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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F124
Barden, Landon Bradley Shaw, Agnes Virginia Abt 1932  
2 F485
Bloxom, Woodrow Ellis, Ruth 28 Sep 1935 Snow Hill, Worcester Co, Maryland  
3 F545
Brandt, Julius C. 'Jack' Jr. Ellis, Lovie Abt 1930  
4 F89
Bundick, Malcolm Odell Drewer, Pauline Adell 15 Jul 1923 MD-VA Line, Worcester Co, Maryland  
5 F90
Carmine, Joseph Jerome II Bundick, Patricia Ann 15 Jun 1957 Methodist Church, Sanford, Accomack Co, Virginia  
6 F402
Chance, James Elmer Stephen Clark, Estelle Bertie 12 Apr 1941 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
7 F403
Clark, William T. 'Willie' Ellis, Mary Ellen 9 Jan 1921 MD-VA Line, Worcester Co, Maryland  
8 F17
Core, James H. Jr. Drewer, Thelma Stant 29 Nov 1934 MD-VA Line, Worcester Co, Maryland  
9 F532
Crockett, Severn James Myers, Agnes M. 'Aggie' 9 Nov 1890 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
10 F497
Crockett, Severn John Drewer, Rebecca Ann 'Becky' 10 Aug 1861 Accomack Co, Virginia  
11 F533
Crockett, William James 'Will' Kollock, Nellie Sarah Aft 1930  
12 F499
Crockett, William T. Drewer, Rebecca Ann 'Becky' 24 May 1873 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
13 F138
Drewer, Claude Wesley Sr. Northam, Hilda Cathrine 19 Dec 1926 Crisfield, Somerset Co, Maryland  
14 F6
Drewer, Earl Kilmon Sr. Davis, Madge Porter 21 Apr 1935 Belle Haven, Accomack Co, Virginia  
15 F27
Drewer, Harvey Anderson Phillips, Florence Temple 27 Aug 1897 Oak Hall, Accomack Co, Virginia  
16 F28
Drewer, Harvey Anderson Spence, Naomi Franklin 24 Sep 1935 Oak Hall, Accomack Co, Virginia  
17 F100
Drewer, Harvey Vernon Sr. Furniss, Annie Pernal 24 Aug 1926 Girdletree, Worcester Co, Maryland  
18 F101
Drewer, Harvey Vernon Jr. Martin, Lillian Lorraine 16 Jun 1950 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
19 F58
Drewer, Howard Carlton Truitt, Mary Elizabeth 23 Jul 1939  
20 F57
Drewer, Howard Scott Miles, Geneva V. 'Neva' 20 Nov 1913 MD-VA Line, Worcester Co, Maryland  
21 F62
Drewer, Howard Scott Hundley, Ruth Abt 1941  
22 F972
Drewer, John Simpson, Susan Abt 1835  
23 F4
Drewer, John Cornelius 'J.C.' Jr. Ewell, Juanita Mae 15 Nov 1942 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
24 F3
Drewer, John Cornelius 'Neil' Sr. Killmon, Mary Evva 16 Dec 1909 Crisfield, Somerset Co, Maryland  
25 F145
Drewer, John Ellis 'Jack' Sr. Jester, Joan Loretta 19 Jul 1951 Chincoteague Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
26 F144
Drewer, John Henry Drummond, Mildred Elizabeth 4 Aug 1928 at Somerset Bridge, Somerset Co, Maryland  
27 F2
Drewer, John Riley Griffin, Kate Elizabeth 11 Jun 1886 Temperanceville, Accomack Co, Virginia  
28 F68
Drewer, John Riley Griffin, May 1925  
29 F9172
Drewer, John Wesley Miles, Eliza Jane 17 Nov 1863 Somerset Co, Maryland  
30 F25
Drewer, Lloyd MacDuffy Grinnalds, Virginia Leigh 10 Jul 1892 Oak Hall, Accomack Co, Virginia  
31 F16
Drewer, Marvin Thomas Stant, Beulah D. 22 Dec 1909 Meth Ch, Sanford, Accomack Co, Virginia  
32 F70
Drewer, Milton Lee Sr. Seward, Georgie Mae 26 May 1921  
33 F71
Drewer, Milton Lee Jr. Coshatt, Sarah Elizabeth 'Susie' 17 Dec 1949 Norfolk, Virginia  
34 F151
Drewer, Newman Henry Baker, Bonnie Virginia 31 Aug 1963 Painter, Accomack Co, Virginia  
35 F139
Drewer, Randolph Lee 'Randy' Mister, Reva Mae 31 Jul 1948 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
36 F131
Drewer, Walter Lloyd Drummond, Maggie Mae 28 Jun 1922 Exmore, Northampton Co, Virginia  
37 F136
Drewer, Walter Lloyd White, Ethel Frances Abt 1942  
38 F30
Drewer, William Cleveland 'Willie C.' Bonnewell, Minnie Crandall 28 Jun 1903 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
39 F152
Drewer, William Thomas Sr. Rusher, Frances Elizabeth 8 Jun 1940 Portsmouth, Virginia  
40 F404
Ellis, Bertie R. Evans, Rhonia May 27 Jul 1902 Sanford, Accomack Co, Virginia  
41 F1045
Ellis, Foster Ayres (--?--), Mildred Abt 1938  
42 F520
Ellis, John Avery Sr. Crockett, Margaret A. 'Mag' 7 Nov 1878 Jenkins Bridge, Accomack Co, Virginia  
43 F521
Ellis, John Webster 'Johnie' Jr. Linton, Lucy M. 20 Feb 1906 Somerset Co, Maryland  
44 F281
Ellis, Nolton Lee Anderton, Bessie Lee 5 Jan 1918 Sanford, Accomack Co, Virginia  
45 F280
Ellis, Nolton Lee Evans, Marion Elaine 28 Aug 1937 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
46 F356
Ellis, Roland Hill Ayres, Susie Ellen 8 Mar 1908 Lawsonia, Somerset Co, Maryland  
47 F339
Ellis, Winfred Hill 'Wincat' Miles, Barbara Jeannette 14 Feb 1955 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
48 F49
Evans, Melvin Thomas 'Melly' Drewer, Eliza Jane 'Janie' 15 Jun 1911 Crisfield, Somerset Co, Maryland  
49 F94
Ewell, Hylan Guy Drewer, Jewell Phillips 4 Jul 1927 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
50 F21
Ewell, Louis Finney Jr. Drewer, Mildred Lee 'Mickey' 10 Jun 1949 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  

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