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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

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Other 17th Century Settlers of Virginia's Eastern Shore

Ayres, John Sr. (Hunting Creek)
Barnes, John (Accomack Bay Side)
Bayley, Richard, Gent. (Craddock Creek)
Burton, William, Gent. (Metompkin)
Cobb, John (Exmore)
Custis, Edmund, Gent. (Deep Creek)
Custis, John, Gent. (Arlington)
Custis, William, Gent. (Ravenswood)
Dalby, John (Hungars Parish)
Dixon, Christopher
Drummond, John, Quaker (Hunting Creek)
Dunton, Thomas (Bridgetown)
Duparkes, Thomas (Savage Neck)
Floyd, John (Oyster/Cheriton)
Hack, George (Hacks Neck named for him)
Hill, Richard, Gent. (Hunting Creek)
Hunt, Thomas, Gent. (Old Plantation Creek)
Kellam, Richard, Gent. (Occohannock)
LeCato, John (Jean)
Lucas, William (Assawoman)
Major, John (Nandua Creek)
Marshall, John (Machipongo)
Michael, John (Graft, Holland)
Munns, William (1624/5 Muster on E.S.)*
Nottingham, Richard (Mattawoman Creek)
Parker, George (Populor Grove, Onancock)
Robins, Edward (brother of Obedience)
Roberts, William (Machipongo)
Savage, Griffin (Acc-Griffin)**
Savage, John (Acc-John)**
Savage, Rowland (Acc-Rowland)**
Savage, Ensign Thomas (Ensign-Thos)**
Savage, Thos Carpenter (N'hamp-Carpt)**
Scott, Walter (1624/5 Muster on E.S.)*
Snead, Robert (1704 Acc Clk of Court)
Simpson, Thomas(Parksley)
Stockley, Francis (Old Plantation Creek)
Tankard, John, Gent., Esq. (Marionville)
Taylor, William (WT) I, carpenter (Assawoman)
Taylor/Tayloe, William
Tilney, Col. John
Toft, Mrs. Ann (Gargaphia)
Tunnell, Thomas (Wattsville)
Wescott, John
Williams, Michael
Wise, Col. John, Gent. (Chesconessex)

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** Reference ID to sort families of the same surname

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