8. Elijah Milbourne Sr. was born about 1735 in Somerset County, Md.. He died before May 1810 in Accomack County, Va..

He was married to Mary Milligan (daughter of John Milligan and Jacamen (Gaeamen) Wishart). Mary Milligan was born before 1756 in Accomack County, Va.. She died in 1806 in Accomack County, Va.. Elijah Milbourne Sr. and Mary Milligan had the following children:

child+14 i. Thomas Milbourne.
child15 ii. Elijah Milbourne Jr. was born before 1806 in Accomack County, Va..
child+16 iii. Washington Milbourne.
child+17 iv. John Milbourne.
child+18 v. William Milbourne.
child+19 vi. Mary (Polly) Milbourne.
child+20 vii. Nancy Milbourne.

He was married to Euphamy Wilkerson (daughter of William Wilkerson Sr. and Unknown) on 26 Jan 1807. Euphamy Wilkerson was born about 1774 in Accomack County, Va.. Elijah Milbourne Sr. and Euphamy Wilkerson had the following children:

child21 i. George Milbourne was born after 1807 in Accomack County, Va..

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