 Lanphier, Robert Going  22 Mar 1799Alexandria, Virginia I98601
22 Lucas, Carroll Douglas  25 Dec 1894Alexandria, Virginia I34524
23 Lucas, Marjorie Edith  31 Jan 1926Alexandria, Virginia I129628
24 Lucas, Mary Carroll  29 Aug 1930Alexandria, Virginia I59262
25 Martin, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Parmer  1824Alexandria, Virginia I98053
26 Martin, Harriet 'Hattie' Wilson  Abt 1821Alexandria, Virginia I98051
27 Martin, Rev. John Satchell  7 Sep 1815Alexandria, Virginia I98045
28 Martin, Lewis  Abt 1831Alexandria, Virginia I99148
29 Martin, Martha Virginia  1828Alexandria, Virginia I98054
30 Martin, Robert Lanphier II  24 Aug 1817Alexandria, Virginia I98049
31 Martin, Samuel  Abt 1819Alexandria, Virginia I98050
32 Martin, Thomas Lyttleton II  1824Alexandria, Virginia I98052
33 Martin, William 'Willie' Satchell  30 Apr 1829Alexandria, Virginia I98055
34 Newcomb, William 'Billy' or 'Bull' Douglas  15 Jan 1947Alexandria, Virginia I129672
35 Pollard, Betty May  19 Oct 1878Alexandria, Virginia I96090
36 Pollard, Francis 'Frank' James  30 May 1852Alexandria, Virginia I96086
37 Pollard, Frank Drummond  14 Oct 1880Alexandria, Virginia I96091
38 Pollard, Harriet Rogers  13 Mar 1891Alexandria, Virginia I96093
39 Pollard, Mary Wallace  3 Jan 1884Alexandria, Virginia I96092
40 Pollard, William Thompson  30 Oct 1876Alexandria, Virginia I96089
41 Seymour, Helen Janette  14 Jan 1918Alexandria, Virginia I34522
42 Seymour, Marguerite Naomi 'Dickie'  11 Jun 1919Alexandria, Virginia I34285
43 Seymour, Thelma Gladys  5 Aug 1916Alexandria, Virginia I34523


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Austin, Charles William  9 Nov 1973Alexandria, Virginia I113145
2 Cornwell, Jessie Sarah  13 Feb 2003Alexandria, Virginia I129671
3 Custis, Mary Ann Randolph  6 Nov 1873Alexandria, Virginia I66018
4 Davis, John Lawson Jr.  29 Feb 1916Alexandria, Virginia I111918
5 Dunn, William Edward  22 Jun 1958Alexandria, Virginia I96094
6 Javins, Marvin M.  7 Feb 1920Alexandria, Virginia I129659
7 Javins, Tobias  20 Jul 1963Alexandria, Virginia I129668
8 Lucas, Carroll Douglas  19 Jul 1951Alexandria, Virginia I34524
9 Lyles, William T.  13 Feb 1927Alexandria, Virginia I129666
10 Martin, Helen Louise  12 May 1979Alexandria, Virginia I101335
11 Martin, Capt. James Parmer  4 May 1825Alexandria, Virginia I89024
12 Martin, Pvt. Thomas Littleton  6 May 1835Alexandria, Virginia I89025
13 Minor, Margaret  16 Mar 1884Alexandria, Virginia I111714
14 Newcomb, Dillon Aaron  24 Aug 2001Alexandria, Virginia I129643
15 Pollard, Francis 'Frank' James  28 Jun 1934Alexandria, Virginia I96086
16 Savage, Maude Mason  4 Nov 1983Alexandria, Virginia I113144
17 Seymour, Helen Janette  23 Jul 1965Alexandria, Virginia I34522
18 Stone, Thomas (302)  5 Oct 1787Alexandria, Virginia I111730
19 Tyson, Abraham Jr.  Abt 1777Alexandria, Virginia I130189
20 Von Hemert, John Allen  29 Jan 1984Alexandria, Virginia I125829


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Edith  Alexandria, Virginia I4225
2 Walker, Wilson Roland  Alexandria, Virginia I64419


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Matteson, Jesse Lynn  1944Alexandria, Virginia I34298

Census head of household

Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census head of household    Person ID 
1 Deeble, Edward K.S.  1840Alexandria, Virginia I42470
2 Deeble, Edward K.S.  1850Alexandria, Virginia I42470
3 Deeble, Edward K.S.  1870Alexandria, Virginia I42470
4 Deeble, Edward K.S.  1880Alexandria, Virginia I42470
5 Deeble, Silas W.  1880Alexandria, Virginia I51585
6 Deeble, Silas W.  1920Alexandria, Virginia I51585
7 Lucas, Carroll Douglas  1930Alexandria, Virginia I34524
8 Minor, Margaret  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111714

Census with husband

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with husband    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Annie A. or Eliza E.  1880Alexandria, Virginia I51589
2 (--?--), Annie A. or Eliza E.  1920Alexandria, Virginia I51589
3 (--?--), Elizabeth  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51575
4 (--?--), Elizabeth  1870Alexandria, Virginia I51575
5 (--?--), Elizabeth  1880Alexandria, Virginia I51575
6 Stout, Mary Alice  1930Alexandria, Virginia I34287

Census with mother

Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with mother    Person ID 
1 Davis, Ann Elizabeth  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111914
2 Davis, Enoch  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111919
3 Davis, Howard  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111921
4 Davis, James Thomas  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111916
5 Davis, John Lawson Jr.  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111918
6 Davis, Jonah (Josias or Isaiah)  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111917
7 Davis, Tuelen or Edward  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111922
8 Davis, Wesley  1860Alexandria, Virginia I111920
9 Seymour, Marguerite Naomi 'Dickie'  1930Alexandria, Virginia I34285

Census with parents

Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with parents    Person ID 
1 Deeble, Amanda  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51576
2 Deeble, America  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51583
3 Deeble, America  1870Alexandria, Virginia I51583
4 Deeble, Dallas  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51584
5 Deeble, Edward R.  1920Alexandria, Virginia I51590
6 Deeble, Elison  1870Alexandria, Virginia I51588
7 Deeble, Elizabeth Hester  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51581
8 Deeble, Elizabeth Hester  1870Alexandria, Virginia I51581
9 Deeble, Ella V.  1920Alexandria, Virginia I51591
10 Deeble, Emily M.  1920Alexandria, Virginia I51592
11 Deeble, Fanny  1870Alexandria, Virginia I51586
12 Deeble, Fanny  1880Alexandria, Virginia I51586
13 Deeble, Indiana  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51578
14 Deeble, Lucy Alice  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51582
15 Deeble, Lucy Alice  1870Alexandria, Virginia I51582
16 Deeble, Lucy Alice  1880Alexandria, Virginia I51582
17 Deeble, Maria  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51580
18 Deeble, Martha  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51579
19 Deeble, Mildred  1870Alexandria, Virginia I51587
20 Deeble, Mildred  1880Alexandria, Virginia I51587
21 Deeble, Samuel  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51577
22 Deeble, Silas W.  1850Alexandria, Virginia I51585
23 Deeble, William H.  1850Alexandria, Virginia I42471

Land sold

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land sold    Person ID 
1 Grinnalds, John (of Elijah)  10 Oct 1810Alexandria, Virginia I38398


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived    Person ID 
1 Grinnalds, John (of Elijah)  Bef 1810Alexandria, Virginia I38398

Was Living

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Was Living    Person ID 
1 Hall, Braden Lecato  1942Alexandria, Virginia I5930
2 Hall, Ella  1948Alexandria, Virginia I5931


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Baden / Russell  6 Oct 1900Alexandria, Virginia F33179
2 Darby / Phillips  17 Oct 1833Alexandria, Virginia F41980
3 Dashiell / Martin  10 Dec 1798Alexandria, Virginia F18087
4 Dryden / Murrin  1936Alexandria, Virginia F3848
5 Dunn / Pollard  11 Dec 1917Alexandria, Virginia F31896
6 Fisher / Wortman  12 Jan 1959Alexandria, Virginia F41159
7 Frome / Seymour  29 Jun 1949Alexandria, Virginia F47807
8 Greenwood / Gladding  11 Sep 1970Alexandria, Virginia F40944
9 Holbrook / Lucas  2 Aug 1952Alexandria, Virginia F47815
10 Klein / Garrison  9 May 1941Alexandria, Virginia F37446
11 Marshall / Furnerstien  1926Alexandria, Virginia F34279
12 Martin / Lanphier  18 Oct 1814Alexandria, Virginia F32580
13 Newcomb / Seymour  1 Jun 1946Alexandria, Virginia F47816
14 Price / Johnson  23 Feb 1974Alexandria, Virginia F46970
15 Ragon / Seymour  25 Oct 1941Alexandria, Virginia F10852

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