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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present


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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
51 S3284 Worcester Co, MD deeds R
52 S3285 Worcester Co, MD Deed Book X
53 S3286 Worcester Co, MD Deed Book L
54 S3288 Worcester Co, MD Deed Book I
55 S3291 Somerset County Wills EB9
Leslie & Neil Keddie 
56 S3293 Worcester County, MD deed book O
57 S3294 Worcester County, MD deed book P
58 S3295 Worcester Co, Maryland deed book AE
59 S3296 Somerset County, Maryland deed book MF
60 S3297 Somerset County, Maryland deed book A
61 S3298 Worcester County, Maryland deed book D
62 S3299 Worcester County, Maryland deed book F
63 S3300 Worcester Co, MD deed book A
64 S3301 Worcester Co, MD wills JW-4
65 S3302 Worcester Co, MD deeds AP
66 S3303 Worcester Co, MD deeds Y
67 S3304 Worcester Co, MD deeds Z
68 S3305 Worcester Co, MD deeds AB
69 S3306 Worcester Co, MD deeds AC
70 S3308 Emails from James H. Marshall to Judy Stell, various
71 S3310 Rev War Council of Safety records
72 S3313 Worcester Co, MD deeds B
73 S3314 Worcester Co, MD deeds N
74 S3315 Worcester Co, MD wills JW18
75 S3316 The Cheasapeakers by Charles S. Waller
76 S3317 Maryland Eastern Shore Newspaper Abstracts Vol. 4 1819-1824
F. Edward Wright 
77 S3318 Maryland Eastern Shore Newspaper Abstracts Vol. 3 1813-1818
78 S3319 1800 Census
79 S3320 Elsey-Ellzey-Elzey and Collateral Families
Charles E. Warrington, Jr. 
80 S3322 Maryland State Archives
81 S3323 Worcester Co, MD deeds U
82 S3324 Worcester Co, MD deeds AM
83 S3325 Worcester Co, MD, Orphans Court Proceedings, Vol 2, 1800-1815
David V. Heise 
84 S3326 Worcester Co, Maryland Deeds S
85 S3327 Worcester Co, MD Deeds T
86 S3328 Worcester Co, MD Deeds Q
87 S3329 Along The Seaboard Side
Paul B. Touart 
88 S3330 Somerset Co, MD Deeds SH
89 S3331
90 S3333 research of Sue Hurley Ocean City Lifesaving Museum
91 S3334 Worcester Co, MD deeds AA
92 S3335 Worcester Co, MD Wills MH
93 S3336 Worcester Co, MD Deeds C
94 S3337 The Evening Sun Newspaper, Baltimore, MD
95 S3340 Somerset Co, MD Deeds GH
96 S3341 Worcester Co, MD Wills JW-2
97 S3342 Balance Books at Annapolis, for Worcester Co, 1750-1776
98 S3343 Worcester Co, MD Deeds E
99 S3344 Worcester Co, MD Deeds W
100 S3345 Worcester Co, MD Wills LPS1

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