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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Henrico Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Lofton Dabrey  Abt 1830Henrico Co, Virginia I103945
2 Blackburn, Frances 'Fannie' Matilda  1813Henrico Co, Virginia I109425
3 Branch, Mary Martha  1660Henrico Co, Virginia I77948
4 Carter, Pvt. Thomas B.  9 Sep 1847Henrico Co, Virginia I109437
5 Cornett, David  1750Henrico Co, Virginia I109382
6 Cornett, James Sr.  1727Henrico Co, Virginia I109378
7 Cornett, James Jr.  1760Henrico Co, Virginia I109376
8 Cornett, John  1702Henrico Co, Virginia I109380
9 Cornett, William 'Jesse Billie'  Apr 1761Henrico Co, Virginia I109383
10 Epes, Anne (38)  Abt 1690Henrico Co, Virginia I121450
11 Epes, Elizabeth (39)  Abt 1695Henrico Co, Virginia I121452
12 Epes, Francis (36)  Abt 1683Henrico Co, Virginia I121448
13 Epes, Col. Francis (7)  19 Nov 1627Henrico Co, Virginia I75521
14 Epes, Capt. Isham (35)  Abt 1681Henrico Co, Virginia I121447
15 Epes, Capt. Littlebury (16)  Abt 1664Henrico Co, Virginia I75528
16 Epes, Mary (40)  Abt 1700Henrico Co, Virginia I121456
17 Epes, Sarah (41)  Abt 1702Henrico Co, Virginia I121454
18 Epes, William (15)  1662Henrico Co, Virginia I75527
19 Epes, William (37)  Abt 1686Henrico Co, Virginia I121449
20 Fisher, Ann R.  17 May 1841Henrico Co, Virginia I103946
21 Floyd, Harry Lee  14 Oct 1879Henrico Co, Virginia I109293
22 Floyd, J. Herbert  11 Jan 1873Henrico Co, Virginia I109289
23 Floyd, Joseph B.  Abt 1878Henrico Co, Virginia I109423
24 Floyd, Nancy Estelle  19 Nov 1892Henrico Co, Virginia I80798
25 Floyd, Victor L.  4 Apr 1875Henrico Co, Virginia I109291
26 Ford, Indiana  23 Oct 1851Henrico Co, Virginia I109438
27 Halloway, Ann 'Nancy' Carter  Abt 1791Henrico Co, Virginia I109447
28 Halloway, John  Abt 1760Henrico Co, Virginia I109448
29 Higginbotham, Bayly  Abt 1858Henrico Co, Virginia I51634
30 Higginbotham, David  Abt 1852Henrico Co, Virginia I51630
31 Higginbotham, Emsley G. Jr.  Abt 1866Henrico Co, Virginia I51638
32 Higginbotham, Fanny  Abt 1862Henrico Co, Virginia I51631
33 Higginbotham, Lizzie  Abt 1864Henrico Co, Virginia I51637
34 Higginbotham, Mary  Abt 1856Henrico Co, Virginia I51633
35 Higginbotham, Nannie  Abt 1860Henrico Co, Virginia I51635
36 Higginbotham, Rosa  Abt 1854Henrico Co, Virginia I51632
37 Higginbotham, Thomas  Abt 1868Henrico Co, Virginia I36268
38 Higginbotham, William  Abt 1872Henrico Co, Virginia I51636
39 Kennon, Col. William  1688Henrico Co, Virginia I121451
40 Powell, Edward Warren  Abt 1851Henrico Co, Virginia I109440
41 Randolph, Henry  1 Jan 1689/90Henrico Co, Virginia I121453
42 Randolph, William  Abt 1700Henrico Co, Virginia I121457
43 Royal, Tabitha Elizabeth 'Patsy'  1 Jan 1760Henrico Co, Virginia I59267
44 Royall, Capt. Joseph  1646Henrico Co, Virginia I121427
45 Stith, Lt. Col. Drury  Abt 1662Henrico Co, Virginia I69229
46 Stith, Lt. Col. Drury  1695Henrico Co, Virginia I69226
47 Taylor, Henrietta  Abt 1840Henrico Co, Virginia I109436
48 Thompson, Dr. James  Abt 1700Henrico Co, Virginia I121458
49 Walton, Benjamin James  Abt 1765Henrico Co, Virginia I109444
50 Walton, Catharine Woody  Abt 1846Henrico Co, Virginia I109430

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 (--?--), Elizabeth  Henrico Co, Virginia I77944
2 Avery, Ray Thomas  4 Feb 1963Henrico Co, Virginia I114256
3 Blackburn, Frances 'Fannie' Matilda  1894Henrico Co, Virginia I109425
4 Branch, Mary Martha  1700Henrico Co, Virginia I77948
5 Braxton, Sarah 'Sallie' Moore  Dec 1965Henrico Co, Virginia I113915
6 Carter, Pvt. Thomas B.  14 Dec 1918Henrico Co, Virginia I109437
7 Cowley, Abraham  1790Henrico Co, Virginia I100201
8 Davidson, Dale Alan  29 Jul 2018Henrico Co, Virginia I45919
9 Dillon, Dora Arleen  8 Dec 2006Henrico Co, Virginia I3002
10 Epes, Francis (36)  Bef Dec 1734Henrico Co, Virginia I121448
11 Epes, Col. Francis (7)  Bef 28 Aug 1678Henrico Co, Virginia I75521
12 Epes, Capt. Isham (35)  Bef 5 Aug 1717Henrico Co, Virginia I121447
13 Epes, Mary (17)  19 Sep 1726Henrico Co, Virginia I75529
14 Epes, Sarah (41)  10 Oct 1750Henrico Co, Virginia I121454
15 Epes, William (37)  Bef 8 Sep 1725Henrico Co, Virginia I121449
16 Ford, Indiana  14 Jan 1893Henrico Co, Virginia I109438
17 Halloway, Ann 'Nancy' Carter  Aft 1860Henrico Co, Virginia I109447
18 Jefferson, Thomas  7 Dec 1697Henrico Co, Virginia I77947
19 Littlebury, Elizabeth (Littlebury?)  Bef 1 Oct 1678Henrico Co, Virginia I75525
20 Nelson, Robert (199)  5 Aug 1818Henrico Co, Virginia I105976
21 Randolph, Henry  Aug 1726Henrico Co, Virginia I121453
22 Randolph, William  Bef 1740Henrico Co, Virginia I121457
23 Royall, Capt. Joseph  7 May 1732Henrico Co, Virginia I121427
24 Savage, William (99)  Bef 2 Nov 1818Henrico Co, Virginia I58072
25 Tankard, Stephen  Abt 1787Henrico Co, Virginia I65616
26 Taylor, Henrietta  1 Oct 1924Henrico Co, Virginia I109436
27 Turner, Margaret Hyslop  7 Oct 1995Henrico Co, Virginia I114252
28 Walton, Catharine Woody  1884Henrico Co, Virginia I109430
29 Walton, Isabella Florence  5 Mar 1895Henrico Co, Virginia I109433
30 Walton, Jane M.  6 Jun 1869Henrico Co, Virginia I109429
31 Walton, Martha Ellington  11 Jan 1869Henrico Co, Virginia I109434
32 Walton, Robert G.  22 Oct 1864Henrico Co, Virginia I109424
33 Walton, Robert G.  20 Oct 1878Henrico Co, Virginia I109427
34 Wilkins, William Byrd 'Bill'  6 Mar 2014Henrico Co, Virginia I31967


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Anecdote    Person ID 
1 Epes, Col. Francis (7)  Mar 1675/76Henrico Co, Virginia I75521


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burgess    Person ID 
1 Epes, Francis (14) (Burgess)  Between 1691 and 1706Henrico Co, Virginia I75526

Census head of household

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census head of household    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, Thomas  1810Henrico Co, Virginia I109446
2 Blackburn, Thomas  1820Henrico Co, Virginia I109446
3 Blackburn, Thomas  1830Henrico Co, Virginia I109446

Census with parents

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census with parents    Person ID 
1 Floyd, Joseph B.  1880Henrico Co, Virginia I109423


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deposition    Person ID 
1 Epes, Francis (14) (Burgess)  1 Aug 1691Henrico Co, Virginia I75526
2 Epes, William (15)  20 Feb 1681/82Henrico Co, Virginia I75527


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Epes, Francis (36)  7 Nov 1733Henrico Co, Virginia I121448
2 Epes, Capt. Isham (35)  4 Mar 1716/17Henrico Co, Virginia I121447
3 Littlebury, Elizabeth (Littlebury?)  28 Aug 1678Henrico Co, Virginia I75525
4 Littlebury, Elizabeth (Littlebury?)  23 Sep 1678Henrico Co, Virginia I75525


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barnett / Walton  21 Dec 1857Henrico Co, Virginia F36649
2 Blackburn / Halloway  10 Dec 1808Henrico Co, Virginia F36653
3 Cowley / Tankard  29 Mar 1785Henrico Co, Virginia F33360
4 Floyd / Walton  1 Dec 1869Henrico Co, Virginia F26479
5 Hardyman / Epes  Bef Jun 1685Henrico Co, Virginia F24692
6 Isham / Banks  Abt 1656Henrico Co, Virginia F40969
7 Kellam / Simons  27 Dec 1864Henrico Co, Virginia F23828
8 Kennon / Epes  19 Jun 1711Henrico Co, Virginia F40978
9 Powell / Walton  24 Feb 1869Henrico Co, Virginia F36648
10 Poythress / Epes  Abt 1725Henrico Co, Virginia F40980
11 Randolph / Epes  29 Mar 1714Henrico Co, Virginia F40979
12 Randolph / Epes  Abt 1725Henrico Co, Virginia F40981
13 Royall / Epes  Abt 1712Henrico Co, Virginia F40967
14 Savage / Whitlock  29 Nov 1794Henrico Co, Virginia F18358
15 Scherer / Tankard  18 Apr 1782Henrico Co, Virginia F24745
16 Segar / Winder  28 Jun 1876Henrico Co, Virginia F36036
17 Thompson / Epes  Bef 1740Henrico Co, Virginia F40982
18 Walton / (--?--)  Abt 1800Henrico Co, Virginia F36652
19 Walton / Blackburn  21 Sep 1831Henrico Co, Virginia F36642
20 Walton / Ford  Abt 1875Henrico Co, Virginia F36646


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   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Hale / Waples  6 Oct 1981Henrico Co, Virginia F46951

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