291. Catherine Harmon Bell was born on 24 Feb 1812 in Accomack County, Va.. She died on 21 Feb 1894 in Accomack County, Va..

She was married to Benjamin Smith Bradford (son of Jacob A. J. Bradford and Margaret Bell) on 28 Mar 1832 in Accomack County, Va.. Benjamin Smith Bradford was born on 26 May 1811 in Accomack County, Va.. He died on 28 May 1862 in Accomack County, Va.. Catherine Harmon Bell and Benjamin Smith Bradford had the following children:

child407 i. Margaret Susan Bradford.
child408 ii. Catherine Sarah Bradford.
child409 iii. Elizabeth Ann Bradford.
child410 iv. Benjamin Franklin Bradford.
child411 v. Jacob Thomas Bradford.
child+412 vi. John Edwin Bradford I.
child413 vii. Catherine S. Bradford.
child+414 viii. Susan Catherine Bradford.

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