2. Smith Milliner Sr. was born about 1742 in Accomack County, Va.. He served in the military Rev. War 2nd Lt..

He was married to Nancy Unknown. Smith Milliner Sr. and Nancy Unknown had the following children:

child+11 i. Elizabeth Milliner.
child+12 ii. Catherine Milliner.
child+13 iii. Smith Milliner Jr..
child+14 iv. Susanna Milliner.
child15 v. John Milliner.
child16 vi. Southey Milliner.
child17 vii. Thomas Milliner.
child18 viii. Tabitha Milliner.
child19 ix. Anna Maria Milliner.
child+20 x. James Milliner.
child+21 xi. Polly Milliner.

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