196. John Teackle died before 29 Dec 1817 in Accomack County, Va..

He was married to Elizabeth Dennis (daughter of Littleton Dennis Sr. and Susanna Upsher). Elizabeth Dennis was born on 19 May 1760. John Teackle and Elizabeth Dennis had the following children:

child368 i. Littleton Dennis Teackle died in 1817.
child369 ii. John Justice Teackle.
child+370 iii. James Henry Dennis Teackle.
child+371 iv. Henrietta Teackle.
child+372 v. Sarah Upsher Teackle.
child+373 vi. Hester Maria Fisher (Hetty) Teackle.
child+374 vii. Eliza D. Teackle.

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