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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Emory  Abt 1868Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I46178
2 Briddell, Geroge Robert 'Bob' Jr.  28 Mar 1955Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129787
3 Bunting, Ruthie  18 Oct 1940Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I3929
4 Coffey, Jeffrey Douglas  28 Nov 1965Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I157
5 Contino, Mary Antoinette  26 Jan 1929Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I1159
6 Disharoon, Jean Mills  24 Nov 1918Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I105281
7 Disharoon, Nina Vivian  2 May 1910Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I115419
8 Disharoon, Ralph Carey  3 Oct 1908Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I115418
9 Disharoon, Ruby Eleanor  10 Jan 1921Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I115421
10 Dove, Ernest Edward  26 Feb 1887Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I86215
11 Dove, Robert 'Bobby' E.  1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I86216
12 Ewell, Drewer Finney  1 Aug 1961Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I275
13 Flemming, C.D. 'Toppy'  4 Jan 1935Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I112383
14 Fooks, Major Herbert C.  1886Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I92577
15 Gladding, Jaimie  Abt 1976Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122925
16 Hilghman, Betsy Ross  1922Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57063
17 Humphreys, Fontaine B.  Abt 1848Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I36220
18 Irving, Judge Levin Thomas Handy  8 Apr 1828Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I69406
19 Johnson, Gail Bickford  3 Aug 1942Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122116
20 Jones, Carl Elson  8 Jan 1907Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I17960
21 Jones, Doris Clara  1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57055
22 Justice, Anna Frances  16 Apr 1921Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I95315
23 Justice, Charles Dana  15 Jan 1926Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I13037
24 Lank, Gladys Pearl  31 Aug 1897Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I13034
25 Lescallette, Ogden  26 Sep 1877Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I107309
26 Lewis, Jane Nelson  26 Mar 1958Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I368
27 Marshall, (Unnamed)  1895Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56962
28 Marshall, Annie Lizzie  Abt 1890Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56958
29 Marshall, Annie Victoria  Abt 1864Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56954
30 Marshall, Bertha Belle  1903Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57046
31 Marshall, Carroll Penn  1923Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57044
32 Marshall, Clifford Penn  1901Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57041
33 Marshall, Elva Lee  1930Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57033
34 Marshall, Elva May  1896Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56963
35 Marshall, Emma Gertrude  Abt 1893Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56960
36 Marshall, Esther Louise  1908Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56974
37 Marshall, Irving Richard  1910Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57035
38 Marshall, Lillie Augusta  1902Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56968
39 Marshall, Louis Vaughn  1915Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56976
40 Marshall, Matthias D.  1867Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56978
41 Marshall, Mattie Virginia  1904Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56970
42 Marshall, Myrtle Virginia  1910Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57048
43 Marshall, Nellie I.  1899Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56966
44 Marshall, Nora Mae  1898Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57040
45 Marshall, Richard Kay  1926Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57045
46 Marshall, Samuel Benjamin Jr.  1905Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56972
47 Marshall, William Edward  1870Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56979
48 Marshall, William Ralph  1905Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57047
49 Marshall, William Ronald Sr.  1945Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I57056
50 Miles, Gregory Everett  21 May 1955Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I1179

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Estella Mae 'Stella'  May 1991Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I52597
2 Bailey, Frank Jerome Sr.  20 Mar 2015Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I2996
3 Beach, Una Mae  4 Jul 2016Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I89848
4 Bradford, Edward T.  2 Apr 1957Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I30155
5 Bradford, Mary Louise  24 Jan 1983Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I30200
6 Bradford, William Rogers  10 Jun 1995Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I30198
7 Briddell, Charles David Jr.  21 Nov 2001Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129776
8 Briddell, George Robert Sr.  19 Apr 2010Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129785
9 Brittingham, Charles Dorsey  14 Aug 1986Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I117643
10 Brown, Elizabeth Louise Virginia  9 Jun 1998Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122114
11 Brown, Lyda Rebecca  Jul 1996Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I52592
12 Bull, Rochelle Anne (Boole)  1 Mar 2010Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I113168
13 Bunting, William Columbus  10 Jun 1960Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I119476
14 Burton, Mildred Fannie  24 Aug 1989Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I117636
15 Byrd, Wayne Parks Sr.  6 Feb 1994Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I80498
16 Carey, Lucy E.  22 Apr 1965Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I111081
17 Carey, Ruby Ellen  23 Jan 1921Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I115417
18 Carter, Lloyd S.  25 May 1976Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I85206
19 Causey, Harry Wesley  31 Dec 1976Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I121868
20 Chandler, Capt. John 'Jack' A.  1953Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I31487
21 Chandler, Lula Belle  23 Feb 1978Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I52363
22 Coffey, Jonathan Dean  13 Apr 2011Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I156
23 Coleman, Helen Annette  20 Dec 2021Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I123131
24 Cropper, William Stevenson Jr.  10 May 2004Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I110443
25 Dashiell, Minnie Belle  6 Sep 1969Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I110071
26 Denston, Irene  8 Oct 2006Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I4905
27 Disharoon, Emory Francis  8 Aug 1969Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I115416
28 Disharoon, Harry Boone  17 Oct 1968Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12491
29 Disharoon, Ralph Carey  16 May 1923Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I115418
30 Dolbey, Frank Lee  14 Jan 1993Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I30063
31 Driskell, Jeanette 'Nettie' V. (Driscoll)  Jul 1955Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I119308
32 Drummond, William David Spencer  15 May 1931Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I52053
33 Dryden, Clarence  20 Jun 1922Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I13283
34 Dryden, Francis Henry Jr.  Feb 1969Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I13463
35 Dryden, Orlando Paul  12 Jan 1933Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I130622
36 Ellis, Grover Cleveland  1957Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I88155
37 Ellis, Lillian  1 May 1927Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I2030
38 Ennis, Jennie May  3 May 1955Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I110470
39 Ent, Sarah  22 Nov 2002Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122258
40 Evans, Muriel V. 'Mert'  Bef 28 Nov 1981Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I15429
41 Fish, Florence Lula  1 Dec 2010Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I120767
42 Fisher, Harry Hill  11 Jan 2011Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I114208
43 Fisher, Lance Godwin Sr.  21 Dec 2018Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I4386
44 Fisher, Willard Hall Sr.  8 Mar 1997Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I114205
45 Fluhart, Emaline  7 May 1971Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I105114
46 Gibbons, Johnny Braden Jr.  30 Oct 2017Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I117781
47 Gladding, Elbert Windsor (Gladden)  19 Dec 2019Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I121867
48 Gladding, Gordon David (Gladden)  10 Jan 2024Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I1699
49 Gladding, Ralph Washington (Gladden)  24 Oct 1963Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I121876
50 Godman, Fannie I.  9 Nov 1967Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I105195

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Kelly, Beaulah Lee  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I63392

Census head of household

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census head of household    Person ID 
1 Disharoon, William H.  1870Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I106506
2 Disharoon, William H.  1880Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I106506
3 Dove, Ernest Edward  1920Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I86215
4 Lescallette, Burgess Nelson  1870Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I50188
5 Marshall, Edward Louis  1880Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56952
6 Marshall, Matthias T.  1880Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56950
7 Marshall, Matthias T.  1900Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56950
8 Marshall, Samuel Benjamin Sr.  1900Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56955
9 Phipps, Gladys Mae  1930Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I86212
10 Taylor, Amanda  1900Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I106505
11 Washburn, Irene Etta  1930Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I56956

Census with daughter

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with daughter    Person ID 
1 Conquest, Emma  1930Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I86144

Census with husband

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with husband    Person ID 
1 Corbin, Rose Mary  1920Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12480
2 Phipps, Gladys Mae  1920Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I86212
3 Rickards, Mary A.D.  1870Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I50189
4 Taylor, Amanda  1870Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I106505
5 Taylor, Amanda  1880Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I106505

Census with mother

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with mother    Person ID 
1 Byrd, Jerome Julius 'Jerry' Jr.  1920Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12484
2 Dove, Robert 'Bobby' E.  1930Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I86216

Census with parents

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with parents    Person ID 
1 Lescallette, Carl Augustus  1870Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I107207
2 Lescallette, Henry William  1870Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I50187
3 Young, Edna Eleanor  1920Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12486


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lives    Person ID 
1 Bundick, Asa Thomas 'A.T.' II  1996Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I30668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Briddell, George Robert Sr.  20 Apr 2010Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129785
2 Briddell, Geroge Robert 'Bob' Jr.  8 Sep 2012Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129787
3 Brown, Catherine Ross  4 Jul 1999Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129777
4 Chesser, Michael Thomas  28 Oct 1958Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I120730
5 Chesser, Randolph 'Randy' Bates Sr.  12 Mar 1997Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I15430
6 Crockett, John Severn Sr.  7 Jul 1993Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I8547
7 Crockett, Stephen Edward  9 Dec 2023Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I21400
8 Davis, Sadie Bell  28 May 1983Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I121341
9 Dennis, Eileen Jennie  21 Nov 1976Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I540
10 Evans, Darlene Kay  30 Aug 2002Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I34661
11 Evans, Muriel V. 'Mert'  29 Nov 1981Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I15429
12 Feddeman, Charles Edward 'Ned'  24 Oct 1993Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I2780
13 Gladding, Elbert Windsor (Gladden)  After 19 Dec 2019Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I121867
14 Gladding, Gordon David (Gladden)  18 Jan 2024Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I1699
15 Harris, Augustus Isaac  13 Oct 1968Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I14616
16 Hayman, Sarah 'Sallie' Priscilla  15 Mar 1960Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I110920
17 Linton, William Lee Sr.  11 May 1993Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I121937
18 Marsh, Stella Virginia  13 Nov 2009Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I116214
19 Marshall, Roland Franklin  18 Oct 1972Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12906
20 Miles, Amy Virginia  20 Feb 1979Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I2135
21 Miles, William Parker  24 Dec 1987Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I942
22 Pruitt, Sylvester Joseph 'Buck'  22 Oct 2000Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I21895
23 Rhodes, Basil Raleigh 'Dusty'  30 Jun 2006Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I128401
24 Thomas, Lloyd F.  19 Mar 1946Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I47547
25 Trader, Willie Archie Jr.  9 Nov 1990Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I8091
26 Wimbrough, Norwood Cleveland (Wimbrow)  22 May 2007Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I120749
27 Windsor, John Henry  16 Feb 1960Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I124371

Obituary - Daughters

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Daughters    Person ID 
1 Bradshaw, Lillian 'Lillie' Mae  13 Nov 2009Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I116216
2 Marsh, Calvin Ethridge  13 Nov 2009Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I116215

Obituary - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Barbara Ann  20 Mar 2015Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I18111
2 Bailey, Betty Mae  20 Mar 2015Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I18112
3 Briddell, Geroge Robert 'Bob' Jr.  20 Apr 2010Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129787
4 Harris, Elsie  13 Oct 1968Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122773
5 Harris, Ruth A.  13 Oct 1968Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122770
6 Marshall, Calvin Elliott  18 Oct 1972Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I128363
7 Marshall, Jane  18 Oct 1972Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I128364
8 Mister, Emma Hayes  1 Aug 1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122175
9 Mister, Lloyd H.  1 Aug 1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122177
10 Mister, Mary Susan 'Susie'  1 Aug 1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122176
11 Taylor, Clarence T.  2 Nov 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I124244
12 Taylor, Edgar T.  2 Nov 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I124246
13 Taylor, Elmer Herman Sr.  2 Nov 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I46532
14 Taylor, Ethel Lena  2 Nov 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I124245
15 Taylor, Jessie James  2 Nov 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I124242
16 Taylor, Laura Rena  2 Nov 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I124241
17 Taylor, Roy Lee  2 Nov 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I124243
18 Trader, Dickie Orlen  7 Nov 1990Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I8095

Obituary - Fathinlaw

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Fathinlaw    Person ID 
1 Joynes, Edward  1 Aug 1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122181

Obituary - Half Bro

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Half Bro    Person ID 
1 Linton, John Ralph 'Jack'  11 May 1993Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I102913

Obituary - Husbands

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Husbands    Person ID 
1 Holland, Mary Emma E.  1 Aug 1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I122174
2 Hundley, Edna May  20 Aug 1986Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I17969
3 Powell, Constance Pearl 'Connie'  22 Oct 2000Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I21892
4 Stant, Celeste Clarinda  24 Dec 1987Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I943
5 Todd, Lola Belle  7 May 1964Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I24731
6 Tull, Mary Grace  3 Nov 1994Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12633
7 Wessells, Eula Mae  13 Oct 1968Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I14615
8 Woodard, Ethel Inez  12 Mar 1997Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I120729

Obituary - Mothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Mothers    Person ID 
1 Dize, Castella 'Cassie'  22 Jul 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I117819

Obituary - Sisters

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Sisters    Person ID 
1 Evans, Norma Lanell  29 Nov 1981Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I6676
2 Gibbons, William 'Willie' F. (of Jno & Jane)  22 Jul 1954Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I94031
3 Marsh, James C.  13 Nov 2009Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I116219
4 Smith, Susan Ann  10 Apr 1924Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I6130
5 Stant, Hattie Lois  20 Aug 2013Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I36515

Obituary - Wifes

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Wifes    Person ID 
1 Briddell, Charles David Jr.  4 Jul 1999Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I129776
2 Bruce, Carson Henderson Jr.  13 Nov 2009Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I116223


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bloxom, Dr. William Randolph 'Pep'  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I30554
2 Wilkerson, Samuel Carney  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I20807

Was Living

Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Was Living    Person ID 
1 Ball, John Bradley  1957Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I16582
2 Byrd, Dora May  1950Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I3553
3 Corbin, Rada Atkinson  1971Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12490
4 Corbin, William Fletcher King  1971Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12489
5 Fisher, Francis Selby  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I25465
6 Furniss, Ceasie Evelyn 'Cecil'  9 Feb 1943Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I2211
7 Furniss, Phyllis Adeline  9 Feb 1943Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I2212
8 Hall, Mary Adelaide Elizabeth  1916Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I5945
9 Hall, Rebecca J. Elizabeth  1917Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I5179
10 Justice, Charles Francis  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I12965
11 Killmon, Nellie Teresa  5 Jul 1943Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I30017
12 Lewis, Alden W.  1950Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I3552
13 Lewis, Ellett A.  1940Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I15616
14 Lewis, Robert Myers 'Bobby'  1995Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I1695
15 Marshall, Adella Florence 'Della'  1947Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I4873
16 Marshall, Eunice May  1940Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I6087
17 Marshall, Lorenzo Thomas  30 Dec 1943Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I3108
18 Marshall, Martha F. 'Mattie'  1946Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I4862
19 Marshall, Melissa Evelyn  1962Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I16751
20 Payne, Ira  1950Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I16344
21 Payne, Mabelle  1950Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I16342
22 Smith, Marion  1946Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I20200
23 Smith, Susan Ann  1939Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I6130
24 Trader, Edward James  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I9510
25 Warren, Lydia Estelle  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I13038
26 Watson, Millard Clifton  1923Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland I2466


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bonnewell / Read  12 1934Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F5549
2 Bonnewell / Smith  8 Oct 1913Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F5552
3 Conquest / Thornton  5 Sep 1912Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F15705
4 Custis / Fulcher  10 Aug 1943Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F35593
5 Dryden / Spring  3 Oct 1917Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F4109
6 George / Disharoon  21 Jun 1939Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F38745
7 Hitch / Hamilton  19 Jul 1930Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F34880
8 Howard / Lewis  12 Mar 1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F33
9 Jones / Byrd  Abt 1915Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F7464
10 Justice / Lank  25 May 1918Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F3939
11 Killmon / Tilghman  17 Sep 1941Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F9050
12 Linton / Ginder  Oct 1929Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F8233
13 Satchell / Birch  22 Sep 1946Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F2810
14 Savage / Disharoon  10 Apr 1940Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F35213
15 Small / Matthews  17 Nov 1928Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F2669
16 Small / Pilchard  20 Dec 1923Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F2760
17 Trader / Boston  26 Jul 1923Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F2321
18 Warren / Polk  14 Jan 1934Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F39441
19 Wells / Corbin  23 Dec 1925Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F3762

Wedding Anniversary

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Wedding Anniversary    Family ID 
1 Rhodes /   Mar 2003Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland F38831

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