Surname List

Ames, Armitrader , Ashby, Aydelotte , Ayres, Badger , Bagge, Barrow , Bell, Belote , Benston, Bradford , Bunting, Chandler , Churn, Conaway , Dix, Downing , Dunton, Edmunds , Eichelberger, Fisher, Floyd, Fosque, Garrison, Guerrant, Guy, Hack , Higgins, Hyslop , James, Jones , Joynes, Justice , Kellam, Kelly , King, LeCato , Mapp, McMath , Mears, Milby , Nock, Parker , Parramore, Powers, Quinby, Read, Robins, Rogers, Savage, Schall, Shipley, Smith, Stewart, Stockley, Taylor, Teackle, Turlington, Unknown, Wallace, Walter, Ward, Westcott, White, Winder, Winn, Wise

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