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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present

Ann (1) (--?--)

Ann (1) (--?--)

Female Abt 1605 - Yes, date unknown

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John Utie
Male Abt 1624-Yes, date unknown
Ann (1) (--?--)
Female Abt 1605-Yes, date unknown
Capt. John (1) Utie
Male Abt 1610-Abt 1635
Richard Bennett
Male Abt 1667-Yes, date unknown
Richrard (2) Bennett
Male Abt 1640-Bef 1667
Scarburgh (46) Drummond
Male Abt 1690-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth (11) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1671-Bef 1700
Capt. Richard Drummond, I
Male Abt 1666-Bef 1720
Maj. Bennett (7) Scarburgh
Male Abt 1673-Bef 1734
Elizabeth (--?--)
Female Abt 1670-Yes, date unknown
Temperance Hope
Female Abt 1682-Bef 1738
Elizabeth (--?--)
Female Abt 1695-Yes, date unknown
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Henry (40) Parker
Male Abt 1696-1728
Phillip (41) Parker
Male Abt 1698-Bef 1784
Ann Rowles
Female Abt 1726-Bef 1814
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Charles (42) Parker
Male Abt 1700-1739
Agnes (--?--)
Female Abt 1700-Bef 1760
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John Parker
Male Abt 1701-Yes, date unknown
Bennet (43) Parker
Male Abt 1702-Yes, date unknown
Richard (44) Parker
Male Abt 1704-Yes, date unknown
Ann (45) Parker
Female Abt 1705-Yes, date unknown
Ann (10) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1675-Bef 1719
John (30) Scarburgh
Male Abt 1700-1743
Tabitha (243) Custis
Female Abt 1708-1757
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Elizabeth (31) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1702-Yes, date unknown
Bennett (32) Scarburgh, Jr.
Male Abt 1704-Bef 1739
Edith Bayly
Female Abt 1682-Yes, date unknown
Henry (36) Scarburgh, II
Male Abt 1700-Bef 1745
Margaret (239C) Custis
Female Abt 1710-Bef 1782
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Comfort (33) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1702-Yes, date unknown
William Watts, (I)
Male Abt 1710-Bef 1743
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Ann 'Nanny' (34) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1704-Yes, date unknown
Henry Wright, II
Male Abt 1700-Yes, date unknown
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Sarah (38) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1706-Yes, date unknown
William (35) Scarburgh
Male Abt 1708-Yes, date unknown
Henrietta (37) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1710-Yes, date unknown
Isaac Dashiell
Male 1726-Aft 1765
John (47) Bayly
Male Abt 1705-1768
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Charles (48) Bayly
Male Abt 1707-1772
Namoi 'Amey' Wise
Female Abt 1710-Yes, date unknown
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Edith (50) Bayly
Female Abt 1709-Bef 1741
Joseph (174) Godwin, III
Male Abt 1708-Bef 1736
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Salathiel Harrison
Male Abt 1710-Bef 1778
Elizabeth (49) Bayly
Female Abt 1711-Yes, date unknown
Mary (12) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1681-Yes, date unknown
Charles Bayly
Male Abt 1680-1716
Southy (51) Bayly
Male 1718-Yes, date unknown
Edmund Bayly, (I)
Male Abt 1670-1718
Perry (52) Leatherbury
Male Aft 1719-Bef 1776
Sarah Burton
Female Abt 1716-Yes, date unknown
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Edmund (48) Leatherbury
Male Abt 1693-Bef 1721
John McClester
Male Abt 1672-Bef 1742
Sarah (13) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1683-Bef 1728
Rev. William Black
Male Abt 1679-Bef 1738
John (42) Bagwell
Male Abt 1703-Bef 1748
(--?--) (--?--)
Female Abt 1705-Yes, date unknown
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Elizabeth (43) Bagwell
Female Abt 1705-Bef 1742
John Wharton
Male Abt 1700-Bef 1744
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(dau of Jno) (44) Bagwell
Female Abt 1707-Bef 1748
John Coleburn
Male Abt 1710-Bef 1776
Tabitha (14) Scarburgh
Female Abt 1685-Bef 1748
Capt. John (10) Bagwell
Male Abt 1673-Bef 1750
Elizabeth (3) Bennett
Female Abt 1642-Bef 1719
Ann (4) Bennett
Female Abt 1644-1687
Theodorick (17) Bland
Male Abt 1630-Yes, date unknown
St. Leger (32) Codd
Male Abt 1635-Yes, date unknown
Gov. Richard Bennett
Male 1609-Bef 1675

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