336. Severn Eyre Bowdoin was born in 1811 in Accomack County, Va.. He died in 1889 in Accomack County, Va..

He was married to Laura A. Upsher (daughter of Arthur Upsher V and Ann B. Steele) in 1834 in Accomack County, Va.. Laura A. Upsher was born on 13 Nov 1816 in Accomack County, Va.. She died on 13 Aug 1898 in Accomack County, Va.. Severn Eyre Bowdoin and Laura A. Upsher had the following children:

child524 i. Nannie Steele Bowdoin.
child525 ii. Lloyd Bowdoin was born in 1836 in Northampton County, Va..
child526 iii. Peter Bowdoin was born in 1838.
child527 iv. Severn Bowdoin.
child528 v. Ann Steele Bowdoin was born on 3 Sep 1843 in Baltimore, Md..
child529 vi. Arthur Upsher Bowdoin was born in 1846 in Baltimore, Md..
child+530 vii. Virginia Bowdoin.
child531 viii. Elizabeth Bowdoin was born in 1848 in Baltimore, Md..
child532 ix. Susan Bowdoin was born in 1849 in Baltimore, Md..
child533 x. Charles Teackle Bowdoin.

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