182. Margaret Ann Ames was born on 30 Aug 1866 in Accomack County, Va.. She was born on 30 Aug 1866. She died on 5 Aug 1926 in Accomack County, Va..

She was married to Oswald A. Drummond (son of John Henry Drummond and Clarissa Guy) on 6 Sep 1882 in Accomack County, Va.. Oswald A. Drummond was born in 1860. He died in 1926. Margaret Ann Ames and Oswald A. Drummond had the following children:

child+236 i. John Ellis Drummond.
child+237 ii. Oscar B. Drummond.
child238 iii. Frank S. Drummond.
child239 iv. Levin A, Drummond.
child240 v. Ellena E. Drummond.
child241 vi. William L. Drummond.
child242 vii. Georgia P. Drummond.
child+243 viii. Margaret M. Drummond.
child+244 ix. Maude V. Drummond.
child+245 x. Harry W. Drummond.
child246 xi. Mitchell C Drummond.
child247 xii. Mabel S. Drummond.

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