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Matches 1 to 26 of 26 for Tree equals MilesFiles23 AND Branch equals Larry Selby Ancestors back 3 gen & Descendants forward 5 gen

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F5609
Bennett, Arthur Boggs Killmon, Ollie Ray 'Allie' 6 Sep 1911 Accomack Co, Virginia  
2 F5626
Bennett, Elwood Killmon, Nellie Abt 1929  
3 F47271
Bonnewell, Reginald Thomas 'Teagle' (Bonniwell) Harrison, Evalena Esther 14 Jun 1942 Princess Anne, Somerset Co, Maryland  
4 F32859
Bradshaw, William Asbury Evans, Ella D. 25 Apr 1888 Somerset Co, Maryland  
5 F5620
Harrison, Frederick Thomas Killmon, Mary E. 1921  
6 F5994
Killmon, Arthur R. Read, Martha A. 27 Dec 1905 Accomack Co, Virginia  
7 F5989
Killmon, Cecil B. Smith, Bessie Estelle Abt 1920  
8 F9061
Killmon, Daniel J. Killmon, Emily S. Bef 1940  
9 F5621
Killmon, Ernest Henry Stevens, Viola Estelle 1919  
10 F40394
Killmon, Franklin James Beasley, Hazel Eva Abt 1923 Accomack Co, Virginia  
11 F40393
Killmon, Franklin William Hart, Juanita Beatrice Abt 1942  
12 F5601
Killmon, Harvey P. Jones, Blanche S. 1925 Snow Hill, Worcester Co, Maryland  
13 F2892
Killmon, Henry W. Killmon, Fannie A. 29 Nov 1909 Accomack Co, Virginia  
14 F5624
Killmon, J. Monroe Jenkins, Myrtle 1930  
15 F5575
Killmon, James Robert A. White, Georgianna 'Georgie' 21 Dec 1882 Worcester Co, Maryland  
16 F5480
Killmon, Lloyd M. Parker, Amanda S. 1893  
17 F5576
Killmon, Lloyd Thomas Killmon, Emma Littleton 1918  
18 F5577
Killmon, Milton Louis Killmon, Faith 1920  
19 F5623
Killmon, Robert M. Bennett, Bessie Abt 1920  
20 F5578
Nock, John C. Killmon, Elizabeth Perlie 1907  
21 F32860
Selby, Earl Franklin Killmon, Ollie Emma 13 Sep 1944 Norfolk, Virginia  
22 F6141
Selby, Grover Cleveland Killmon, Mary Kate 26 Dec 1916 Accomack Co, Virginia  
23 F14748
Selby, John Henry Mason, Mary Virginia 'Jane' 12 Dec 1886 Accomack Co, Virginia  
24 F32857
Selby, John Lloyd Bradshaw, Annie Pearl 1 Aug 1914 Princess Anne, Somerset Co, Maryland  
25 F32858
Selby, Oswald Lee Kellam, Sadie E. Abt 1920  
26 F40741
Shaw, Willard Emerson Harrison, Mary Ellen Abt 1950 Accomack Co, Virginia  

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