37. Margaret E. Elliott was born on 14 Mar 1860 in Northampton County, Va.. She died on 28 Jul 1939 in Northampton County, Va..

She was married to John James Bowden Sr. (son of Daniel Bowden and Mary Watson) on 3 Oct 1882 in Accomack County, Va.. John James Bowden Sr. was born on 16 Apr 1857 in Accomack County, Va.. Margaret E. Elliott and John James Bowden Sr. had the following children:

child+41 i. John James Bowden Jr..
child+42 ii. Grover Cleveland Bowden.
child43 iii. Earnest Lee Bowden was born in 1885 in Accomack County, Va.. He died in 1926 in Accomack County, Va..
child+44 iv. William O. Bowden.
child+45 v. Josephine C. Bowden.
child+46 vi. Garland P. Bowden.
child+47 vii. Lillian M. Bowden.
child+48 viii. Evelyn D. Bowden.
child+49 ix. Elsie Laura Bowden.
child50 x. Clarence H. Bowden was born in 1897.
child51 xi. Admiral D. Bowden was born in 1899.
child52 xii. Benjamin Bowden was born in 1900. He died in 1967.
child+53 xiii. Tennis L. Bowden.

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