122. John Upsher Dennis was born on 10 Apr 1793 in Worcester County, Md.. He died before 5 Feb 1852 in Worcester County, Md..

He was married to Louisa Jane Unknown. John Upsher Dennis and Louisa Jane Unknown had the following children:

child145 i. Francis H. Dennis.
child146 ii. Samuel King Dennis.
child147 iii. Arthur Emmerson Dennis.
child148 iv. Edwin Eugene Dennis.
child149 v. Virginia Ann Dennis.
child150 vi. Anna H. Dennis.
child151 vii. Laura J. Dennis.
child152 viii. George R. Dennis.
child153 ix. James U. Dennis.
child154 x. Henry E. Dennis.
child+155 xi. Littleton Dennis.
child156 xii. Elizabeth U. Dennis.
child+157 xiii. Mary W. Dennis.
child158 xiv. John Dennis.

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