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Hundreds of Eastern Shore Families from Charlemagne to the Present


Matches 169,751 to 169,800 of 175,060

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169751 To son Samuel Johnson plantation where I now live, between Spring Branch and Walkers Branch, to son James other part of my land, remainder of personal estate to sons John and Samuel, wife Rachel to have all my estate during her widowhood, she to be extr, witt: John Taylor, Josiah Hopkins, Robert Johnson Johnson, James (I127238)
169752 To son Samuel lands. To son Cyrus. To daughter Betty Trehearn & Glepora Silbet. To wife Ann. Witt: Nehemiah Turpin, Coulbourn Long & Benjamin Scott. Trehern, James (I60005)
169753 To son Samuel M. Turlington during his life the plantation on which I reside & at his death to my grandson James N. Turlington (under age & without issue). To Samuel M. Turlington slaves Esan, Isaac & Mary. Also to son Samuel old Zadock by his paying $4 per year to Custis W. Kellam & Sally Turlington for 8 years. To grandson James N. Turlington Negro boy George. To granddaughter Caty Turlington Negro Tamer. To my granddaughter Louisa Turlington Negro girl Ritter. To my granddaughter Elizabeth Turlington Negro girl Mariam. To my daughter Leah Kellam slaves Adah, Jenny & Milly for the lifetime of my daughter Leah & at her death to my son Samuel M. Turlington. To my daughter Leah Kellam whatever sums may be due on the following bonds: James Cobb's 2 bonds, Napoleon White's, Cornelius Heath, Benjamin Hargis & George Guy's the same being for Negro hires for the year 1837 & 1838 & John Bundick. The tong & wheels to stay on the land also the sawmill. Old Sary to stay on the land & supported by the land. To my wife Sally Turlington for her life slaves Levey, Harriet & May & at her death to my son Samuel M. Turlington. The remainder after taking out my wife's part to my son Samuel M. Turlington by his paying Custis W. Kellam $50. Son Samuel M. Turlington Extr. Witt: Elijah Nock & John Welburne. Turlington, John Sr. (I33413)
169754 To son Samuel plantation where I now live containing 150 acres. To son Ben: Beech plantation where my son Thomas lately lived containing 150 acres. To wife (no name) 100 acres at the head of the land given my son Ben: Wife Exec. Beach, Samuel I (I74148)
169755 To son Samuel Sandrews 90 acres where I live, he to give my son Richard Sandrews 1 years schooling. To daughter Elizabeth Sandrews. Son Thomas Sandrews. Daughter Rachel Sandrews. Bal. of estate except the crop to 4 children, Elizabeth, Thomas, Rachel & Richard Sandrews & the crop to be divided between my 5 children, Samuel, Rachel, Thomas, Elizabeth & Richard. Son Samuel Exr. Witt: Solomon Johnson, Robert Small, Richard Abbott Perry, Amey (I80544)
169756 To son Samuel Sparrow the whole of my land where I now live & my Negro boy Peter & ... Son Samuel Sparrow Extr. Witt: Henry Fletcher, William Somers & Wingate S. Thomas. Sparrow, Jacob (I49634)
169757 To son Samuel T. Taylor 3 Negro men & one woman Spencer, Smith & Isaac & Lucy with her future increase. To son William M. Taylor the farm whereon I reside, containing 148 acres, together with Negroes Jacob, Leah, Stran & Keziah & ... I place in the hands of my 2 sons Samuel T. Taylor & William M. Taylor in trust for the benefit & support of my daughter Louisa S. Ames Negro man Jim & boy Tarlton & woman Juliet with all her future increase & $300 & ... Remainder to my 3 children Samuel T. Taylor, William M. Taylor & Louisa S. Ames. Two sons Samuel T. Taylor & William M. Taylor Extrs. Witt: Edmund T. Bayly, John J. Ayres & Ephraim Tipton. Taylor, John (of Barth & Pat) (I72854)
169758 To son Samuel Taylor mare and furniture, to daughter Mary Taylor cow, wife Rachel Extr, witt: Benj McCormack, Smith Collins, Elisha Mumford Taylor, Samuel (I125877)
169759 To son Samuel Taylor mare and furniture, to daughter Mary Taylor cow, wife Rachel Extr, witt: Benj McCormack, Smith Collins, Elisha Mumford Taylor, Mary (I125878)
169760 To son Samuel Taylor plantation where I now live & 182 acres, being 1/2 of 365 acres granted me by patent, & 300 acres of marsh, being 1/2 of an Island containing 600 acres granted me by patent. To son Charles 182 acres the remaining 1/2 of said 365 acres. To daughter Mary 300 acres marsh, being the other 1/2 of said Island. To son Charles my Island of marsh on the seaboard side containing 300 acres called George's Island. Sons Samuel & Charles & daughter Mary Ex'rs. Witt: Thomas Perry, Nicholas Millechop, John Blake. Taylor, Samuel (Wattsville) (I92314)
169761 To son Samuel Taylor, mare and furniture, to daughter Mary Taylor cow, wife Rachel extr, witt: Smith Collins, Elisha Mumford, Benjamin McCormack Taylor, Alexander (I125658)
169762 To son Samuel Taylor, to daughter Mary Taylor, wife Rachel extr; witt: Benj McCormack, Smith Collins, Elisha Mumford (--?--), Rachel (I125655)
169763 To son Samuel tract Arlandise. To son John tract Coventon. To wife Frances plantation. To sons Thomas, Wood tract Arlandise. To daughter Mary. To 3 granddaughter William, John and Thomas Sauser. To daughter Frances. To daughter Ann. To son Thomas. To son Wood. To son Samuel. To wife Frances Extr. Witt: John Jones, John Irving & Nehemiah Nicholson. Renshaw, John (I78498)
169764 To son Samuel tract Covington's Purchase. To sons Isaac, Abraham, Thomas tract Covington's Choice. To daughtger Susanna wife of Daniel Jones. To son Jacob and daughters Sarah and Rachel. To Gabriel Cooper, his mother's pot. Witt: Nehemiah Covington Sr. and Nehemiah Covington Jr. Covington, Thomas Sr. (I28219)
169765 To son Samuel W. Colonna 100 acres of land adjoining the land of Anderson Bloxom & the land now held by William D. Groten which is all I give him. To my son Thomas V. Colonna 80 acres on Andua Creek bounded by the land of Eli Hornsby's heirs ... on the east of the house which he now rents & lives in, which is all I give him. I have sold all the remaining part of my land containing 218 acres lying on Andua Creek for $2,880 & made a schedule of all my personal estate ... the net proceeds to my son William P. Colonna & my son Edward P. Colonna & my five daughters Elizabeth B. Colonna, Mary J. Colonna, Ann J. Colonna, Margaret H. Colonna & Susan J. Colonna. Colonna, William (I6973)
169766 To son Samuel W. Mapp ... & the plantation known as Canton Cross Roads & a lot adjoining I purchased of George Fisher & the land I purchased of Littleton Walker's(?) Extr. & the land I purchased of John Teackle known as Hack Swamp. To my three daughters Susan Matthews, Jane Watts & Elizabeth Mapp two plantations, one known as Tatham Place which I purchased of Ayres Tatham & the other lying in the County of Northampton on Hungers Creek. To son Samuel W. Mapp a Negro boy Caleb. Wife Critty Mapp & son-in-law William Stockley Matthews Extr. Witt: Southey Northam, Littleton Godwin Sr. & Sally Savage. Mapp, Samuel (I39085)
169767 To son Samuel Wright all my land lying westerly of a line of marked trees ... near the market road leading to Guilford (Bayside) & near a former line between the land I purchased of Walter Wright dec'd & the land on which I now reside ... across the land which I purchased of Colmore C. Hinman to ... the line between my lands & the lands of Matilda Taylor & also all the houses on the land I purchased of Walter Wright if not removed by me before my decease to be removed upon that part devised to him my son Samuel Wright ... To son William Thomas Wright all my land lying easterly of said line of marked trees ... To my daughter Elizabeth Wright Negro girl Sarah, but not her increase, the increase (if any) to my daughters Elizabeth, Catharine & Sarah. Also to daughter Elizabeth Wright ½ of the land which is my wife Rebeccah's maiden land & was her share of her father's real estate ... To the children of my daughter Mary Ann Rew (wife of James Rew) that are living at her death $800 to make her share equal to her other sisters ... To my daughter Catharine Wright $400 & the land known as the Selby Hickman land ... To my granddaughter Catharine Hope, daughter of my daughter Nancy Hope, formerly Nancy Wright $500. To my daughter Sarah Wright $300 & the other ½ of the land which was my wife Rebekah's maiden land ... To son William Thomas Wright ... & ... to my son Samuel Wright & William Thomas Wright. To my daughters Elizabeth, Catharine & Sarah Wright each ... The remainder to my daughters Elizabeth, Catharine & Sarah Wright, the children of my daughter Mary Ann Rew & my granddaughter Catharine Hope in kind. Sons Samuel Wright & William Thomas Wright Extrs. Witt: George W. Bundick, Zorobabel Chandler & James Chandler. Wright, Thomas S. (I36583)
169768 To son Samuel, Etxr & land. To German, son of son Samuel. To son John, Extr, & tract Newmaker and mentions his son Airs. To wife unnamed. To daughter Rebecca Stevenson. Mentions John Stevenson. Witt: Hugh Steveson, James Wilson & Samuel Stevenson. Gillett, John (I80856)
169769 To son Samuel, land. To sons Michael and John, land. To daughter Mary. To wife Mary. Mentions Walter Read and Francis Joyce. Witt: James Glens, Thomas Donaway and Nicholas Lisney. Tarr, John (I77138)
169770 To son Scarburgh Kellam land where he now lives called Sarah's Neck, containing (including the 50 acres formerly given him by deed) 200 acres. To wife Elizabeth. To daughter Euphamla Major. To grandaughter Catharine Kellam. Friend Edward Ker Exr. Son Caleb alias Laban Kellam, wife Elizabeth, son Scarburgh & 5 daughters Patience Chandler, Euphamia Major, Amey Colony, Tamar Darby & Seymour Kellam residual legatees. Witt: John Rodgers, John Hutchinson, John Reid, Peter Rodgers. (NOTE: The Kellam H.S. report shows a son Abel, which was transcribed in error by Nottingham as Caleb, alias Laban. Kellam, West (47) (I58914)
169771 To son Sebastian Cropper (under age) my plantation except 100 acres next to small beer branch, & should he die before he is 21 to William Drummond Cropper. To son William Drummond Cropper the 100 acres above referred to, & for want of heirs to my son Sebastian Cropper. To daughter Betty Cropper. To daughter Mary Cropper. To daughter Sabra Cropper. Wife Barbara Cropper to have use of whole estate until my children come to lawful age, she to keep & educate them. William Welburn, Drummond Welburn & John Cropper, Jr. Exrs. Witt: John Cropper, Jr., John Snead, Jr. Cropper, Sebastian (I56663)
169772 To son Sebastian Cropper. To son Bowman 100 acres at the upper part of my plantation To daughter Leah Blaxton negroes, reversion to my grandaughter Elizabeth Blaxton. To daughter Leah Blaxton during her life or widow 5 acres, together with the houses & a quarter of the orchard where Smith Milliner now lives. To daughter Bridget. To daughter Sophia. Bal. of estate to be divided between all my children except Rachel Evans, she having received her estate Sons Sebastian & Bowman & friend James Arbuckle Exrs. Witt: Charles Taylor, Mary Simpson, William Arbuckle, John Custis. Cropper, Sebastian Sr. (I64604)
169773 To son Sebastian Delastius. Son in law George Philbe. Grandson Peter Delastions. Grandaughters Batillina & Frances Delastions. Daughter Roda (under 15) 300 acres purchased of George Layfield, being part of 700 acres. Daughter in law Katherine Hall. To my now wife Katherine 200 acres where I now live purchased of John Baily. Wife & daughter Roda resid legatees. Wife Exec. Witt: Robert Pitt, Robert Smith, George Philbe. Delastatius, Sebastian I (I5144)
169774 To son Sebastian plantation where I now live containing 400 acres, being the land deeded to me by my deceased father, also all my right & interest in the 300 acres purchased of Thomas Stockly & Rhoda, his wife. To son Peter all my land purchased of Mr. Richard Lee not already sold by me, the same being 450 acres, also my water mill. Son Sebastian residual legatee. Sons Peter & Sebastian Exrs. Witt: Charles Stockly, Joseph Stockly, Jr., Joseph Robins. Delastatius, Sebastian II (I66650)
169775 To son Selby Simpson silver watch (sword) & £1,000 current money to be paid immediately after my death. Balance of estate to my wife during her widowhood and at her death or marriage all my lands and marshes, also my water grist mill to be sold and £250 of the proceeds to my granddaughter Elizabeth Simpson Marshall, and the remainder, together with the balance of my estate to be divided between my 6 children, Leah, Sarah, John, Southy, Elijah & George. Wife (no name) son in law John Parker, sons Southy, Elijah & George executors. Not witnessed. Simpson, Col. Southy (I49623)
169776 To son Shadrack D. Marshall 50 acres joining Solomon Marshall & Revell Copes. If son Shadrack dies without heirs the 50 acres goes to daughter Leah Dennis. To daughter Sarah Dennis 2 shillings. To daughter Esther Field 2 shillings. To daughter Elizabeth Corbin 2 shilling. To daughter Leah Dennis enough of moveable estate to amount to her part of her father's estate due her. To son Shadrack D. Marshall the rest of my property. Ralph Corbin Extr. Witt: John Marshall, William Rowley & Levin Mariner. Marshall, Esther D. (I8370)
169777 To son Shadrack Kellam 150 acres where I & my said son now live, he to take my brother Moses Kellam to live with him. Son Levin Kellam residual legatee. Sons Shadrack & Levin Exrs. Witt: Joshua Taylor, William Taylor. Kellam, Abraham (I72583)
169778 To son Shadrack Short, land he lives on called "Agreement" bought of Gilbert Marriner and George Mitchell. Son Phillip Short the plantation I live on called "Friendship" and a piece called "Addition" and "Downes Chance". Grandson Shadrack Short, son of Uriah, "Golden Lotts", purchased of Wm. H. Walls and "Wooden Mind" with a division line with Aaron Collins. Son-in-law William Anderson $50. Daughter Rhoda Hosea. 750 acres purchased of Wm. Anderson to be divided between daughter Vinea Lord, sons John Short, Uriah Short, Isaac Short, Shadrack Short, Phillip Short, Daughters Rhoda Hosea and grandson Shadrack Short. Extr son Phillip Short. Witt: M. Derickson, Robert Wilbank and Joseph Godwin. Short, Shadrack (of Edw'd) Sr. (I87099)
169779 To son Shadrack Thomas $1,800. All my lands (except the new graveyard & for that I reserve ¼ acre as a burying place of the family) to my 3 daughters Tabitha Ann, Charlotte Isabella & Lauretta Margaret in the following manner: To my daughter Charlotte Isabella all the land in the south corner of my tract ... from the road leading to Pungoteague ... with houses ... 1/3 of the woods called Hammock & ½ the woods called Bar Swamp & ½ of the cleared land attached to said swamp. To daughter Tabitha Ann all the land in the west corner of my tract ... adjoining the lands of the heirs of John M. Ames ... To daughter Lauretta Margaret all the rest of my land ... Son-in-law John D. Mapp & step-son John A. Ames Extrs. Witt: William Stakes Sr., William L. Stakes & William M. Pettitt. Ames, Rev. Richard (I51069)
169780 To son Simon. To daughter Elizabeth & for want of heirs to her two youngest bros. Daughter Johana Littleton. Bal. of estate to be divided between all the rest of my children not herein mentioned except Johana. Son Simon Exr. Witt: John Sandford, Robert Corbin. Smith, Simon Sr. (I66492)
169781 To son Smith Martin plantation where I live with 100 acres. To son Peter Martin the other 50 acres adjcent Stakes Cave & Abel Savage. Wife Margaret. Daughters Ritter & Charity Martin. Bal. of estate to wife for life & then to 3 above named daughters Wife & John Earlington Exrs. Witt: John Cave, Edmund Mason, Henry Willis. Martin, Peter (of Abigail) (I63298)
169782 To son Smith Melson plantation where I now live & for want of heirs to my grandson Daniel Melson. To son John Melson forever the land I have given him to use in my life time. My 3 daughters that is now single to have use of the plantation where I now live until they are married. Witt: Charles White, Edward Edwards, Jacob White. Smith, Mary (of Joshua) (I24075)
169783 To son Smith Milliner. To son William. To son Robert. To son Southy £20 cash. To daughter Rachel. To daughter Betty. To daughters Laney Melson & Anne Milliner. Balance of estate to be sold & divided between my children. James Arbuckle Exr. Witt: George Arbuckle. Bunting, Naomi 'Amy' (I62217)
169784 To son Smith Snead land & plantation on Mary Branch left me by my father Col. John West, reversion to my grandson John Snead, son of my son John Snead. Grandson Charles Snead, son of John Snead. To grandson John Snead, son of John Snead, a pewter dish marked "K W" To Ann Snead, daughter of John Snead. To the children of my son Smith Snead. Sons John & Smith Snead Exrs. Witt: Katherine Arbuckle, Jemima Booth, William Arbuckle. Codicil: 23 Nov. 1750 - To daughter in law Scarburgh Snead. To Mary Snead, daughter of my son John Snead. Witt: Euphamia Arbuckle, James Arbuckle, William Arbuckle. West, Catherine (14) (I19461)
169785 To son Solomon Gray. Daughter Mary Ann Gray. Daughter Tabitha Kelly. Son Samuel Ingerson. Bal. estate to daughter Mary Ann Gray & son Samuel Ingerson if they will pay Sarah Drummond 1 lb. of wool & Creshey Smith 3 s. in Linnen. Son Thomas Tatham. Thomas Ryley Exr. Witt: John Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Solomon Gladding. Melson, Tabitha (I24065)
169786 To son Solomon land and mills. To sons Jonathan and James. To grandson Robert, son of Solomon (under 21) and mentions his 3 uncles. To son William to be Extr and tract Hickory Hill bought of Capt. Thomas Martin. To wife unnamed. Witt: John Townsend, Peter Chaille and Benjamin Butler. Eshon, Jonathan (Worcester) (I82337)
169787 To son Solomon White 70 acres adjcent John Dix, Sr. & Richard Grinalds. To son William White 10 acres adjcent the above. To son Levin White the remaining part of my land. To son Galen White. To son George White. Daughters Susanna, Lucretia & Annabella White residual legatees. Daughter Susanna to have the care of my son George's money until he comes of age. Son Solomon & daughter Susanna Exrs. Witt: Thomas Evans, William Grinalds. White, Solomon carpenter (I62875)
169788 To son Son Solomon Russell two cows, and with that cut him off from any other part of my estate, neither him nor his heirs. To son Salathiel Russell and to my son Andrew Russell and to my daughter Mary Mason and my daughter Rachel Pruit each of them 1 shilling, and with that cut them off from coming in for any other part of my estate, neither they nor their heirs. To grandson William Prewit 1 large pewter dish and a 4 gal. iron pot and a bible, and leave it in the son Milby Russell's care till the day of my grandson's marriage, and then to receive it. Son Milby residuary legatee after the death of my wife. Son Milby Extr. Witt: John Lewis Wonne Rew. Russell, Samuel (weaver) (I57574)
169789 To son Southey Bloxom $5. To daughter Nancy Bradford ... To my son Custis Bloxom my Negro woman Hannah & her 2 children George & Edmund & … Remainder to son Custis. Son Custis Bloxom & Teackle Bull Extrs. Witt: Charles Wharton & Thomas Fox. Spiers, Ann (I70017)
169790 To son Southey Edmunds 150 acres 50 acres adjcent Edmund Alen's line to be sold to pay my debts. To wife Elisha Edmunds. To daughter Leah Edmunds. Wife & children residual legatees - Wife & son Southey Exrs. Witt: John Wharton, Isaiah Bagwell, Peine Chapman. Edmunds, Jonathan Sr. (blacksmith) (I23631)
169791 To son Southy Copes 200 acres where John Sterling now lives. To daughter Mary. Wife (no name) and Peter Parker Copes executors. Witnesses Zophar Simpson and Giles Copes. Copes, Thomas II (I32534)
169792 To son Spencer Coleburn my land & housings, provided he pay his brother William when he comes of age 20 £ & his brother John 20 £, & should he refuse I give my land to my son William, he to pay the same sum to Spencer & then to my youngest son. Daughter Ann. Daughter Susannah. Bal. of estate to be divided between all my children. Wife (no name) Exec. Witt: Richard Justice, Levin Teackle, John Coleburn. Coleburn, William (I65000)
169793 To son Stephen Bloxom. To son William. To son Margaret Simpson Bloxom. To daughter Patience Hinman. To daughter Elizabeth Bell. To son in law Richard Bloxom. To son Thomas Bloxom. To son Simpson Bloxom. To daughter Rachel Bloxom. 6 children Sarah Johnson, Patience Hinman, Elizabeth Bell, Margaret Simpson Bloxom, William Bloxom & Stephen Bloxom residual legatees. Son William Bloxom & Richard Bloxom Exrs. Witt: Southy Simpson, William Fitchet, Salathiel Fitchett, John Burton. Whitelaw shows that his son-in-law Richard Bloxom had married his daughter Margaret Simpson Bloxom. In 1786 this son-in-law Richard Bloxom, wife Margaret Simpson Bloxom, left to his sons Major Simpson Bloxom and Richard Bloxom. Bloxom, Woodman Sr. (I26345)
169794 To son Stephen Townsend. To daughter Jean Cambell. To son Littleton Townsend. Daughter Mary Townsend. To son James Townsend. 5 children before named residual legatees. Sons Stephen & Littleton & daughter Mary Townsend Exrs. Witt: John Townsend. Jr., William Hutson, William Delastatius. Townsend, Stephen the elder (I27764)
169795 To son Stephen Warrington my land that my father gave me. To my second son John Warrington. Daughter Betty Warrington. Unborn child. Wife Elizabeth & Stephen Warrington Exrs. Witt: Stephen Warrington, Betty Warrington, Sarah Melichops. Warrington, Abbott (I27421)
169796 To son Stratton Burton. To son William Burton. To my son William's son William. To son Thomas Burton. To son Thomas Burton's wife & to his 2 children Thomas & Patience. To Ann Burton, daughter of my son Thomas. To son Benjamin Burton & to his son William, daughter Ann & son John. To my son Joseph & to his son. To son Stratton's daughter Leeze. To son Benjamin's wife Elizabeth. To son Woolsey Burton. Sons Jacob & Samuel Burton. Grandaughter Agnes Burton. Grandaughters Elizabeth & Ann Revell. Son in law John Revell. Grandaughters Rachell & Sarah Revell. Grandson Edward Revell. Son William Exr. Witt: William Custis, Christopher Brooks, John Daggen. Stratton, Ann (I62789)
169797 To son Teackle Trader my land by him paying $5 to my daughter Elizabeth Chesser. To my grandson Alfred Trader ... Remainder to Ishmael Trader & Teackle Trader after paying my just debts. To son Whittington Trader $1. James Northam & Teackle Trader Extrs. Witt: George E. Croswell & Thomas A. Northam. Trader, Staten (of Wm.) (I9079)
169798 To son Thomas 'Simson' 225 acres purchased of Thomas Parker, also 50 acres purchased of Peter Claywell. To son William 'Simson' 200 acres purchased of William Darter, also 50 acres where I now live, also 112 and 1/2 acres of marsh. To son John 'Simson' 200 acres where I now live, also 112 and 1/2 acres of marsh. Daughter Sarah 'Simson'. To the poor of the Parish 1,000 lbs of tobacco or £5 money. 9 children: Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Rachel, William, Patience, John & Sarah residual legatees. Sons Thomas, William and John executors. Wittnesses John Tankred, John Oakley, Mark Littleton. Simpson, Thomas Sr. (I14479)
169799 To son Thomas (under 18) all the land I am now possessed with except from the old road to the new road & the branch left clear which I give to Elijah Simpson. Should my son die without issue 200 acres to Samuel Simpson provided my brother Giles will make an exchange, then to my said brother & his heirs. Should my son die without heirs I give to my son in law Abraham Hooton the land Patrick Clark lives on containing about 140 acres. To daughter in law Ester Hooton. Should my son in law Abraham Hooton decline the aforesaid land, then his brother Samuell to have it, Samuel to pay his brother Abraham 6 cows & calves or 3OOO lbs. of tobacco which Abraham shall think fir in case he refuse the land & my will is that Samuel Hooten shall have the land left by his father John Hooten at Bogetenorton which doth belong to Abraham, & if Giles Copes refuse to make the exchange before mentioned, then Samuel Simson & his now wife Sarah & heirs to have 100 acres at the head of the Neck. To Ester Hooten 1 suit of clothes which belonged to my daughter Mary. The remainder of her clothes to Sarah Simpson & Esther Cropper. Son Thomas to have 7 years schooling in Virginia. Wife, Henry Custis & Samuel Simson Exrs. Mr. William Tazewell to be my attorney both in Virginia & Maryland. Witt: John Metcalf, Henry Custis, Edmund Bowman Cropper, Giles Copes, Pattrick Clark. Copes, Thomas I (I32476)
169800 To son Thomas (under 20) plantation Hoy Hill. To daughters Thomasin, Grace & Frances. To wife Hannah, Extr. & Crow Land. Witt: John Pope, Peter Lowder & William Davis. Clifton, Thomas I (I78416)

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