The MilesFiles contains about 102,000 names from the Eastern Shore counties of Accomack and Northampton, Virginia; Somerset, Worcester and Wicomico, Maryland; and Sussex Co, Delaware.

It includes at least the first 6 generations of descent from the First Families of Virginia from the Jamestown era (listed in the Muster of 1624/5) that settled in these Eastern Shore counties. These individuals can easily be identified by the numbers placed in parentheses "(--)" between their given name and surname, which are the numbers used by Mr. Dorman in the 3 volume set Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5, 4th Edition, 2004-2007, published by the Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore, MD, in collaboration with the Order of First Families of Virginia. There are about 4,000 persons so identified. Many of these lines have been expanded to the present generation. Descendant charts for these and other early settlers have been built to quickly indicate how those in more recent generations are descended from them.

It also includes ancestor charts of six persons (Robert Drake, John Fisher, Nathaniel Littleton, Richard Wright, Margaret Nelson & Mary Stead Pinckney Gardiner) whose lines have been traced back to Charlemagne (741-813), King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor of the West. A descendant chart for Charlemagne has been built to quickly indicate how those in more recent generations are descended from him.

The D.A.R. Patriots tab now includes about 70 Accomack and Northampton County Patriots. This will help in quickly identifying D.A.R. Patriots as their names will be followed by their D.A.R. numbers. A descendant chart for each of them has been built to quickly indicate how those in more recent generations are descended from them.

Living individuals are not shown in the on-line version of the MilesFiles. However, I have information in my database on over 10,000 living individuals. I can produce customized reports and charts of selected families, including living individuals. I can add your branch of the family to my database and then generate custom reports and charts for you and the next on-line version of the MilesFiles will include the deceased members of your family.

If you would like customized reports or charts, or would like to offer additional information, or recommend changes please contact me. If you want to contribute information, please provide some form of source documentation for information before 1900. I will attempt to verify your sources and then quote the original sources. If I cannot verify your sources, but still choose to include your information, I will cite you as the source of the information. In this case, please provide your full name and mailing address. I am constantly expanding my database from contributed information as well as from my ongoing research.

To contact me send an email to [email protected] or click on my name below, which will open an email addressed to me, or call me on my cell phone at 703-328-2898.