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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Hezekiah Kellam

Hezekiah Kellam

Male Abt 1735 - Bef 1810  (< 75 years)

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William (of Jno) Bonnewell
Male Abt 1807-Bef 1850
Elizabeth Willett
Female Abt 1806-Yes, date unknown
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Betsy Bonnewell
Female Abt 1809-Yes, date unknown
George Bonnewell
Male Abt 1812-Yes, date unknown
Catherine Kellam
Female Abt 1788-Bef 1837
Zorobabel Kellam, III
Male Abt 1790-Yes, date unknown
Mary F. Willis
Female 1825-1865
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Bettie W. Kellam
Female 1845-1931
Custis W. Kellam
Male 1793-1855
Margaret 'Peggy' Richardson
Female Abt 1790-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Kellam
Female 1826-1844
Elizabeth Byrd
Female Abt 1808-Yes, date unknown
William B. Walker
Male Abt 1821-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Winder
Female 1827-1906
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Sophia Kellam
Female Abt 1795-Yes, date unknown
Henry S. Walker
Male Abt 1789-Bef 1854
Sarah Ann Esau Kellam
Female Abt 1825-Yes, date unknown
Samuel Kellam
Male Abt 1828-Yes, date unknown
Esau Kellam
Male Abt 1800-Bef 1836
Elizabeth J. Ames
Female Abt 1825-Yes, date unknown
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John William Hargis
Male Abt 1825-Yes, date unknown
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James H. Ames
Male Abt 1834-Yes, date unknown
Mary 'Molly' Kellam
Female Abt 1802-1880
Nathaniel (of Caleb II) Ames
Male Abt 1802-Yes, date unknown
George S. East
Male Abt 1806-1854
Isabella B. Kellam
Female Abt 1834-1856
John T. Turner
Male 1835-1895
Cordelia Kellam
Female 1843-1916
Bettie W. Kellam
Female 1845-1931
Richard W. Kellam
Male Abt 1833-Yes, date unknown
Louise A. Kellam
Female Abt 1849-Yes, date unknown
Thomas T. Kellam
Male Abt 1806-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Susan Cropper
Female 1830-Yes, date unknown
Esau C. Kellam
Male Abt 1840-Yes, date unknown
Mary E. Linton
Female Abt 1860-Yes, date unknown
John Kellam
Male Abt 1810-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth 'Betsy' (--?--)
Female Abt 1820-Yes, date unknown
Howson Kellam
Male 1756-1847
James Thomas Melson
Male Abt 1831-Yes, date unknown
Susan Thomas Melson
Female Abt 1833-Yes, date unknown
Mahala Kellam
Female Abt 1810-Yes, date unknown
George Melson
Male Abt 1805-Bef 1833
Julia A. Mears
Female 1838-1923
Thaddeus Winder
Male Abt 1841-Yes, date unknown
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James S. Ames
Male 1828-1895
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Adaline Mears
Female Abt 1839-Yes, date unknown
Thorogood Mears
Male 1810-1877
Thomas Kellam
Male Abt 1770-Yes, date unknown
George Scott
Male Abt 1833-Yes, date unknown
William T. Scott
Male Abt 1835-Bef 1870
Sally (of Coventon) Costin
Female Abt 1835-Yes, date unknown
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Sally Scott
Female Abt 1840-Yes, date unknown
Nancy T. Kellam
Female Abt 1802-Yes, date unknown
George Scott
Male Abt 1788-Yes, date unknown
Martha W.J. Kellam
Female Abt 1841-Yes, date unknown
Henry A. Kellam
Male Abt 1843-Yes, date unknown
William Henry Kellam
Male Abt 1804-Yes, date unknown
Mahala F. Mears
Female Abt 1802-Yes, date unknown
Teackle Kellam
Male Abt 1772-Bef 1804
Betsy 'Betty' Floyd
Female Abt 1785-Yes, date unknown
(--?--) Charnock
Male Abt 1820-Yes, date unknown
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Moses S. Wise
Male Abt 1823-Yes, date unknown
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Elizabeth 'Betsey' Lingo
Female Abt 1800-Yes, date unknown
John L. Watson
Male Abt 1790-1851
Agness Kellam
Female Abt 1774-Yes, date unknown
Thomas Lingo
Male Abt 1775-Bef 1803
Catharine 'Caty' Mears
Female Abt 1811-Yes, date unknown
Mary Mears
Female Abt 1815-Yes, date unknown
Adah Kellam
Female Abt 1776-Yes, date unknown
Sacker Mears
Male Abt 1780-Yes, date unknown
Polly Kellam
Female Abt 1780-Yes, date unknown
(h_o_PollyKellam) Stringer
Male Abt 1775-Yes, date unknown
Margaret E. Kellam
Female Abt 1826-Yes, date unknown
John Kellam, Jr.
Male Abt 1785-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Welch
Female Abt 1794-Bef 1846
Leah Kellam
Female Abt 1790-Yes, date unknown
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Hezekiah Kellam
Male Abt 1735-Bef 1810
Molly (--?--)
Female Abt 1740-Yes, date unknown

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