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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Samuel Lincoln  6 Sep 1900Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I126191
2 Bailey, Lillian Stratton Corbin 'Jane'  17 Nov 1925Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4003
3 Bailey, Robert James  11 Apr 1918Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5740
4 Ball, Daniel W.  5 Sep 1903Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6270
5 Ball, Edna H.  Abt 1914Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I16578
6 Ball, Frennie L.  1890Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I16576
7 Ball, Iola Blanche  26 Feb 1899Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I16580
8 Ball, John Bradley  Abt 1895Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I16582
9 Bull, Mary Rosemond  30 Dec 1932Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I123883
10 Byrd, Cecie A.  14 Aug 1885Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I21283
11 Byrd, Clarence Alvin Sr.  17 Nov 1923Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I13637
12 Byrd, James Milton  28 Oct 1888Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15536
13 Byrd, Lillie Frances  29 Sep 1877Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I13077
14 Byrd, Manie Eliza 'Nannie'  17 Jan 1893Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15532
15 Byrd, Mary Susan 'Mollie'  6 Feb 1880Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I14361
16 Byrd, Orris Sylvester  23 Jun 1886Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15534
17 Byrd, Otho Littleton Sr.  15 Feb 1883Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15533
18 Byrd, Walter Rhodes  23 Nov 1898Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15535
19 Gladding, Darcie T.  18 Jan 1904Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8778
20 Gladding, Infant  Abt 1902Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8777
21 Groten, Margaret May  21 Feb 1887Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I13534
22 Groten, Winnie  6 Jul 1895Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I62667
23 Haley, Edith Pauline  9 Feb 1912Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I47309
24 Hall, Fred Sr.  2 May 1902Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5902
25 Hall, Fred Jr.  20 Aug 1925Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5909
26 Hall, William Thomas 'Babe'  15 Aug 1877Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5838
27 Kelly, Edward  Abt 1900Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8938
28 Kelly, Martin K.  12 Jan 1873Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5365
29 Killmon, Edwin Seal  18 Jun 1890Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I17515
30 Lankford, Daughter  18 Oct 1939Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I9442
31 Lankford, Ethel M.  13 May 1890Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100511
32 Lankford, Infant  6 Mar 1883Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100506
33 Lankford, John Fletcher  7 Mar 1902Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15898
34 Lankford, John William 'Bill'  Sep 1850Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I9233
35 Lankford, Kellum 'Babe'  28 Dec 1884Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100507
36 Lankford, Sarah Elizabeth  8 Feb 1886Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100508
37 Lankford, William  29 Feb 1888Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100510
38 Lankford, Wilson  Oct 1879Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100505
39 Lewis, M. Hortense  1900Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I3545
40 Lewis, Milton P.  10 Feb 1898Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I3541
41 Marshall, Eunice May  24 Jan 1915Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6087
42 Marshall, Garland Andrew  13 Sep 1917Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15578
43 Marshall, Gladys  3 Dec 1913Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15577
44 Marshall, Helen Gertrude  25 Aug 1901Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I7314
45 Marshall, Walter Eugene  11 Sep 1891Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I117304
46 Miles, William Warner  31 Jul 1919Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I33257
47 Mister, Tommy Wayne  10 Sep 1957Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6401
48 Northam, Alton Lee  8 Nov 1907Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8795
49 Northam, Asa Franklin  6 Apr 1885Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8794
50 Northam, Borden I.  9 Aug 1893Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6071

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Mary Anna 'Mamie'  19 Mar 1921Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4857
2 Ball, Daniel W.  11 Sep 1957Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6270
3 Bell, Isabelle Susan  6 Feb 1940Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I3131
4 Bonnewell, Lovie C.  24 Jun 1981Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I1647
5 Bunting, Mary Ella F.  12 Jul 1950Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5792
6 Burr, Lynton  18 Sep 1968Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I113920
7 Byrd, Hester Ann 'Hetty'  8 Jun 1885Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5423
8 Byrd, Orris Octavius  20 May 1959Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6169
9 Byrd, Walter Herbert  29 Jul 1968Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I23399
10 Byrd, Walter Wessells  9 Mar 1918Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I7586
11 Byrd, William Lee  28 Mar 1942Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I23071
12 Chase, Annie E.  8 Jun 1943Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15894
13 Chase, Columbus  15 Jun 1950Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I27722
14 Chase, Comfort Jane  4 Mar 1921Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I3172
15 Chase, Inez Jewel  16 Aug 1958Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I27727
16 Chase, Lorenza Kellam  13 Mar 1961Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I7098
17 Chesser, Thomas Hendrix  14 Apr 1968Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I112640
18 Conquest, John William Jr.  14 Apr 2019Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I86164
19 Corbin, Robert James Jr.  12 Feb 1943Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4000
20 Curtis, Samuel 'Sammie' James Jr.  10 Feb 1985Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I114150
21 Drummond, Constantine 'Tine' Jr.  14 Jan 1953Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4507
22 Fisher, Mary E.  15 Nov 1936Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I9200
23 Gladding, Arena Jackson  2 Apr 1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I3203
24 Gladding, Elizabeth Jane  14 Dec 1953Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I13588
25 Gladding, Fred Thomas  21 Sep 1959Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8765
26 Gladding, Maude Ann  6 Feb 1958Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8769
27 Godwin, Peggy Lou  7 May 2008Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6609
28 Griffith, Samuel James  22 Aug 1929Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4874
29 Hall, Fred Sr.  30 Jun 1969Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5902
30 Hall, Henry Allen J.  24 Aug 1922Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4311
31 Hall, Hortense  6 Jul 1942Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I3999
32 Hall, Johannah 'Annie'  5 May 1921Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5186
33 Hall, John F.  27 Mar 1950Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5839
34 Hall, Mary Adelaide Elizabeth  8 Feb 1965Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5945
35 Hinman, Eving Mitchell  26 Feb 2020Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I116018
36 Hopkins, Ruth May  8 Feb 1972Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I98669
37 Hurley, Nevada  17 Feb 1931Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5890
38 Hutchinson, Sadie M.  19 Jun 1939Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I123652
39 Kelly, Elijah Sr.  15 Jun 1892Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5427
40 Kelly, Elsie Mae  Abt 1975Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5028
41 Kelly, Lucretia Ann 'Crity'  29 Nov 1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8663
42 Lankford, Alonzo Lee Sr.  11 Feb 1963Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6149
43 Lankford, Alonzo Lee Jr.  12 Feb 1984Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I9413
44 Lankford, Annie Eliza  16 May 1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I27721
45 Lankford, Ethel M.  4 Mar 1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100511
46 Lankford, Infant  6 Mar 1883Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I100506
47 Lankford, James Franklin  4 Aug 1934Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I9408
48 Lankford, John William 'Bill'  4 Dec 1930Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I9233
49 Lankford, Zella Frank  1965Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15895
50 Lewis, Amanda W.  10 May 1940Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4310

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Byrd, William Lee  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I23071

Death Cert Named Pat

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Cert Named Pat    Person ID 
1 Pruitt, Lula Frances  10 Feb 1985Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I16471

Land bought

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land bought    Person ID 
1 Duncan, Eli  1785Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I47226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Marshall, Garland Andrew  8 Jan 1975Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15578

Obituary - Brothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Brothers    Person ID 
1 Roberts, William  20 Jun 1960Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I95133
2 Simpson, Ethel W.  3 Jul 1939Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I32601
3 Simpson, Hetty Ann  3 Jul 1939Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I31996

Obituary - Fathers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Fathers    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Patsy Ruth  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6236
2 Taylor, Samuel Davis  24 Mar 1911Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I92193

Obituary - Mothers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Mothers    Person ID 
1 Marshall, Lorenzo H.  19 Mar 1921Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I7303

Obituary - Sisters

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Sisters    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Richard L.  20 Feb 2015Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I13577

Obituary - Wifes

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary - Wifes    Person ID 
1 Lang, James C.  7 Feb 1911Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I12976
2 Northam, Dollie John  11 Feb 1965Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5953


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Marshall, Maxwell Elmo Sr.  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6184

Was Living

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Was Living    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Ernest Hubbard  1942Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8302
2 Bailey, James Washington  1942Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8926
3 Ball, Daniel W.  1931Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6270
4 Ball, Iola Blanche  1957Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I16580
5 Bloxom, Anna Lee  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6127
6 Bloxom, Narcissa Ethel 'Sissie'  1942Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I9213
7 Bunting, Bertha  1950Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5861
8 Byrd, Elizabeth Margaret  1907Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I23235
9 Byrd, Iona S. 'Onie'  1907Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I23369
10 Byrd, John William  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I23366
11 Byrd, Mary A.C. 'Mamie'  1936Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15603
12 Byrd, Nathaniel Estil 'Nestle'  1927Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I17882
13 Chesser, Charles 'Charlie' Thomas  1928Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I21098
14 Christopher, Laura S.  1929Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8086
15 Churn, Edward Clinton  1928Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6047
16 Churn, Norris Elwood  1928Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6048
17 Corbin, Charlotte Milligan  1917Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I12524
18 Corbin, Euid G.  1916Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I12765
19 Davis, Rennie Mae  1927Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I17883
20 Evans, Samuel  1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8930
21 Gladding, Maude Ann  1906Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8769
22 Hall, Amanda S.  1940Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4312
23 Hall, Bettie S.  1961Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5893
24 Hall, Carlton R.  1950Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5797
25 Hall, D. William Finney  1923Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4313
26 Hall, Gordon B.  1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5840
27 Hall, Harry  1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5847
28 Hall, Henry Allen J.  Aft 1918Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4311
29 Hall, Roger Baron  1950Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5717
30 Hall, Santa Anna Jr.  1950Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5785
31 Hall, Silverius Coly  1939Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4280
32 Hall, William Thomas 'Babe'  1937Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5838
33 Hart, Lillie Mae  1929Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6013
34 Hill, Florence Corbin  1949Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6043
35 Hitchens, Lela  1910Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6266
36 Hitchens, William H.  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4930
37 Kelly, Daniel B.  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I23931
38 Kelly, Elijah T.  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6207
39 Kelly, Thomas C.  Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5428
40 Killmon, Emily Jackson 'Emma'  1951Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15764
41 Knight, Denard James Jr.  19 Sep 1944Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6054
42 Knight, Kathleen  1929Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I15819
43 Knight, Timothy M.  19 Sep 1944Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I4301
44 Lewis, Alice F.  1938Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I7920
45 Lewis, Annie Moss  1938Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I2414
46 Marshall, Arinthia  1940Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I2446
47 Marshall, Burnie Lee 'Pete' Jr.  1940Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I5581
48 Marshall, Charles Clemon  5 Sep 1943Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I7931
49 Marshall, Dale Carroll  1992Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I6088
50 Marshall, Dewey  1948Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia I8258

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bloxom / Marshall  20 Jan 1915Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F20152
2 Bloxom / Parks  21 Nov 1911Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F6474
3 Bull / Taylor  16 Jun 1915Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F6448
4 Bundick / Harmon  20 Nov 1927Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F8705
5 Chesser / Hall  25 May 1919Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F2171
6 Hall / Byrd  30 Dec 1909Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F2168
7 Hall / McMichael  3 Mar 1917Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F2131
8 Hall / Taylor  2 Nov 1930Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F2169
9 Hogan / Rayfield  16 Sep 1891Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F16990
10 Lewis / Evans  13 Dec 1888Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F758
11 Marshall / Killmon  8 Dec 1897Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F1827
12 Miles / Bundick  21 Mar 1894Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F46772
13 Onley / Coryell  3 Jun 1919Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F12737
14 Onley / Powell  3 Nov 1920Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F12749
15 Russell / Lankford  23 Dec 1914Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F4921
16 Smith / Miles  4 Apr 1947Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F304
17 Smith / Russell  27 Feb 1927Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F181
18 Stant / Russell  6 Jan 1918Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F46761
19 Tyler / Hart  6 Jan 1913Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F10087
20 Waples / Taylor  20 Jun 1899Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F10766
21 Watson / Fisher  17 Jan 1895Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F10261
22 Wessells / Ross  26 Nov 1913Hallwood, Accomack Co, Virginia F10764

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