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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present


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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
3001 S2159 Worcester Co, MD, Will Book JBR (2), 1803-1807; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3002 S2164 Worcester Co, MD, Will Book JBR, 1799-1803; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3003 S2148 Worcester Co, MD, Will Book JW, 1790-1799; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3004 S2248 Worcester Co, MD, Will Book LPS, 1834-1851; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3005 S2225 Worcester Co, MD, Will Book MH, 1806-1813; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3006 S2207 Worcester Co, MD, Will Book MH, 1822-1833; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3007 S2151 Worcester Co, MD, Will Book MH-2, 1813-1822; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3008 S2482 Worcester Co, MD, Wills, 1790-1799
3009 S2483 Worcester Co, MD, Wills, 1851-1873, vol II, no 8
3010 S3332 Worcester County Marriage Licenses 1795-1865
Mary Beth and Vanessa Long 
3011 S3362 Worcester County, Maryland, Orphans Court Proceedings Vol 2 1800-1816
David V. Heise 
3012 S2188 Worcester County, MD, Inventories and Accounts, Inventory Book JW15, 1694-1742
Vernon L. Skinner Jr. 
3013 S825 Worcester County, MD, Will Book JW4, 1769-1783; Compiler: Ruth Dryden
3014 S2166 Worcester County, MD, Wils Book MH3, 1666-1742
Vernon L. Skinner Jr. 
3015 S2604 Wright Family Information; Interviewer: M.K. Miles; Date Of Intrvw: 9 Mar 2016; Inf'S Address: Parks Rd, north of Accomac, VA
3016 S482 Wright Family of Accomack Co, Va
Mary Frances Carey 
3017 S743 Wrights of Accomack County, Virginia
Mary Frances Carey 
3018 S3359 WWII Draft Registration
3019 S1486 York Co, VA, Marr Reg No. 1
3020 S842 Young & Allied Families of Accomack Co, VA, Information; Recipient: to M.K. Miles; Date Of Letter: Emails of 2004-2015; Location Year: 2004-2015; Author'S Addr: 226 S. Elliott Ave, Sanford, FL 32771
Sandra 'Leigh' (Young) Bundick Chase 
3021 S1441 Youngblood, Mary Anne - Family Information
3022 S388 Youngs of Accomack County, Virginia
Mary Frances Carey 
3023 S1778 Zink, Ann Youngblood - Family Information

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