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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F4663
(--?--), (2h|o E.M. Cutler) Cutler, Ella Maud Abt 1930  
2 F4532
Bailey, John Henry 'Johnny' Furniss, Rita Abt 1930  
3 F2605
Carmine, Joseph Jerome Sr. Furniss, Hazel Elmore 31 Dec 1934 Ocean View, Virginia  
4 F90
Carmine, Joseph Jerome II Bundick, Patricia Ann 15 Jun 1957 Methodist Church, Sanford, Accomack Co, Virginia  
5 F728
Cutler, James B. Furniss, Ellen Maud 2 May 1894 Oak Hall, Accomack Co, Virginia  
6 F688
Derby, Willet E. Sr. Furniss, Phyllis Adeline Abt 1925  
7 F100
Drewer, Harvey Vernon Sr. Furniss, Annie Pernal 24 Aug 1926 Girdletree, Worcester Co, Maryland  
8 F101
Drewer, Harvey Vernon Jr. Martin, Lillian Lorraine 16 Jun 1950 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
9 F2061
Evans, (--?--) White, Gertrude Abt 1940  
10 F546
Evans, Oral Preston Furniss, Loretta 27 Jun 1920 MD-VA Line, Worcester Co, Maryland  
11 F4497
Farlow, Milton Maddox, Evelyn Abt 1930  
12 F4534
Fox, Norman Leatherbury Webb, Elmira May Abt 1920  
13 F552
Furniss, Charles Elwood West, Virginia 'Virgie' M. 25 Jul 1914  
14 F548
Furniss, Charles Solomon Sr. Linton, Tryphenia Ann 'Triffy' 22 Apr 1891 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
15 F550
Furniss, Charles Solomon Sr. Chance, Lola B. 12 Dec 1920 Cashville, Accomack Co, Virginia  
16 F4622
Furniss, Douglas James Ledbetter, Georgia Lucille 20 Sep 1948 Buncombe Co, North Carolina  
17 F792
Furniss, Edward James 'Eddie' Hart, Sophronia May 'Fronia' 21 Nov 1915 MD-VA Line, Worcester Co, Maryland  
18 F325
Furniss, Edward Lee Bonnewell, Cora E. 1 Mar 1894 Somerset Co, Maryland  
19 F4642
Furniss, Howard Prichard, Dora Abt 1910  
20 F9779
Furniss, Isaac James Powell, Mary Wesley 10 Jun 1856 Shelltown, Somerset Co, Maryland  
21 F692
Furniss, Isaac William 'Will' Linton, Isabelle 28 Jan 1883 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
22 F553
Furniss, Isaac William 'Will' Crockett, Melissa F. 22 Mar 1893 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
23 F896
Furniss, Isaac William 'Will' Shores, Addie E. 10 May 1923 Accomack Co, Virginia  
24 F46877
Furniss, Isaac William 'Will' Crockett, Lula 3 Oct 1926 Grace M.E. Par, Somerset Co, Maryland  
25 F515
Furniss, James Hylan Evans, Ethel Epstein 26 Jan 1928 Norfolk, Virginia  
26 F4659
Furniss, James Hylan Costan, Kalypso Arthur 28 Nov 1936  
27 F689
Furniss, James Russell Fox, Emma Abt 1930  
28 F4634
Furniss, John Covington Ulmer, Bonnie Abt 1932  
29 F4635
Furniss, John Covington Freeman, Edna Collier Abt 1940  
30 F4633
Furniss, John Samuel Covington, Florence Abt 1910  
31 F547
Furniss, Maywood Lee Forrest, Mariam 30 Dec 1928 Crisfield, Somerset Co, Maryland  
32 F609
Furniss, Otho Lenox Linton, Mildred K. 6 Jan 1920 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
33 F4353
Furniss, Samuel James McDaniel, Florence E. 18 Jan 1888 Somerset Co, Maryland  
34 F686
Furniss, Sidney 'Sid' Otto Weldon Justice, Mary A. 12 Feb 1893 Saxis Island, Accomack Co, Virginia  
35 F4654
Furniss, Weldon Sidney Breen, Margaret Abt 1934  
36 F4533
Furniss, William F. 'Bill Pat' Davis, Ora K. 25 Jul 1926 Beaver Dam, Worcester Co, Maryland  
37 F324
Furniss, William Paul 'Will' Miles, Eunice Gladys 'Emma' 1 Jun 1947 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
38 F4623
Gordon, William John Jr. Evans, Imogene 'Jean' Ivan 21 Sep 1946 Rockbridge Co, Virginia  
39 F4542
Hancock, William Webb, Mary Ester 'Manie' Abt 1927  
40 F4646
Herson, David Furniss, Helen Abt 1935  
41 F4491
Hudson, George Sr. Pruitt, Mildred Abt 1925  
42 F556
Knight, Harold Hobson Furniss, Nina B.|E. 9 Aug 1914 Pocomoke City, Worcester Co, Maryland  
43 F4518
Knight, Mahlon H. Sullivan, Audrey M. Abt 1945  
44 F4556
Leach, Charles Harold I Webb, Mary Josephine 29 Aug 1934 Gloucester City, Camden Co, New Jersey  
45 F5733
Linton, Thomas Hayes Furniss, Mary Elizabeth 14 May 1911 Bennett Ch Par, Somerset Co, Maryland  
46 F622
Linton, William Sylvester 'Willie' Sr. Webb, Lillian Virginia 15 Jun 1916  
47 F4595
Littleton, George Webb, Edna M. Abt 1915  
48 F2818
Maddox, James Calvin Groten, Alma Blanche Abt 1950  
49 F4486
Maddox, James Grover Watson, Lydia 'Lyde' Abt 1905  
50 F4350
Maddox, Sylvanius T. Furniss, Leah Jane 24 Aug 1881 Worcester Co, Maryland  

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