1) The Mark Lewis files

2) The Spencer Wise files

3) The Nora Miller Turman files

4) "Abstracts of Wills & Administrations Northampton County, Virginia 1682 - 1802" by James Handley Marshall

5) "Wills and Administrations of Accomack Vounty, Va." by Stratton Nottingham

6) "Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia 1776 - 1854" by Nora M. Turman

7) "Marriage Records of Accomack County, Virginia 1854 - 1895" by Barrry W. Miles and Moody K. Miles, III

8) "A List of Marriage Bonds - Northampton County, Virginia 1706 - 1800" by Stratton Nottingham

9) "Accomac Land Causes 1728 - 1825" by Stratton Nottingham

10) "Certificates and Rights Accomack County Virginia" by Stratton Nottingham

11)"Virginia's Eastern Shore" (2 Volumes) by Ralph T. Whitelaw

12) "Ames, Mears and Allied Lines" by Lucy Ames Edwards

13) "The Littleton Heritage" by Matthew M. Wise.

14)"The Boston Family of Maryland" by Matthew M. Wise

15) Various census records of Accomac and Northampton counties

16) Various other wills, deeds and land records from Accomac and Northampton counties found in the official records at the courthouse and county clerk's offices.

17) Various communications to the collector from members of the GHOTES organization. (G)enealogy and (H)istory (O)f (T)he (E)astern (S)hore

18) Other miscellaneous documents found in the ESVA Public Library.

19) Private papers of the collector.