440. Alonzo T. Leatherbury Sr. was born in 1852 in Northampton County, Va.. He died in 1919 in Northampton County, Va..

He was married to Nannie W. Addison (daughter of Dr. Kendall F. Addison and Arinthia Wilkins) on 19 Nov 1879. Nannie W. Addison was born on 18 Apr 1854. She died in 1880. Alonzo T. Leatherbury Sr. and Nannie W. Addison had the following children:

child735 i. Robert Y. Leatherbury.

He was married to Annie Cropper Feddeman on 8 Nov 1883 in Northampton County, Va.. Annie Cropper Feddeman was born in 1862. She died in 1940. Alonzo T. Leatherbury Sr. and Annie Cropper Feddeman had the following children:

child736 i. Florence Virginia Leatherbury was born on 24 Apr 1887. She died on 23 Oct 1972.
child737 ii. Mary Ellen Leatherbury was born on 25 Mar 1889.
child738 iii. Alfred Parker Leatherbury was born in 1891.
child739 iv. Alonzo Taylor Leatherbury Jr. was born in 1894.
child740 v. Clarence P. Leatherbury was born on 10 Sep 1897. He died on 4 Oct 1946 in Northampton County, Va..
child+741 vi. Clifton H. Leatherbury.

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