16. John Snead Sr. was born on 3 Feb 1716 in Accomack County, Va..

He was married to Scarburgh Harding (daughter of Jonathon Harding I and Scarburgh West). John Snead Sr. and Scarburgh Harding had the following children:

child39 i. Charles Snead.
child40 ii. John Snead Jr..
child+41 iii. Thomas Snead.
child+42 iv. Ann Snead.
child+43 v. Mary Snead.
child44 vi. Catherine Snead.
child+45 vii. Tully Snead.
child46 viii. Tabitha Snead.
child47 ix. William Snead.
child+48 x. Scarburgh Snead.

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