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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Rachel Bell

Rachel Bell

Female Abt 1728 - Bef 1759  (< 31 years)

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Levin Lucas
Male Abt 1745-Yes, date unknown
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Rachel Bell
Female Abt 1728-Bef 1759
(--?--) Lucas
Male Abt 1725-Yes, date unknown
Thomas Hinman
Male Abt 1799-Yes, date unknown
Mary Young
Female Abt 1812-Yes, date unknown
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Custis Hinman
Male 1801-1812
Samuel (of George) Hinman
Male Abt 1802-Abt 1806
Sarah 'Sally' Hinman
Female Abt 1805-Yes, date unknown
Major Rayfield, III
Male Abt 1804-Yes, date unknown
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George Hinman
Male Abt 1766-1805
Polly 'Molly' Young
Female Abt 1780-Yes, date unknown
Ann Hinman
Female Abt 1768-Yes, date unknown
Peggy Hinman
Female Abt 1770-Yes, date unknown
Nancy 'Nanney' Northam
Female Abt 1746-1799
Thomas Hinman
Male Abt 1712-1783
Kendall (of Hampton) Hickman
Male Abt 1786-Bef 1819
Kendall Hope
Male 1791-1833
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Sally Bundick
Female 1799-1828
William Custis White
Male Abt 1790-1871
Nancy Bundick
Female 1800-Yes, date unknown
John B. Jacob
Male Abt 1795-Bef 1825
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Nancy Mears
Female 1770-1832
William Bundick
Male 1768-1845
Leah Mears
Female Abt 1772-Yes, date unknown
Rachel Mears
Female Abt 1774-Yes, date unknown
Margaret A. Mears
Female Abt 1812-1844
John (of M.) Mears
Male Abt 1813-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Northam
Female Abt 1816-1891
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Elizabeth Mears
Female Abt 1815-Bef 1841
Asa Baker
Male Abt 1813-1879
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Nancy Bundick
Female 1800-Yes, date unknown
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Mary A. Fox
Female 1822-1901
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Catharine 'Caty' Mears
Female Abt 1820-Yes, date unknown
William Baker
Male Abt 1812-Yes, date unknown
Mary 'Molly' Mears
Female Abt 1822-Yes, date unknown
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Samuel A. Justice
Male Abt 1782-Bef 1847
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Elizabeth Hickman
Female Abt 1826-Yes, date unknown
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Elizabeth A. 'Betsy' West
Female Abt 1845-Yes, date unknown
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Hetty (of M.) Mears
Female Abt 1828-Yes, date unknown
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James Henry 'Jim' Baker
Male Abt 1820-Yes, date unknown
Nancy M. Mears
Female Abt 1829-Yes, date unknown
Meshack Mears, II
Male Abt 1775-1841
Nancy Mears
Female 1804-1883
James Fox, Sr.
Male 1798-1873
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Susanna Mears
Female Abt 1807-Yes, date unknown
John Mears
Male Abt 1777-1808
Polly (--?--)
Female Abt 1780-Yes, date unknown
Susannah 'Sukey' Northam
Female Abt 1748-Yes, date unknown
Meshack Mears, I
Male Abt 1745-1794
John (of John) Northam
Male Abt 1755-Yes, date unknown
Easter Northam
Female Abt 1770-Yes, date unknown
Ann (of Teackle) Warrington
Female Abt 1785-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Benston
Male Abt 1775-Yes, date unknown
Ester Northam
Female Abt 1756-1802
Teackle Warrington
Male Abt 1756-Yes, date unknown
John (of Thos) Northam
Male Abt 1708-1796

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