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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

John Savage, Sr.

John Savage, Sr.

Male Abt 1700 - Bef 1784  (< 84 years)

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Delitha Belote
Female Abt 1786-Yes, date unknown
John Belote
Male Abt 1788-Yes, date unknown
James Belote
Male Abt 1790-Yes, date unknown
(d|o_John) Savage
Female Abt 1762-Yes, date unknown
William Belote
Male Abt 1760-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Henderson
Female Abt 1812-Yes, date unknown
George Seymour Christian
Male Abt 1812-Bef 1839
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Margaret S. Henderson
Female Abt 1814-1894
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Edna Ward
Female Abt 1795-Yes, date unknown
Zorobabel Henderson
Male Abt 1785-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Ann G. Ward
Female Abt 1816-Yes, date unknown
Edward Bull, (Bool)
Male Abt 1805-Bef 1840
Hezekiah Belote
Male Abt 1815-Yes, date unknown
Mary W. Ward
Female 1818-1895
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Tully Savage Ward
Male Abt 1798-Bef 1832
Jane Brickhouse
Female Abt 1795-Yes, date unknown
James Golden Ward
Male 1828-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Ann Ross
Female Abt 1833-Yes, date unknown
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Nathaniel Joshua Ward
Male 1835-Yes, date unknown
Calvin Savage Ward
Male 1838-Yes, date unknown
George Franklin Ward
Male 1840-Yes, date unknown
John D. Ward
Male 1843-Yes, date unknown
Coley Downing Ward
Male 1852-Yes, date unknown
Margaret A.C. East
Female 1806-Bef 1860
Margaret 'Peggy' A. Savage
Female Abt 1765-Aft 1804
Golding Ward
Male 1762-1813
John W. Adair
Male 1827-1882
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Thomas T. Savage
Male Abt 1829-Yes, date unknown
Maria J. Parker
Female Abt 1835-Yes, date unknown
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George Jacob (of Litt) Savage
Male Abt 1794-Yes, date unknown
Mary P. Holland
Female Abt 1802-1874
Pamela Eliza Jacob Powell
Female Abt 1813-Yes, date unknown
Abel Powell
Male Abt 1786-Bef 1815
Elizabeth Jane (of Calvin) Read
Female Abt 1818-Yes, date unknown
Peter B. (of Wm F) Savage
Male Abt 1808-Yes, date unknown
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Mary W. Fisher
Female Abt 1825-1886
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Corinthia V.J. (of Calvin) Read
Female Abt 1828-Yes, date unknown
Rev. John W.M. Williams
Male Abt 1820-Yes, date unknown
Calvin H. Read
Male Abt 1829-Yes, date unknown
Susan Rogers
Female Abt 1830-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Jacob
Female Abt 1775-Yes, date unknown
Tully Savage
Male Abt 1768-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Ann Savage
Female Abt 1825-Yes, date unknown
George Matthew Mears
Male Abt 1820-Bef 1855
John M. Savage
Male Abt 1796-Yes, date unknown
Molly B. Savage
Female Abt 1800-Yes, date unknown
John Floyd
Male Abt 1790-Yes, date unknown
Robins M. Savage
Male Abt 1800-Yes, date unknown
Rosey Ann Fisher
Female Abt 1825-Yes, date unknown
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George H. Holt
Male 1831-1837
Mary D. Holt
Female 1833-1834
Virginia A. Holt
Female 1834-1837
Sally T. Holt
Female 1836-1841
Joseph Holt
Male Abt 1838-Yes, date unknown
Susan Robins
Female Abt 1848-Yes, date unknown
George S. Holt
Male 1841-1842
Elizabeth Ann Savage
Female Abt 1805-Yes, date unknown
George Holt, Jr.
Male 1802-1843
Margaret C. Savage
Female Abt 1819-1900
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John Savage, Sr.
Male Abt 1700-Bef 1784
Delitha Ward
Female Abt 1735-Bef 1806

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